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Hearings held in Washington, D.C.:

January 15, 1962...

January 16, 1962.

January 17, 1962.

January 18, 1962.

January 19, 1962

January 24, 1962.

Statement of-

Allen, Alexander J., associate executive director, National Urban


Bell, B. Tartt, executive secretary, southeastern regional office, Ameri-

can Friends Service Committee, High Point, N.C.,

Clark, Hon. Joseph S., a U.S. Senator from the State of Pennsylvania -

Cronin, Rev. John F., S.S., assistant director, social action depart-

ment, National Catholic Welfare Conference

Dudley, Alfred D., electrical engineer, National Institutes of Health -

Edmonson, Glenwood M., structural engineer, Division of Design and

Construction GSA..

Goldberg, Hon. Arthur J., Secretary of Labor..

Greeley, Dr. Dana McLean, president, Unitarian Universalist Asso-

ciation of North America ---

Hill, Herbert, labor secretary, National Association for the Advance-

ment of Colored People.
Javits, Hon. Jacob K., a U.S. Senator from the State of New York.
Laws, Clarence A., southwest regional secretary, National Association

for the Advancement of Colored People---
Long, Dr. Herman H., director, race relations department, Board for

Homeland Ministries, United Church of Christ, Fisk University,
Nashville, Tenn..

Meany, George, president, American Federation of Labor and Congress

of Industrial Organizations.

Mitchell, Clarence, director, Washington Bureau of the National Asso-

ciation for the Advancement of Colored People -

Prinz, Rabbi Joachim, Congregation B'nai Abraham, Newark, N.J.

Randolph, A. Phillip, international president, Brotherhood of Sleeping

Car Porters,

and national president, Negro American Labor Council.

Rosenfeld, A. H., nondiscrimination officer; George A. Dorsey, deputy

nondiscrimination officer; William N. Parker, personnel officer, re-

gion 3; J. S. Cromwell, Chief, Design Branch, Design and Construc-

tion, region 3; and Robert Davis, Director of Legislation, Office of

the Administrator, GSA.-

Shelley, Hon. John F., a Representative in Congress from the State

of California.

Swainson, Hon. John B., Governor of the State of Michigan.

Vanik, Hon. Charles A., a Representative in Congress from the State

of Ohio.

Ward, Reverend A. Dudley, National Council of the Churches of

Christ in the U.S.A.
Weinstein, Lewis H., chairman, National Community Relations Ad-

visory Council..

Williams, Hon. G. Mennen, Assistant Secretary of State for African




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