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Página 58 - Every person who, with a view to compel any other person to abstain from doing or to do any act which such other person has a legal right to do or abstain from doing, wrongfully and without legal authority, — 1. uses violence to or intimidates such other person or his wife, or children, or injures his property; or, 2.
Página 58 - It shall be lawful for one or more persons, acting on their own behalf or on behalf of a trade union or of an individual employer or firm in contemplation or furtherance of a trade dispute, to attend at or near a house or place where a person resides or works or carries on business or happens to be, if they so attend merely for the purpose of peacefully obtaining or communicating information, or of peacefully persuading any person to work or abstain from working.
Página 4 - An Act to repeal an Act of the present Session of Parliament, intituled 'An Act for the more effectual Abolition of Oaths and Affirmations taken and made in various Departments of the State, and to substitute Declarations in lieu thereof, and for the more entire Suppression of voluntary and extra-judicial Oaths and Affidavits, and to make other Provisions for the Abolition of unnecessary Oaths.
Página 34 - ... intimidation upon or against any person in order to induce or compel such person to vote or refrain from voting, or on account of such person having voted or refrained from voting, at any election, or who shall, by abduction, duress, or any fraudulent...
Página 190 - These are therefore to command you the said constable of to take the said A3., and him safely to convey to the [house of correction] at 25 aforesaid, and there to deliver him to the keeper thereof, together with this precept ; and I do hereby command you the said keeper of the said [ house...
Página 112 - Ship," or tending immediately to endanger the Life or Limb of any Person belonging to or on board of such " Ship, " or who by wilful Breach of Duty, or by Neglect of Duty, or by reason of Drunkenness, refuses or omits to do any lawful Act proper and requisite to be done by him for preserving such " Ship " from immediate Loss, Destruction, or serious Damage, or for preserving any Person belonging to or on board of such " Ship" from immediate Danger to Life or Limb, shall for each such Offence be deemed...
Página 185 - Given under my Hand and Seal, this Day of in the Year of our Lord at in the [ County] aforesaid.
Página 182 - Having heard the evidence, do you wish to say anything in answer to the charge? You are not obliged to say anything unless you desire to do so, but whatever you say will be taken down in writing and may be given in evidence...
Página 189 - LM the sum of of good and lawful money of Great Britain, to be made and levied of their several goods and chattels, lands and tenements...

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