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Memoir of William Edmondstoune Aytoun, D.C.L., Author of "Lays of the Scottish Cavaliers," &c. By Theodore Martin. With an Appendix. (Blackwood.) William Edmondstoune Aytoun was a scion of the same house with Sir Robert Ayton, a scholar and a poet whose name has figured recently in these columns. Professor Aytoun was born in Edinburgh on June 21, 1813; and closed his too short, but useful and blameless life, at the comparatively early age of fifty-one, at Blackhills, Elgin, on August 4, 1863. This useful and blameless life has found a faithful chronicler in his old friend and literary associate Mr. Theodore Martin. The book is thoroughly genial; and whether Aytoun's social relations, his professional career, or his varied and admirable literary studies, pursuits, and successes, form the subject under consideration, Aytoun is almost always made to tell his own story in his own words. The result is a biography which endears the subject of it to us. We feel that we have known and esteemed him; and tracing with deep interest his whole career, we close the book, feeling how truly his biographer describes him as "a truehearted gentleman"; who "died honoured by his fellow citizens, and deeply mourned by those who had the happiness to know him as a friend." Mr. Martin's Memoir of Aytoun will not be the book with which Mr. Martin's name will be least favourably associated.


A Dictionary of Quotations from the English Poets. Henry G. Bohn. (Printed for private Distribution.) This handsome volume of between seven and eight hundred pages, which is the result of a taste for collecting poetical quotations which beset the author somewhat more than half a century ago, is printed, not for sale, but exclusively for presents to Mr. Bohn's friends and acquaintances, or to persons of public esteem with whom he may have social relations. Mr. Bohn's volume may, therefore, fitly claim on this ground exemption from criticism. Not that it need fear it; for, given the principle on which it is arranged, and which some may prefer to that adopted by Grocott or Friswell-which latter we, however, ourselves consider the more preferable oneit is full, accurate, and satisfactory.

Cornish's Stranger's Guide through Birmingham; being an Account of the Public Buildings, Religious, Educational, and Charitable Foundations, Literary and Scientific Institutions, and Manufactories. (Cornish.)

A compact and useful Guide, made more complete by a good map, to that vast emporium of British industry, Birmingham-that Birmingham which Moore, some fifty years since, jokingly characterised as "that ancient and ha'penny town." Not even in a political squib would Birmingham now be spoken of in terms so little significant of its wealth, industry, and power.

THE ROXBURGHE LIBRARY.-Mr. W. Carew Hazlitt proposes to organize a new Printing Scheme (it cannot properly be called a Club) in England under the title of the Roxburghe Library. The object of this institution is to bring within the reach of everybody who cares for them the best inedited remains of our Elizabethan literature for a moderate yearly, subscription. The Roxburghe Library will act in harmony and connection with the Early English Text Society's Extra Series, No book merely its accidental rarity to recommend it to notice. will be admitted into the Roxburghe Library which has The old texts will be given verbatim, including (if possible) the original woodcuts, &c. The utmost attention will be bestowed on the typography. The Roxburghe Library will be printed on fine thick paper, and will be bound in the Roxburghe style. One hundred and seventy copies will be taken off, in small quarto, and thirty in demy quarto, to match the books of the Roxburghe, Maitland, and Bannatyne Clubs. The whole of this impression will be reserved for subscribers, and will in no case be for sale. Mr. Hazlitt says that as experience has shown that, of the many literary societies which we have had from time to time among us, several have owed their decline to internal differences, the Roxburghe Library will be under the general direction of one person, subject always to any suggestions which may proceed from the kindness of friends or correspondents. To these suggestions the editor will at all times pay the best attention, and, where it seems practicable, they shall be carried out. Two volumes a year (and more, if possible) will be issued for the subscription of two guineas for the foolscap quarto copies, and five guineas for the demy quarto copies. The first volume will be ready for delivery at an early date. An annual return will be made of the income and expenditure. Subscriptions and subscribers' names will be received by MR. JOHN RUSSELL SMITH, 36, Soho Square, to whom all communications for the Editor should be addressed.

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Notices to Correspondents.

D. M. S. is referred to " N. & Q." 2nd S. viii. 329 for an explanation of the" Vindicta Bernardi."

RALPH THOMAS. A Tour in Quest of Genealogy is by Richard Fenton. See "N. & Q." 3rd S. fi. 331.

R. "To return by Weeping Cross" was a proverbial expression for deeply lamenting an undertaking, and repenting of it. See Nares's Glossary, and "N. & Q." 1st S. i. 154.

H. T. ELLACOMBE. The Townley MSS. are in the British Museum, as stated in "N. & Q." 1st S. iv. 103; vii. 407.

WM. RAYNER. The definition of an ambassador attributed to Talleyrand rightly belongs to Sir Henry Wotton, who unluckily for himself wrote the following sentence in Christopher Flecamore's album: "Lepatus est vir bonus, peregrè missus ad mentiendum Reipublicæ causa."--See Walton's Life of Sir Henry Wotton.

J. H. D. For the origin of the inn sign, "The Case is Altered," consult" N. & Q." 2nd S. iv. 188, 235, 299, 418. Ben Jonson wrote "A Plea sant Comedy called The Case is Altered," Lond. 1609, 4to.

"NOTES & QUERIES" is registered for transmission abroad.

WATSON'S OLD PALE SHERRY. Amontillado character, pure, very soft, and unbrandied, recommended with confidence. Per dozen, 348.; bottles and cases 3s. per dozen extra (if not returned). Three dozen, railway carriage paid, to all England and Wales. Per Octave-14 gails. (cask included) equal to 7 dozen, 111, 4s. A saving of 2s. per dozen. Railway carriage paid to all England and Wales. Per Quarter Cask.-28 galls. (cask included), equal to 14 dozen, 217. 148. A saving of 38. per dozen. Railway carriage paid to all England and Wales.

W.D. WATSON, Wine Importer. 72 and 73, Great Russell Street, corner of Bloomsbury Square, London, W.C.

Established 1841. Full Price Lists post free on application.
Terms, Net Cash.

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EDGES & BUTLER solicit attention to their MET


At 188., 208., 248., 308., and 36s. per dozen.

Choice Clarets of various growths, 428., 488., 608., 728., 848., 968.

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30s. 36s. 428. 488. 608. 728. 848.

At 368., 128., 488., and 60s. Hochheimer, Marcobrunner, Rudesheimer, Steinberg, Liebfraumilch, 60s.; Johannisberger and Steinberger, 72s., 848., to 1208.; Braunberger, Grunhausen, and Scharzberg, 488. to 848.; sparkling Moselle, 488., 60s.. 66., 788.; very choice Champagne, 66s., 788.: fine old Suck, Malmsey, Frontignac, Vermuth, Constantia, Lachrymæ Christi, Imperial Tokay, and other rare wines. Fine old Pale Cognac Brandy, 60s. and 728. per dozen. Foreign Liqueurs of every description.

On receipt of a Post-office order, or reference, any quantity will be forwarded immediately by

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ORTON'S CAMOMILE PILLS are confidently recommended as a simple but certain remedy for Indigestion. They act as a powerful tonic and gentle aperient; are mild in their operation; safe under any circumstances; and thousands of persons can now bear testimony to the benefits to be derived from their use. Sold in Bottles at is. 1d., 28. 9d. and 11s. each, in every town in the kingdom.

CAUTION! Be sure to ask for "NORTON'S PILLS," and do not be persuaded to purchase the various imitations.


OLLOWAY'S PILLS are the proper medicine for people whose faculties are jaded, and whose energies are exhausted by excessive heat, too much work, or overindulgence. A few doses of these Pills always prove a simple, safe, and cooling treatment for all stomach and liver complaints. A longer course will set right every organ whose tone is diminished, and renovate that blood whose purity is tainted. Giddiness, headache, nausea, flatulency, and all other dyspeptic symptoms, yield with surprising certainty and celerity to these corrective Pills which lay siege to the seat of these distressing sensations, and carry off without any pain, or other disagreeable drawback, those peccant matters which are disordering the entire human frame.

ETALLIC PEN MAKER TO THE QUEEN. JOSEPH GILLOTT respectfully directs the attention of the Commercial Public, and of all who use Steel Pens, to the incomparable excellence of his productions, which, for QUALITY OF MATERIAL, EASY ACTION, and GREAT DURABILITY, will ensure universal preference. Retail, of every Dealer in the World; Wholesale, at the Works, Graham Street, Birmingham; 91, John Street, New York; and at 37, Gracechurch Street, London.


most useful invention of the day, AGUA AMARELLA-Messrs. JOHN GOSNELL & CO., Red Bull Wharf, 93, Upper Thames Street (late Three King Court, Lombard Street), perfumers to Her Majesty, respectfully offer to the public this truly marvellous fluid, which gradually restores the human hair to its pristine hue-no matter at what age. The Agua Amarella has none of the properties of dyes: it, on the contrary, is beneficial to the system, and, when the hair is once restored, one application per month will keep it in perfect colour. Price one guinea per bottle; half bottles, 10s. 6d. Testimonials from artistes of the highest order, and from individuals of undoubted respectability, may be inspected. Messrs. John Gosnell and Co. have been appointed perfumers to H.R.H. the Princess of Wales.






Exhibition (1867), again obtained the FIRST PRIZE and the
Only SILVER MEDAL out of 27 competitors.

This Oil, renowned for its purity and excellence, has received the commendation of the leading members of the medical profession and the medical press.

It is sold by all Chemists and Druggists in capsuled half-pint bottles, at 2s. 3d. each.

See MOLLER's" Name and Label on each bottle.

Circulars and Testimonials of PETER MÖLLER, 22, Mincing Lane. ***Contractor to the North London Consumption Hospital.


CURE YOURSELF BY THE PATENT SELF-ADJUSTING CURATIVE AND ELECTRIC-BELT. Sufferers from Nervous Debility,, Painful Dreams, Indigestion, Weakness, &c., can now cure themselves by the only "Guaranteed Remedy" in Europe, protected by Her Majesty's Great Seal. Free for One Stamp, by H. JAMES, ESQ., Medical Electrician to the London Hospitals), Percy House, Bedford Square, London.

N.B. Medicine and Fees Superseded. (Reference to the leading Physicians of the Day.)

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78. 6d.

LONDON. 3s. 6d.

Just published, price 12s.


JOHN MURRAY, Albemarle Street.

Now ready, thick foolscap 4to, elegantly printed by Whittingham, extra cloth, 158.


tions of the Journals of the two Dukes of Wirtemberg in 1592 and 1610, both illustrative of Shakespeare: with Extracts from the Travels of Foreign Princes and others. With copious Notes, and Introduction and Etchings. By WILLIAM BRENCHLEY RYE, of the British Museum.

"A book replete both with information and amusement, furnishing a series of very curious pictures of England in the Olden Time." Notes and Queries.

London: J. RUSSELL SMITH, 36, Soho Square.

The Second Edition, 8vo, pp. 540, cloth, 158.



consisting of Descriptions of Public Records, Parochial, and other Re-
gisters, Wills, County and Family Histories, Heraldic Collections in
Public Libraries, &c. By RICHARD SIMS, of the British Museum.
"This work will be found indispensable by those engaged in the study
of Family History and Heraldry, and by the Compiler of County and
Local History, the Antiquary and the Lawyer.'

London: J. RUSSELL SMITH, 36, Soho Square.

OF AUTHORS. The whole

Works of ROGER ASCHAM. Now first collected and revised, with Life of the Author, by the REV. DR. GILES. 4 vols. fcap. 8vo. cloth, 20s.; large paper, 30s.

Other Works in this Series on Sale are:

1. Marston's Dramatic Works, by Halliwell, 3 vols. 158.

2. Piers Ploughman, edited by Wright, 2 vols. 10s.

3. Increase Mather's Remarkable Providences, 5s.

4. Selden's Table-Talk, edited by Singer, Third Edition, 5s.

5. Drummond's Poetical Works, by Turnbull, 5s.

6. Francis Quarles' Enchiridion, 3s.

7. Wither's Hymns and Songs of the Church, 58.

8. Wither's Hallelujah-Hymns, Songs, Odes, &c. 68.

9. Southwell's Poetical Works, by Turnbull, 4s.

10. John Aubrey's Miscellanies, 4s.

11. Chapman's Homer's Iliad, by Hooper, 2 vols. 2nd edit. 128.
12. Chapman's Homer's Odyssey, by Hooper, 2 vols. 128.
13. Chapman's Frogs and Mice, Hymns, Musæus, &c. 68.

14. Webster's (John) Dramatic Works, by Hazlitt, 4 vols. 20s.

15. Lilly's (John) Dramatic Works, by Fairholt, 2 vols. 10s.

16. Crashaw's Poetical Works, by Turnbull, 58.

17. Spence's Anecdotes of Books and Men, by Singer, 68.

18. Sackville's (Lord Buckhurst) Peetical Works, 48.

19. Cotton Mather's Wonders of the Invisible World, 5s.

20. Lovelace's Lucasta, &c., edited by Hazlitt, 5s.

21. History of King Arthur, edited by T. Wright, 3 vols. 15s.

22. Remains of the Early Popular Poetry of England, edited by W. C. Hazlitt, 4 vols. 20s.

23. Sir Thomas Overbury's Works, by Rimbault, 5s.

London: J. RUSSELL SMITH, 36, Soho Square.



EGYPTIAN MYTH their influence on the Opinions of

Modern Christendom. Post 8vo, many Engravings, cloth, 3s.

CRITICAL NOTES on the AUTHORIZED ENGLISH VERSION of the NEW TESTAMENT: being a Companion to the following Book. 12mo. Second Edition, cloth, 2s. 6d.

NEW TESTAMENT. Translated from Griesbach's Text. Fifth Edition. 12mo, pp. 412, cloth, 1s. 6d. by post, 18. 10d. London: J. RUSSELL SMITH, 36, Soho Square.


BLACK-LETTER BALLADS and BROADSIDES, printed in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, between the Years 1559 and 1597, all of the highest interest and curiosity, presumed to be unique, and hitherto unknown. Reprinted from the celebrated Folio Volume formerly in the Library of the late George Daniel, Esq.; accompanied with an Introduction and Illustrative Notes.

**The above is beautifully printed by Messrs. Whittingham & Wilkins, on fine toned paper size, post 8vo, consisting of above 300 pages, to range with the Collections of Percy, Ritson, &c.

A Detailed Prospectus and Descriptive Catalogue of the Seventy
Ballads, consisting of sixteen, pages 8vo, may be had on application, or
will be forwarded on the receipt of two postage-stamps.
JOSEPH LILLY, 17 & 18, New Street, and 5A, Garrick Street, Covent

Garden, London.

By M. A. LOWER, F.S.A. Royal svo, "This work is the result of a study of British Family Names, extending over more than twenty years."-Preface.

pp. 500, with illustrations, cloth, 11. 5s.

London: J. RUSSELL SMITH, 36, Soho Square.



pal Chapels in and about London, the Geneva Register of the Protestant
Refugees, with Biographical Notes, &c. By J. SOUTHERDEN
BURN. Second Edition, greatly enlarged, 8vo, cloth, 10s. 6d.
London: J. RUSSELL SMITH, 36, Soho Square.

Printed by GEORGE ANDREW SPOTTISWOODE, at 5 New Street Square, in the Parish of St. Bride, in the County of Middlesex; and Published by WILLIAM GREIG SMITH, of 43 Wellington Street, Strand, in the said County.—Saturday, August 31, 1867.

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Under the Government of the Council of the College. Head Master, THOMAS HEWITT KEY, M.A., F.R.S. Vice Master, E. R. HORTON, M.A., Fellow of St. Peter's College, Cambridge.

Henry Malden, M.A.. Professor of Greek in the College, has charge of the highest Greek class.

The School will re-open on Tuesday, September 24th, for new pupils at 9.30A.M. All the boys must appear in their places on Wednesday, the 25th September, at 9.30. The hours of attendance are from 9.30 to 3.45, of this time one hour is allowed for recreation and dinner. The play-ground is spacious and contains a gymnasium and fives courts. The school session is divided into three terms. Fee £7 per term, to be paid in advance. Gymnastics and fencing extra.

Junior Department.-Classes for young beginners. These classes are for pupils between the ages of seven and nine, who are kept separate from the boys of the upper school. They have the use of the playground, but the hours of lessons and recreation are so arranged as to differ from those of the older boys. Fee for each term, £6 3s. 6d. to be paid in advance.

The hours of attendance are from 9 35 to 3.40, in which time two hours altogether are allowed for recreation and dinner.

Discipline is maintained without corporal punishment. A monthly report of the progress and conduct of each pupil is sent to his parent or guardian.

The school is very near the Gower Street Station of the Metropolitan Railway, and within a few minutes' walk of the termini of several other railways.

Prospectuses and further particulars may be obtained at the office of the College.

August, 1867.

JOHN ROBSON, B.A., Secretary to the Council.

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Price Fourpence. Stamped Edition, 5d.

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An ATTEMPT to DISCRIMINATE the STYLES of ARCHITECTURE in ENGLAND, from the Conquest to the Reformation, with a Sketch of the Grecian and Roman Orders. By the late THOMAS RICKMAN, F.S.A. Sixth Edition, with considerable Additions, chiefly Historical, by JOHN HENRY PARKER, F.S.A. 8vo, with many Plates and numerous Illustrations by O. Jewitt, cloth extra, gilt top, 21s.


in GRECIAN, ROMAN, ITALIAN, and GOTHIC ARCHITECTURE. By JOHN HENRY PARKER, F.S.A. New Edition, revised. Fcap. 8vo, with nearly 500 Illustrations, ornamental cloth, 7s. 6d.

"For the knapsack of the traveller, or the table of the amateur, not sufficiently interested to need the completer work, it is an invaluable little volume."-Builder, Sept. 22, 1866.


the CITY OF WELLS. By JOHN HENRY PARKER, F.S.A, Honorary Member of the Somerset Archaeological Society, &c. Medium 8vo, illustrated by Plans and Views, cloth, 58.








this well-known Work is in the Press. It will be beautifully printed in two thick volumes, demy 4to. 31. 13s. 6d. Large paper Copies, 3. 58. The impression of both sizes is limited, and early application is necessary. It will contain numerous Woodcuts.

*** The large paper Copies are all ordered from the Publishers, and can only be obtained from the retail Booksellers.

GEORGE ROUTLEDGE & SONS, London and New York.


trait and Brief Memoir of the late PROFESSOR FARADAY will be found in No. 30 of the "CHRISTIAN TIMES," New Series, ld.; or post free for two stamps.

London: S. W. PARTRIDGE & CO., 9, Paternoster Row, E.C. 3RD S. No. 297.

NOR PERRY and CHARLES HENMAN, Jun., Architects.
(Dedicated by permission to the Duke of Cleveland.) Super-royal
folio, on toned paper, in wrapper, 17. 118. 6d.
[This Day.

BOOK. By HENRY GODWIN, F.S.A. Post 8vo, cloth, 78. 6d.


"The antiquary will find it inestimable as a book of reference; the student will have in it a valuable assistant; and by a judicious use of it, the sham antiquary may avoid any great mistakes when his cousin the vicar displays to him the wonders of his parish church......We imagine that no archæologist will henceforth consider his knapsack. packed until this little handbook is put in."—Athenæum, Aug. 17, 1867.


RAVENNA. Briefly described by JOHN HENRY PARKER,
F.S.A. 8vo, with Diagrams, sewed in wrapper, 2s. 6d.


STYLE observable on ANCIENT GLASS PAINTING, especially
in England, with Hints on Glass Painting. By the late CHARLES
WINSTON. With Corrections and Additions by the Author, and
a Series of his Letters describing Improved Methods of Manufac-
turing and Colouring Glass for Painted Windows. New Edition.
[In the Press.

Oxford, and 377, Strand, London: JAMES PARKER & CO.


Just published, price 128.

COLLECTION of SEVENTY-NINE OLD BLACK-LETTER BALLADS and BROADSIDES, printed in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, between the Years 1559 and 1597, all of the highest interest and curiosity, presumed to be unique, and hitherto unknown. Reprinted from the celebrated Folio Volume formerly in the Library of the late George Daniel, Esq.; accompanied with an Introduction and Illustrative Notes.

**The above is beautifully printed by Messrs. Whittingham & Wilkins, on fine toned paper size, post 8vo, consisting of above 300 pages, to range with the Collections of Percy, Ritson, &c.

A Detailed Prospectus and Descriptive Catalogue of the Seventy Ballads, consisting of sixteen pages Svo, may be had on application, or will be forwarded on the receipt of two postage-stamps.

JOSEPH LILLY, 17 & 18, New Street, and 5A, Garrick Street, Covent Garden, London.

Fifth edition, with Photographic Illustration, price Is. post free.

THE SEARCH for a PUBLISHER; or, Counsels

for a Young Author. It contains Advice about Binding, Composition, Printing, and Advertising; also, Specimens of Type and Sizes of Paper. It is a complete Literary Guide for a novice, and full of exact and trustworthy information.

"We wish we had seen such a book fifteen years ago, that's all. It is full of necessary information; and, if thoroughly digested, it will save some head-aches, heart-aches, and perhaps despicable as the consideration must be to the child of genius, quaffing nectar above the clouds-a few golden sovereigns, bearing the image and superscription of Victoria the First."- Christian Weekly News.

London: ALFRED W. BENNETT, 5, Bishopsgate Without.

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HE PUBLIC SUPPLIED AT WHOLESALE PRICES and CARRIAGE PAID to the Country on all orders exceeding 20s.

Good Cream-laid Note, 28., 38., and 48. per ream.
Super Thick Cream Note, 58. 6d. and 7s. per ream.
Super Thick Blue Note. 48., 5s., and 68. per ream.
Outsides Hand-made Foolscap, 8s. 6d. per ream.
Patent Straw Note, 28. 6d. per ream.

Manuscript Paper (letter size), ruled or plain, 4s. 6d. per ream.
Sermon Paper (various sizes), ruled or plain, 48., 58., and 68. per ream.
Cream or Blue Envelopes, 4s. 6d., 6s. 6d., and 78. 6d. per 1000.
The Temple" Envelope, new shape, high inner flap, Is. per 100.
Polished Steel Crest Dies, engraved by the first Artists, from 58.;
Monogram, two letters, from 6s. 6d.; Ditto, three letters, from 88. 6d.;
Address Dies, from 48. 6d. Preliminary Pencil Sketch, is. each.
Colour Stamping (Relief), reduced to 18. per 100.


Manufacturing Stationers.

192, Fleet Street, Corner of Chancery Lane.-Price List Post Free.

W.J. H. RODD, Picture Restorer, 31, St. Martin's

Court, W.C. Pictures lined, cleaned, and restored; Watercolour Drawings cleaned, repaired, mounted, and varnish removed; Pastils, Crayons, and Body-Colour Drawings cleaned and repaired; Valuations of Literary and Artistic Property made for Probate or Legacy Duty; also Catalogues of Libraries or Collections of Pictures and Drawings for Private Reference or Public Sale. Works of Art and Virtù purchased and sold on Commission.



With the SEPTEMBER Number is issued the SIXTH PART of the ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE of the PARIS EXHIBITION, containing upwards of ONE HUNDRED HIGHLYFINISHED ENGRAVINGS of the choicest specimens of Industrial Art, including SCULPTURE, PORCELAIN, LAMPS, CHANDELIERS, CARPETS, TAPESTRIES, JEWELLERY, CABINETS, and LACE CURTAINS, &C. Besides these Engravings, forming a permanent record of the Exhibition, the ART-JOURNAL gives with each Number two large Line-Engravings, after celebrated Pictures: Articles on Fine Art, illustrated with wood engravings: Criticisms on Art Literature and Productions; and all the Art-Gossip of the Day.


I. "The Fair Correspondent," by J. Sant, A.R.A.
II. "Christopher Sly," by W. Q. Orchardson.
London: VIRTUE & CO., 26, Ivy Lane, E.C.

Now ready, price 3s. 6d. free by post, cloth boards, uniform with Jesse's Memoirs of George the Third. HANNAH LIGHTFOOT.




Opinions of the Press.

"We must, on the present occasion, content ourselves with adverting briefly to the curious and minute inquiry just instituted by Mr. Thoms into this tale."-Quarterly Review.

"The Romance which Mr. Thoms has dissected with ruthless thoroughness."-Saturday Review.

"Mr. Thoms, the able Editor of that successful little farrago of learning, oddities, absurdities, and shrewdnesses, Notes and Queries, perhaps the one weekly newspaper which will be consulted three hundred years hence, has been trying very hard to get at the truth of the Hannah Lightfoot story. It is nearly impossible to prove a negative, and quite impossible to prove a negative about the secret history of Courts; but Mr. Thoms has certainly succeeded in raising a violent presumption that the story is a delusion, probably based on some intrigue carried on by one of the Royal Family."

Spectator, June 22.

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