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To the most Reverend

Father in GOD, THOM A S

of Canterbury, &c.

May it please Your Grace,


O accept favourably this Paraphrafe upon

St. Matthew, as an humble Expreffion of that Duty and Honour, which I, with all good Men, owe to your Grace, whom the efpecial Providence of GOD has placed in the highest Station of our Church; where by your wife Government and A 2 pious

pious Example you support courage true Reli


gion and Virtue, which feem to be in great Danger not only from the bold Pretenders to Atheism and Deifm, but even from the many Controverfies about fmaller Matters, raised and uncharitably managed among Chriftians, while little regard is had to the great Duties and moft effential Parts of Religion.

The Care, Sincerity, and Impartiality with respect to any Theological Controverfies, wherewith I have endeavoured to explain in general the Doctrine and

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Hiftory of our Saviour, may, I hope, procure me Pardon for the involuntary Errors and Failings in this Performance. For as I cannot without great Prefumption, fuppofe it free from Miftakes; fo I truft I have no where offered any interpretation repugnant to the fundamental Articles of our Religion, or the neceffary Rules of Holy Life. And that I might not be deceived in matters of fò great importance, I have thought my felf obliged to do) fubmitted thefe Papers, before they were made publick, to the view and cenA 3

as I


fure of fome of my Superiors, on whose Judgment I thought I might fafely rely.

Now that God may long preferve your Grace, for the Good and Honour of this Church, is the constant Prayer of,


Your Grace's

moft humble

and obedient Servant,

S. C.

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