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D. Cahn, Printer, 6, Exmouth Street, and 19, Garnault Place, Clerkenwell.


In presenting this our First Volume to the public in a complete form, it is incumbent upon us, while supported by the encouragement of the many, to admit the objections of the few. We confess, with pain, that we have had difficulties to contend with, and at times have fallen short of the high mark at which we aimed; but as the former are rapidly disappearing, the latter will be more certainly attainable. Notwithstanding much care and caution, mistakes have occasionally occurred, which we sincerely deplore. We have, however, the satisfaction of knowing, that, in a prayerful and a truthful spirit, we have earnestly and faithfully endeavoured to maintain the great principles which we set before ourselves in support of that pure form of Religion, of which the Protestant Church of England, in her Articles and Ordinances, is the conservator and the witness, and of being assured by many of our friends of their continued co-operation and hearty good wishes. We trust that, as we proceed, we shall become more ready in the mere editorial portion of our task, and avoid those defects and irregularities which our inexperience or possible inadvertence may have produced. On one occasion, we have been specially misunderstood. We find, for instance, that although, when we published the Declaration of Clergy and Laity (No. 3), we expressed ourselves as not committed to the said Declaration, yet that we did it so vaguely as to leave an idea in the minds of many of our friends that we fully approved of that Protest. We have explained ourselves at some length on the subject in the First Number of the New Volume, to which which we beg to refer our readers, and we hope satisfactorily.

In all our future proceedings we shall be guided, we trust, by the same great principles on which we started-our object, the maintenance of Catholic Truth as taught by the Church of England, with the countenance and under the special warrant of Holy Scripture, against the attacks of every enemy, whether masked under a false reverence for antiquity and Catholic consent, or disguising the outbreaks of an uncontrolled will and unsubmissive heart under the specious garb of Christian liberty. We shall be ever anxious to disseminate the principles of Biblical and Anglican Truth, recommending and defending them by every means in our power, trusting that God will ever maintain His own. But, at the same time that we put implicit confidence on the innate power of Truth

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