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The calculus is a rather thorough practical course, emphasizing particularly the following topics: Length and area of curves, surfaces, volumes, center of gravity, center of pressure, and moments of inertia.


Studies requiring mathematical knowledge for their pursuit and the kind of mathematics required for each are as follows: Ordnance and gunnery-trigonometry, calculus, and mechanics; navigationtrigonometry; marine engineering and naval construction-trigonometry and calculus; and electrical engineering-algebra, trigonometry, and calculus.


The more important schools attended by certain graduates of the Naval Academy are the School of Marine Engineering, established at the Naval Academy for young officers pursuing graduate courses in this field of study, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, for those who are to become naval constructors. Only graduates of the Naval Academy are permitted to take the entire course in the latter institution. The course at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of three years in length and leads to the degree of master of science. In arranging this course the objects sought are the addition to the training already obtained at the Naval Academy of those subjects which are peculiar to naval architecture, and such an extension and rounding out of that training as will best enable a naval constructor to meet the varied and exacting demands of his official position. The course includes theoretical naval architecture, marine engineering, steam and electrical engineering, steam turbines, warship design, sanitation, metallurgy, and metallography. In mathematics all students are required to take advanced calculus, differential equations, and the method of least squares; this is supplemented by courses in applied mechanics, including the strength of materials, graphic statics, and the theory of elasticity.


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