Proceedings and Addresses of the Annual Convention

American trade association executives, 1923

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Página 88 - profession" as "that of which one professes knowledge ; the occupation if not purely commercial, mechanical, agricultural, or the like to which one devotes oneself; a calling in which one professes to have acquired some special knowledge used by way either of instructing, guiding or advising others or of serving them in some art; calling; vocation; employment; as, the profession of arms; the profession of chemist.
Página 106 - I move that the report of the committee be accepted, and that the Secretary be instructed to cast the ballot of the Association for the election of these officers.
Página 90 - ... 7. He will accept compensation, financial or otherwise, for a particular service from one source only, except with the full knowledge and consent of all interested parties.
Página 249 - ... through the compilation and distribution of information, the establishment of trade standards and the cooperative handling of problems common to the production or distribution of the commodity or service with which they are concerned.
Página 240 - We harbor no fears; we have no sordid ends to serve; we suspect no enemy; we contemplate or apprehend no conquest. Content with what we have, we seek nothing which is another's. We only wish to do with you that finer, nobler thing which no nation can do alone. We wish to sit with you at the table of international understanding and good will. In good conscience we are eager to meet you frankly, and invite and offer cooperation. The world demands a sober contemplation of the existing order and the...
Página 88 - A careful analysis, it seems to me, will indicate that the public expects an occupation to measure up to four requirements before it can be dignified by the title of profession. These are: 1. It must render a high and specialized type of social service. 2. Its personnel must have specialized and abundant training for its work and be comparatively permanent. 3. It must provide sufficient income to enable its members to maintain a cultural standard of living. 4. Its members must be dominated by a professional...
Página 300 - ... would that men should do unto you." 2. The pledged word of the Trade Executive must be as good as his bond. He recognizes as fundamental a strict adherence to the truth, in business and personal relations, and will never wilfully misrepresent any case, fact, principle or condition. 3. A Trade Executive must be true to himself if he is to be true to others. He must have self-respect if he is to win the respect of others. He must be above currying favor, perverting a trust or using personal relations...
Página 55 - The faith of the community that he will undertake no service inconsistent with the public welfare; and that in service consistent with public welfare, but in which the interests of groups appear to come in conflict, he will judge carefully and sympathetically the claims of rival interests, and attempt to establish that unity of purpose which promotes the public welfare.
Página 249 - A trade association is an organization of producers or distributors of a commodity or service upon a mutual basis for the purpose of promoting the business of its branch of industry or commerce and improving its service to the public.
Página 86 - Gentlemen, you have heard the report of the Auditing Committee. What is your pleasure...

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