The 60-Second Commute: A Guide to Your 24/7 Home Office Life

FT Press, 2003 - 206 páginas
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More than 60,000,000 people work at home at least some of the time -- and many more are considering it. Now, there's a start-to-finish sourcebook for overcoming every challenge associated with working at home -- from choosing the right technology to balancing work with your personal life. Erica Orloff and Dr. Kathy Levinson start by assessing the pluses and minuses of working at home, and helping you realistically evaluate whether you're cut out to do so. They systematically review meat-and-potatoes issues like insurance and taxation, deciding whether to incorporate, and setting up a comfortable and productive home office. Equally important, they offer extensive practical advice on the personal side of working at home -- from time management to "mental health days," avoiding isolation to setting house "rules" that help you get the job done without disregarding your family, friends, and neighbors.

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chapter 11 sounds good. talking about a recession before even 2008!


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ERICA ORLOFF is a writer, editor, and novelist whose books include the children's titles The Best Friend's Handbook and Balloonatiks: The First Goopy, Goofy, Loopy Adventure (based on an upcoming cartoon series), and the novel Spanish Disco, as well as the upcoming Diary of a Blues Goddess. She has worked from home for a decade, as a consultant to the publishing industry, and has edited hundreds of titles, including several bestsellers. She is a veteran radio talk show guest and has appeared on numerous shows.

KATHY LEVINSON, Ph.D. is a psychologist, author, publisher, and lecturer who works from her home office in New York. Levinson is best known for First Aid for Tantrums and has appeared on such national shows as Good Morning America, The O'Reilly Factor, MSNBC, and Sally Jesse Raphael.

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