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changed to the later reading. From this date on, the author traces the history of our missionary administration.

In the light of the experience of most of our people this history of the various attempts to interest the Church in Missions is full of interest. Many and various were the efforts and devices, proposed and carried out with more or less success: the "Every-Member Canvass," the "One Day's Income Plan," "Proportionate Giving," "Apportionment"-together with "designated" and "special" offerings, and the various efforts to rouse interest in our young people, "Army of Christian Soldiers," "Advent and Lenten Offerings," to which may be added the publications, periodical and others, of the Society, notably the "Spirit of Missions" and the growing literature to supply mission study classes. Despite all these endeavors, it seems, from this history, that the year closed only twice in all the century without a discouraging deficit. Of course the author treats rather fully of the Woman's Auxiliary, the Junior Auxiliary, and the Sunday School Auxiliary. Space is also found for an account of the Church Missionary Society, at first a rival and ultimately an Auxiliary of our Society.

The history is carried through the various changes in administrative policy and methods until we arrive at the present administration of the whole work of the Church under the Presiding Bishop and Council.

Bishop Lloyd has written the foreword. Very valuable chronological and historical tables and an excellent index enhance the usefulness of the volume. To all interested in the administration of the business of missions and in the great and useful men and women who filled the offices of the Society and the Woman's Auxiliary this work can be most cordially commended.

We are sorry to note that the binding is quite unsatisfactory. In the copy sent us pp. 259-274 are missing; and pp. 275-290 are doubled, which argues very careless workmanship. F. C. H. W.

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Rev. Selden Peabody Delany


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