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THE CHRISTMAS BOOK BUYER A Complete Illustrated Resumé of the Holiday Books

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These unique poster portraits arc
carefully mounted on extra heavy
steel gray and chocolate-colored
boards, 9x12 inches, and sold sepa-
rately at fifty cents each, postpaid.






THE BOOK BUYER presents a complete survey
of contemporary literature and of the events in
the literary world. Its articles bear the stamp
of authority, being written and signed by the
best-known authors and critics. Its illustra-
tions are profuse and beautiful, including etch-
ings, photogravures, wood engravings, fine
half-tone engravings, color plates, etc. Its con-
tents are exceedingly varied and cover
every subject that attracts the book lover.
Annual Subscription, $1.50

SIGNED reviews of the new books

are an important feature of The Book Buyer. Those in this issue are by the following eminent authors and critics :

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Specimen pages, etc., of both books sent on application.

G. & C. MERRIAM CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., U. S. A,



Child with Kittens. Oil Colors. 11x17 Given with Christmas Number.

INTERCHANGE (our superb
Xmas number), with the two color

ive offer.

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For 1900 should be in every home

IT IS THE OLDEST, BEST, MOST PROGRESSIVE AND PRACTICAL ART AND HOUSEHOLD MONTHLY MAGAZINE PUBLISHED Indispensable to Art Workers and an Invaluable Guide in ALL BRANCHES of HOME DECORATION For 1900 THE ART INTERCHANGE will be unusually attractive, and the color-plates to be given for china painting oil and water-color painting, as well as adapted for framing, will be superior to any heretofore published. More than the usual quantity and variety of working designs for china painting and all manner of decorative purposes will be given. All designs, both in color and in black and white, are accompanied by thorough directions for their treatment. A department of especial value will be the Instruction Department. Here all subscribers can make known their wants in whatever work or study they are interested, and they will be carefully answered in all details, and advised as to proper methods by capable and reliable authorities.

Among the principal departments are: Decorative Art, Illustration, Biographies of Artists. Sketching, Wood-Carving, China Painting, Oil and Water-Color Painting, Pyrography, Art Criticism, Embroidery, Art Notes and News, Photography, etc.

Each number lavishly and beautifully illustrated and accompanied by large, full-size design supplements and exquisite fac-similes of oil and water-color paintings, 35c. per copy, at all dealers. Yearly, $4.00; Six Months, $2.00;


Three Months, $1.00. Subscribe
now for 1900. You will be more than

The following Unusual Offers are
made to every Scribner reader sub-
scribing now for 1900.


Dogwood and Violets. Water-Colors by Paul de Longpre 11 x 30. Given with Christmas Number

pictures shown in this advertisement and two design supplements For $4.00 you will receive THE wil! be sent to any address for only ART INTERCHANGE for 1900, and will 25c., if Scribner's is mentioned. We want everybody to see THE get in addition, FREE, the six mos. ART INTERCHANGE, an 1 for numbers from July to December, 1899, this reason make such an attract accompanied by all the beautiful color and other supplements. By accepting this offer NOW you get 18 months, including our Thanksgiving, Xmas and other specially attractive numbers for $4.00-with all the color pictures and design supplements. The color studies include a beautiful line of varied subjects, worth in any art store from $8 to $15 alone. Or, for $2.00 you will receive THE ART INTERCHANGE for six months, beginning January, 1900, and will get, in addition, FREE, the October, November and December numbers. By accepting this offer NOW, you get NINE MONTHS for $2.00. Or, for $7.00, sent direct to us, you will receive THE ART INTERCHANGE for 1900, with a premium as above, also Scribner's Magazine for a full year, and in addition, by express, prepaid, a copy of Scribner's Portfolio of Popular Pictures-a sumptuous and most extravagant work prepared without regard to expense by Scribner's. The price of this work is $7.00. In this offer you get it FREE. SUBSCRIBE Now. You get $16.00 value for only $7.00. THIS OFFER IS LIMITED. IN ADDITION, every one remitting promptly $4.00, or $7.00, as per above offers, will be presented with our exquisite calendar for 1900. This calendar Is in four superb plates, each 11 x 16, by Leon Moran. It will be sent in a box, postpaid. Remit now, or you will be too late

Our 36-page illustrated catalogue free. THE ART INTERCHANGE, 9 West 18th St., New York



The Map of Life

Conduct and Character. By WILLIAM EDWARD HARTPOLE LECKY, author of "Democracy and Liberty," etc. Crown 8vo, cloth, gilt top, $2.00. [Just ready

A Farmer's Year

Being His Commonplace Book for 1898. By H. RIDER HAGGARD. With 36 illustrations specially prepared by G. Leon Little and others. Crown 8vo, $2.50.

"In order to enjoy A Farmer's Year' you need not know anything about agriculture. Mr. Haggard has never written any novel so fascinating as this delightful diary of his experience as a farmer in Norfolk. The very scent and savour of the soil is in its pages a thing that has never been done before and is not likely to be done again so well."-Star.

The River War

An Account of the Recovery of the Soudan. By WINSTON SPENCER CHURCHILL, author of "Savrola," The Malakand Field Force," etc. Edited by Col. F. Rhodes, D.S.O. With 35 maps and 60 illustrations; and with photogravure portraits of Slatin Pasha, Gen. Rundle, Gen. Sir Archibald Hunter, Gen. Wingate, Col. Macdonald, Lord Kitchener of Khartoum, and Lord Cromer. vols., medium 8vo, $10.00.

Peaks and Pines


Another Norway Book. By J. A. LEES, joint author of Three in Norway," etc., etc. With 63 illustrations and photographs by the author. Crown 8vo, cloth, $1.50.

Wood and Garden

Notes and Thoughts, Practical and Critical, of a Working Amateur. By GERTRUDE JEKYLL. With 71 illustrations from photographs. 8vo, $3.50.

"A beautiful book. A book worthy of the garden among the sunny hills which those who have seen it declare to be a paradise indeed."-Daily News

Parson Kelly

By A. E. W. MASON, author of "The Courtship of Morrice Buckler," and ANDREW LANG, With frontispiece by Gordon Browne. Crown 8vo, cloth, ornamental, $1.50. "The book is alive with true romance. Historical knowledge and imaginative power are in Parson Kelly' blended into a remarkably compact and plausible unit. Divers famous people appear upon the scene, Lady Mary Wortley Montagu among them, a personage worthily por trayed by these novelists. But the thing that holds the reader from beginning to end is the quaint, humorous, tender and manly friendship of the Parson and Nick Wogan, who plotted in vain for the King ower the water,' but never ceased to be gay."-N. Y. Tribune.

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Stonewall Jackson

And the American Civil War. By Col G. F. R.
HENDERSON. With 2 portraits and 33 maps
and plans.
Second Edition.

With an introduction by LORD WOLSELEY, K.P., G.C. B., etc., Commanderin-Chief. 2 vols., 8vo, $10.00.

"One of the most interesting and instructive military books of the day."-Athenæum.

Queen Elizabeth

By the Rt. Hon. and Rt. Rev. MANDELL CReighTON, D.D, Lord Bishop of London. With portrait in photogravure. Crown 8vo,

cloth, gilt top, $1.50.

"By far the best study of the Queen's character and policy that exists."-The Guardian.

The Homeric Hymns

A New Prose Translation, with Essays Literary and Mythological. By ANDREW LANG, Illustrated with 7 photogravures and 7 halftones after the antique. Crown 8vo, cloth, gilt top, $2.00.

Early Italian Love Stories

Taken from the originals by UNA TAYLOR. With photogravure frontispiece and 12 full-page plates by Henry J. Ford. 4to, gilt top, $5.00.

"The volume possesses all the essential qualities of a gift book. It is large enough to look well on a drawingroom table, but light enough to hold in the hand. The illustrations by Mr. Henry J. Ford are of a very high order of merit."-Literature.

The Prince's Story Book Being Historical Stories Collected Out of English Romantic Literature in Illustration of the Reigns of English Monarchs from the Conquest to Victoria. Edited, with an introduction, by GEORGE LAURENCE GOMME. Illustrated. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, gilt top, $2.00.

LONGMANS, GREEN, & CO., Publishers, 91-93 Fifth Ave., New York

The "Necessary" Magazine



Theodore Roosevelt.—“The REVIEW OF REVIEWS does really im-
portant work because it gives not merely an epitome of what is going
on in the world, but a chance to every man of whatever political creed,
who writes seriously and deeply, to reach the classes of our people
most interested in the vital government and social problems of our time.
I know that through its columns views have been presented to me that
I could not otherwise have access to; because all earnest and thoughtful
men, no matter how widely their ideas diverge, are given free utterance

in its columns."

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EVERAL hundred thousands of Americans find the AMERICAN MONTHLY REVIEW OF REVIEWS very useful and helpful reading. In the political year it becomes fairly necessary. In no presidential year will this be more true than in 1900, with the many important problems created by the country's new colonial duties. In Dr. Shaw's editorial survey of the month, in the timely contributed features, in the departments reviewing the other magazines of the world, the alert reader finds each month a full and accurate presentation of the political news, with able discussions of the economic and social questions which are interesting everybody. The authoritative character sketches of the presidential candidates and other notable figures appear at the hour when public interest is greatest in these subjects. The portrayal of current history in the best caricatures of each month is not the least attractive of these many helps to a right understanding of one's own times, and one's own public duties.

Each number is illustrated with nearly a hundred timely pictures.

Yearly Subscription, $2.50; Sample Copy, Ten Cents

The Review of Reviews Co., 13 Astor Place, NEW YORK






This beautiful color plate, from the famous "Old
is given free with the December issue of THE ART

Master," "Virgin and Child," by Raphael Dagli Colle,

THE ART AMATEUR has done more to create "the art atmosphere"
of America than any other publication; has done more for the art student
by giving him practical instruction and advice; has brought forward
more artists by showing their work in its columns to its thousands of
readers; has been the means of bringing more business to dealers both in
pictures, bric-a-brac and art materials than any other medium. THE ART
AMATEUR has been and will continue to be the most thoroughly practical,
up-to-date art publication. THE ART AMATEUR makes these claims and
you, who read this statement, can easily substantiate it by a careful com-
parison with all the other art publications.

The Christmas Number will be a truly magnificent one, for, in addition
to its beautiful colored plate, which is after a famous Old Master, its con-
tents will be unrivalled for beauty and excellence. If you are interested
in any branch of art, whether as a student, artist, teacher or collector, you
will find the magazine an invaluable aid. A YEAR'S SUBSCRIPTION TO

Special Offers to Subscribers for 1899-1900

3 MONTHS FREE On receipt of $4.00 (the price of a
year's subscription) we will send the
October, November and December numbers FREE, and the
whole year of 1900, thus making fifteen months' subscription
for the price of a year. Or
15 EXQUISITE COLOR PLATES On receipt of $4.00
we will send a year's
subscription, beginning with any issue, and fifteen superb
color plates of your own selection from our catalogue.
SAMPLE COPY and illustrated catalogue sent for 25 cents. Address

JOHN W. VAN OOST, Publisher of The Art Amateur, 23 Union Square, New York City




For Ten Weeks' Subscription

PUBLIC OPINION is now a magnificent weekly mag-
azine, comprising, in its 52 issues, a grand total of over
1700 pages of reading matter and illustrations. Its field
is as wide as the range of human interests. Its readers,
independent of other periodicals, are fully abreast of the
times, sufficiently well informed to appear in any com-
pany, and to discuss with intelligence both sides of every
question of the hour, whether political, social, religious,
educational, scientific, literary or artistic.

In a recent letter one subscriber says: "In its present
form it is worth at least $100.00 per year to any pro-
gressive, intelligent reader who wants to keep posted."
This special introductory offer gives you ten numbers
(regular price, $1.00) for the price of one, (ten cents)-
the cost of postage. It will not be made again. Send
at once your name, address, and 10 cts. (coin or stamps)
to America's Representative Weekly,


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