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Books and periodicals may be used in the Society rooms by members and friends.

Members may borrow books for home use-with the exceptions noted below-but no one shall have more than four books at any time, or keep any book more than two weeks.

Volumes belonging to a set-such as volumes of bound periodicals and of proceedings or transactions of societies-and such other books as the Board of Government may designate, may be taken from the rooms for a limited time only, by special arrangement with the attendant. They shall be subject to recall at any time.

There shall be no immediate renewal of any book on its return to the library. A member borrowing a book shali at that time give a receipt therefor.

A fine of one cent per day per volume shall be charged for over-time, and must be paid before the delinquent can take any more books.

Hand books, indexes, current numbers or unbound files of periodicals, books belonging to the Clemens Herschel Special Library, and new books not yet placed on the regular shelves must not be taken from the rooms.

Books of unusual value are marked with a star (*), and must not be taken from the rooms, except by written permission from the Librarian, to be filed by the attendant.

Any person mutilating or losing a book shall pay for the damage, or replace the book.

Any one who violates the above rules may, upon written request from the Librarian to the Board of Government, be debarred from the privileges of the library for such time, not less than three months, as the Board of Government may determine.

(Revised June 16, 1915.)

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