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holy is by serving your Creator and Redeemer, all of you together, in his holy Church. On every day you should shew this desire to serve God. But on this day you should meet together, and with longer prayers, and with a set form of worship, you should endeavour to keep this day more holy than the rest: you should treat it with more respect, and shew by your behaviour, that you believe in God, and in Jesus Christ whom he has sent.

Another way, in which this day should be kept holy, is by resting from all your work. No work but that which is absolutely necessary should be done on this day. Sorry am I, that this being the only day at your command, you should be obliged to labour more on it, than you ought to do. You are in a manner compelled to pass some part of it, either in cultivating your provision grounds, or in disposing of your little produce—a manner in which you ought not to spend it.

I wish that there could be a remedy for it, but at present there is none. Your owners could not possibly afford to give you one day in the week for your own uses. But for God's sake, my friends, for Christ's sake, let as small a portion of the day as can be, be spent on these purposes. And lay hold of the opportunity afforded to you, of coming to this holy place, and of serving your Creator and your Redeemer within these sacred walls. Here you can at any rate devote an hour to the purpose of keeping holy a part of the day in honour of Him, who has given you all the days of your life; in honour of Him, who has prevented you from wishing that the days of your life had not been given to you. For it is your Creator, who nas given to you all the days of your and it is your Redeemer, who by saving you from hell, has prevented you from wishing that you had never been born. In this place, you will learn your duty to both: you will learn your duty to your neigh


bour, and to yourselves. In this place, you will learn how to spend the few days of your living in this world: how soberly, righteously, and godly you are to behave, so that you may be admitted into that heaven, where the sabbath will be everlasting, and where toil and sorrow and painfulness and weariness will be no more.

And now to God, &c.



Honour thy father and thy mother; that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.


THIS is the fifth commandment. good was our merciful God thus to take care that his creatures should believe rightly towards each other. There is a duty, which we owe to each other. We are not to treat one another as we please, as it happens to be agreeable to us-without regarding whether it be right or not so to treat them.

Our duty to our parents-our father and our mother-is very strong and bind

ing. You know, that you have received the greatest kindnesses from your parents. You all know, how weak and helpless all infants are, and that, without the care of their parents, they would not live. Your parents took care of you in your infancy: they watched you and attended to you in your childhood: they have followed you, in love and tenderness to the present time. You must therefore feel, that there is a great duty owing to them from you. But God Almighty knew, that his creatures very frequently feel what is right, but do what is wrong. He has therefore taken the matter into his own hands; and though he gave you a nature, which makes you feel what you owe to your parents, yet he has condescended to command you what you are to do towards them. All your duty is meant by the word honour. To honour them, is to obey them, to treat them with respect, to give them no contemptuous answers, to shew them proper reverence and submission. To honour

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