Thomas Carlyle: How to Know Him

Bobbs-Merrill Company, 1915 - 267 páginas

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Página 84 - art thou afraid of? Wherefore, like a coward, dost thou forever ' pip and whimper, and go cowering and trembling? Despicable ' biped ! what is the sum-total of the worst that lies before thee ? ' Death ? Well, Death ; and say the pangs of Tophet too, and all ' that the Devil and Man may, will or can do against thee ! Hast ' thou not a heart ; canst thou not suffer...
Página 218 - Brow and head were round, and of massive weight, but the face was flabby and irresolute. The deep eyes, of a light hazel, were as full of sorrow as of inspiration; confused pain looked mildly from them, as in a kind of mild astonishment. The whole figure and air, good and amiable otherwise, might be called flabby and irresolute; expressive of weakness under possibility of strength.
Página 220 - Besides, it was talk not flowing any-whither like a river, but spreading every-whither in inextricable currents and regurgitations like a lake or sea; terribly deficient in definite goal or aim, nay often in logical intelligibility; what you were to believe or do, on any earthly or heavenly thing, obstinately refusing to appear from it.
Página 98 - Still stranger, should, on the opposite side of the street, another Hatter establish himself; and, as his fellow-craftsman made Space-annihilating Hats, make Time-annihilating! Of both would I purchase, were it with my last groschen; but chiefly of this latter.
Página 129 - Edgeworth,' he straitly charges the Lieutenant who is sitting with them : then they two descend. "The drums are beating: 'Taises-vous, Silence!' he cries 'in a terrible voice, d'une voix terrible!
Página 100 - Space and Time, wherein, once for all, we are sent into this Earth to live, should condition and determine our whole Practical reasonings, conceptions, and imagings or imaginings, seems altogether fit, just, and unavoidable. But that they should, furthermore, usurp such sway over pure spiritual Meditation, and blind us to the wonder everywhere lying close on us, seems nowise so. Admit Space and Time to their due rank as Forms of Thought ; nay even, if thou wilt, to their quite undue rank of Realities...
Página 101 - of distance, or in pounds avoirdupois of weight ; and not 'to see that the true inexplicable God-revealing Miracle ' lies in this, that I can stretch forth my hand at all ; that I ' have free Force to clutch aught therewith ? Innumerable ' other of this sort are the deceptions, and wonder-hiding ' stupefactions, which Space practises on us. ' Still worse is it with regard to Time. Your grand anti' magician, and universal wonder-hider, is this same lying
Página 157 - WE have undertaken to discourse here for a little on Great Men, their manner of appearance in our world's business, how they have shaped themselves in the world's history, what ideas men formed of them, what work they did ; — on Heroes, namely, and on their reception and performance ; what I call Hero-worship and the Heroic in human affairs.
Página 102 - Our highest Orpheus walked in Judea, ' eighteen hundred years ago : his sphere-melody, flowing in ' wild native tones; took captive the ravished souls of men ; ' and, being of a truth sphere-melody, still flows and sounds, ' though now with thousandfold Accompaniments, and rich ' symphonies, through all our hearts ; and modulates, and
Página 221 - ... formidable apparatus, logical swim-bladders, transcendental lifepreservers and other precautionary and vehiculatory gear, for setting out; perhaps did at last get t under way, — but was swiftly solicited, turned aside by the glance of some radiant new game on this hand or that, into new courses ; and ever into new ; and before long into all the Universe, where it was uncertain what game you would catch, or whether any.

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