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I. The Geology of Russia in Europe and the Ural Mountains.

By Roderick Impey Murchison, Pres. of R. Gr. S.,

V.P.R.S. and Geol. S., &c. &c.; Edouard de Verneuil,

V.P. Geol. Soc. France, &c. ; and Count Alexander

von Keyserling


II. Newspaper Press and Political Literature of Spain. -

1. Gaceta de Madrid.-2. Eco del Comercio.-3. Clamor

Publico.-4. Heraldo.-5. Espanol.-6. Espectador.-

7. Universal.-8. Esperanza.-9. Tiempo.-10. Pensa-

mento de la Nacion. - 11. Catolico. - 12. Guia del

Comercio. — 13. Faro.-14. El Correo. - 15. El Po-

pular, &c.


III. 1. “ Lazamon's Brut, or Chronicle of Britain;" a Poetical

Semi-Saxon Paraphrase of the Brût of Wace. Now

first published from the Cottonian Manuscripts in the

British Museum; accompanied by a literal translation,

Notes, and a Grammatical Glossary. By Sir Frederick


2. “Early English Metrical Romances.”

3. “Reliquiæ Antiquæ.” Scraps from Ancient Manuscripts,

illustrating chiefly our early English Literature. Edited

by Wright and Halliwell.

4. “ History of English Rhymes." By Edwin Guest.

5. Haveloke the Dane. Edited by Sir F. Madden.

6. The Metrical Romances of Ellis, Ritson, and Weber.

7. Robert of Gloucester's Chronicle. Edited by Hearne'. 333

IV. 1. Report of the Committee appointed by the Right Honour-

able the Governor of Bengal, for the establishment of

a Fever Hospital, and for inquiring into Local Ma-

nagement and Taxation in Calcutta. Folio, with

Appendices from A to F folio.

2. Statistics of the Educational Institutions of the East

India Company in India. By Lieut.-Colonel W. H.

Sykes, F.R.S. Journal of the Statistical Society of

London, vol. 8, 1845.

3. Statistics of the Government Charitable Dispensaries of

India, chiefly in the Bengal and North-western Pro-

vinces. By Lieut.-Colonel Sykes. Journal of the

Statistical Society, vol. 10, 1847.

4. Commentary on the Hindu System of Medicine. By T.

A. Wise, M.D., &c., Bengal Medical Service . 356

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