The Western Reserve Law Journal, Volumen3

faculty and students of the Franklin T. Backus Law School of the Western Reserve University, 1900

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Página 56 - The jury found the defendant guilty of murder in the second degree, and he was sentenced to imprisonment for life. He lived to extreme old age, a solitary, aimless, hopeless being, dying years after Mr. Backus had been buried from our sight. This trial gave Mr. Backus special distinction. His...
Página 182 - Three for one year, three for two years, and three for three years, and members shall be eligible for reappointment.
Página 87 - But to the Romans belongs pre-eminently the credit of inventing the Will, the institution which, next to the Contract, has exercised the greatest influence in transforming human society. We must be careful not to attribute to it in its earliest shape the functions which have attended it in more recent times. It was at first, not a mode of distributing a dead man's goods, but one among several ways of transferring the representation of the household to a new chief.
Página 184 - Except as provided in section 561 of the Revised Statutes, each applicant must produce a certificate of qualification as required by section 560 of the Revised Statutes, signed by his preceptor, and in no case will the certificate of any other attorney or...
Página 60 - The Tories in my native city have compelled me to do this ; they follow and persecute me wherever I go, and have entirely destroyed my peace of mind.
Página 117 - a draft or order upon a bank or banking house purporting to be drawn upon a deposit of funds for the payment at all events of a certain sum of money to a certain person therein named or to him or his order or to bearer and payable instantly on demand.
Página 183 - ... state or that he has come into the state for the purpose of making it his permanent residence, and stating his name, age, and former and present residence. (2...
Página 72 - The test is whether, in the particular service which he is engaged to perform, he continues liable to the direction and control of his master, or becomes subject to that of the party to whom he is lent or hired.") Lamnelian vs.
Página 27 - That the opinion of witnesses possessing peculiar skill is admissible, whenever the subjectmatter of inquiry is such, that inexperienced persons are unlikely to prove capable of forming a correct judgment upon it, without such assistance ; in other words, when it so far partakes of the nature of a science, as to require a course of previous habit or study, in order to the attainment of a knowledge of it...
Página 32 - The following days, viz : the first day of January, commonly called New years day, the fourth day of July, the twentyfifth day of December, commonly called Christmas day, and any day appointed or recommended by the governor of this state, or...

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