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Many Parishes Are Doing This for the Soldiers


ANY parishes are giving an Oxford Prayer Book or Testament to each man in the parish who goes to the front. The best plan is to give one in durable leather-fit for hard usage, compact (an Oxford India paper edition) for the soldier or sailor cannot carry much. His name ought to be stamped on it in gold-as identification and to make it doubly valuable. It ought to be a fine book to adequately express the regard of the home-folks. Such a book brought back from the war will be a priceless heirloom. Rectors who have explained this plan to their congregations have met with hearty responses and ample contributions to cover the cost of giving each man a book of good quality.

We will gladly send a list of suitable styles.

At all booksellers or from the publishers.

Oxford University Press American Branch
New York

35 West 32nd Street

Oxford Prayer Books have been made since 1675, and since that time have steadily increased in use until now over 1,250,000 copies are sold every year.




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After reading this magazine affix a 1-cent stamp and hand it to any postal employee. It will then be placed in the hands of our soldiers or sailors at the front. NO WRAPPING-NO ADDRESS. A. S. BURLESON, Postmaster General.

8vo (9 x 54), richly illustrated, with Bibliographies and Indexes.

THE CHANCEL OF ENGLISH CHURCHES. The Altar, Reredos, Communion Table, Altar Rails, &c. By FRANCIS BOND. 1916. Pp. 284, 229 illustrations. Net $3.40.

SCREENS AND GALLERIES IN ENGLISH CHURCHES. BY FRANCIS BOND. 1908. Pp. xii+192, with 152 photographs and measured drawings. Net $2.70.

FONTS AND FONT COVERS IN ENGLISH CHURCHES. BY FRANCIS BOND. 1908. Pp. xiii+348, 426 photographs and drawings. Net $5.40. WOOD CARVINGS IN ENGLISH CHURCHES. BY FRANCIS BOND. 1910. I. Misericords. With 241 photographs and drawings. Pp. xx+238. Net $3.40.

II. Stall and Tabernacle Work, Bishops' Thrones and Chancel Chairs. Pp. xvi+138, with 124 photographs and measured drawings. Net $2.70.

DEDICATIONS AND PATRON SAINTS OF ENGLISH CHURCHES; Ecclesiastical Symbolism, Saints, and their Emblems. By FRANCIS BOND. 1914. Pp. 360, with 252 illustrations. Net $3.40.

WESTMINSTER ABBEY. By FRANCIS BOND. 1909. Pp. xvi, 332, with 270 photographs, plans, sections, sketches, and measured drawings. Net $4.50. VISITORS' GUIDE TO WESTMINSTER ABBEY, being the 18th and part of the 19th Chapters of the above dealing principally with monuments, &c., in the church and cloisters. Ed. 2, 1916, with 12 plans and 36 photographic and other illustrations. Fcap 8vo (61⁄2 x 44), PP. 94. Paper, net 45 c.

J. CHARLES Cox. Pp. 240, with 155 illustrations. Net $3.40.
BENCH ENDS IN ENGLISH CHURCHES. Stone seats, poppyheads,
seat construction, pews, galleries, bench-ends and stalls. By J. CHARLES
Cox. 1917. Pp. viii+208, with 164 illustrations. Net $3.40.

CHURCH BELLS OF ENGLAND. By H. B. WALTERS. 1912. Pp. 406, with 170 photographs and drawings, etc. Net $3.40.

Uniform with the Above

MILITARY ARCHITECTURE IN ENGLAND DURING THE MIDDLE AGES. BY HAMILTON THOMPSON. 1912. With 200 photos, drawings and plans, pp. 394. Net $3.40.

AN INTRODUCTION TO ENGLISH CHURCH ARCHITECTURE, from the eleventh to the sixteenth century.

By F. BOND. 1913. 2 vols., with

1400 illustrations, glossaries, &c. 4to (12 x 10), pp. xxxvi+486 and vi+986. Net $18.90.

At all Booksellers or from the Publishers.

Oxford University Press American Branch

35 West 32d Street


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LITURGICA HISTORICA. Papers on the Liturgy and Religious Life of the Western Church, by Edmund Bishop. Royal 8vo (10 x 6%) pp. xii+506 ....


Twenty-nine papers, thirteen being Liturgical and sixteen Antiquarian. The product of the native sense of a single brain occupied in the space of half a century with the problems of our early religious history as Western Christians.

THE TREASURE OF THE MAGI. A Study of Modern Zoroastrianism, by J. H. Moulton. (The Religious Quest of India Series.) Demy 8vo (834 x 534), pp. xiii + 273 ....$3.40


Dr. Moulton was one of those who accepted the invitation of the Indian National Council of the Y. M. C. A. to spend a year in India, largely to lecture to the Parsis on Zoroastrianism, and he completed the MS. in India before he left on his fatal voyage home.

THE JOURNAL OF THEOLOGICAL STUDIES. Edited by J. F. Bethune-Baker and F. E. Brightman. Medium 8vo (94 x 6). Annual subscription, $3.50; October, 1917, Vol. XIX, No. 73, pp. 96+ xii ....


Contents:-A bibliography of the published works of the late Henry Barclay Swete; the sayings of Paul of Samosata, by the Rev. H. J. LAWLOR; the Metaphysics of Nestorius, by the Rev. L. HODGSON; the Coronation Order in the Tenth Century, by the Very Rev. J. A. ROBINSON; Itoria. Note sur le Traité d'Opat I. i, by the Rev. A. WILMART, O.S.B.; Origin of the Name Panthera, by the Rev. L. PATTERSON; I Timothy iii, 16, by A. S. LEWIS; Revision of the Lectionary, by the Rev. F. E. HUTCHINSON; Reviews, etc.

BENEDICT IX AND GREGORY VI. By R. L. Poole. Royal 8vo (934 x 64), PP. 38, paper .... ...$1.20

In this communicated paper it is pointed out that the picture of Benedict was drawn at a time of acute controversy, though it is not necessarily false. There is an appendix on the Counts of Tusculum.


MENTS. By R. L. Poole. Royal 8vo (934 x 64), pp. 14, paper....40c. This shows how the changes in the relations between the Papacy and the Empire on the one side and the Frankish kings on the other during during the eighth century are reflected in the forms of documents, i.e., the manner of dating bulls. At All Booksellers or from the Publishers

Oxford University Press American Branch

35 West 32d Street


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