Recreation, Volumen25

George O. Shields, Daniel Carter Beard, Edward Cave, Paul Thompson
G.O. Shields (Coquina), 1906

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Página 292 - And madly danced our hearts with joy, As fast we fleeted to the South : How fresh was every sight and sound On open main or winding shore ! We knew the merry world was round, And we might sail for evermore.
Página 7 - One moment of life costs many hours, hours not of business, but of preparation and invitation. Yet the man who does not betake himself at once and desperately to sawing is called a loafer, though he may be knocking at the doors of heaven all the while, which shall surely be opened to him.
Página 101 - The summit of the Grand Peak, which was entirely bare of vegetation and covered with snow, now appeared at the distance of 15 or 16 miles from us, and as high again as what we had ascended...
Página 331 - SALE IN CLOSE SEASON. In general, the sale of game is prohibited during the close season, but a brief additional open period is sometimes provided in order to permit dealers to close out stock on hand at the end of the hunting season. In Colorado, Illinois...
Página 274 - MRS. WINSLOW'S SOOTHING SYRUP has been used for over SIXTY YEARS by MILLIONS of MOTHERS for their CHILDREN while TEETHING, with PERFECT SUCCESS. It SOOTHES the CHILD, SOFTENS the GUMS, ALLAYS all PAIN; CURES WIND COLIC, and is the best remedy for DIARRHOEA. Sold by Druggists in every part of the world. Be sure and ask for " Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup,
Página 99 - ... they got them tranquil, and not until there had been a bow or two bent on the occasion. When in some order, we found them to be 60 warriors, half with fire-arms, and half with bows, arrows, and lances.
Página 332 - Manitoba has a $100 license for all who are not British subjects. Licenses are generally issued only for the open season, and thus expire at fixed dates. Some are necessarily very brief in duration. Michigan issues a $25 nonresident deer license good only for twenty days in November; Vermont, a $15 nonresident deer license good only for the last six week days of October.
Página 329 - States sportsmen are allowed to carry a limited amount of game out of the State under special restrictions, and exceptions to the laws prohibiting export...
Página 332 - Canadian Provinces allow nonresident licensees to carry or ship out of the State or Province a limited amount of game, while this privilege is denied by 15 States and Territories and 1 Canadian Province. Maine, Michigan, and Montana issue export permits additional to the hunting license. Nonresident landowners or taxpayers are not required to...
Página 99 - We made for the woods and unloaded our horses; when the two partisans endeavored to arrange the party it was with great difficulty that they got them tranquil, and not until there had been a bow or two bent on the occasion. When...

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