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The American House


Booklet B of 200 Allen Plan Tours Free ALLEN TOURS, Inc., 80 Boylston St., Boston

Hotels and Resorts


90 days. March sailing. $1,250 to $1,500 Rush City, Minn. Mias M. D. ROBIE.

Hotels and Resorts


Rest house for medical and surgical convalescents and for people who desire permanent home. Conservative rates. Further information on request. ANNA M. CULLEN, R.N., Milford, Conn. Phoue Milford 305.

Sinall private party. EDWARD N. RESER, 171 South Oxford Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.




The Savoy, Havana American plan. Moder

ate. Delightfully located. Well run. Rates,
details, direct, or Outlook Travel Bureau.

North Carolina
Melrose Lodge Tron, N. C., beautifully

situated, offers
fort, excellent food. Capt. T. D. JERVEY. De-
tails, rates, direct or Outlook Travel Bureau.

Private Club in Bermuda An informal

club, clientele carefully selected, offers delightful opportunity (moderately priced) to those plaining long or short stay in Bermuda. Further details, rates, Outlook Travel Bureau.

South Carolina

SUNNYSIDE Camden, S. c.

1518 Fair
Comfortable home, steam
Pleasant rooms with or without bath. Golf,
Persons with pulmonary
polo, tennis.
trouble not accepted. Write for rates.
Mrs. G. H. Lenoir, Proprietor.

District of Columbia
Quiet location.
Moderate rates.


Summerville, South Carolina
Delightful climate-3 golf courses-tennis-
saddle horses-beautiful flowers.
deer, turkeys in abundance. Guides, dogs.

Real Estate


For rent, delightful houses for
Fiful Bermuda. All types, every conveni-
ence. List and details. Mrs. Grosvenor Tucker,
Hamilton, Bermuda. Cable: Teucro, Bermuda.

Charlotte Harbor, Fla. On the

An ideal place to spend the winter. Comfort-
ably furnished apartments and single rooms,
modern conveniences. Reasonably priced, by
week or season. Mrs. SUMMER GIDDENS.

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FLORIDA-Attractive 2 to 4 room
furnished apartments
at moderate prices. Illustrated booklet.
H. H. CRAIG, Box 152, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

New York City


129-135 W. 48th St., N.Y.

Evening Dinner and
Sunday noon $1.00
Single $3--$4--$5
Special Blue Plate Service in Grill Room
For comfort, for convenience to all parts of
the metropolis, for its famous dining service
come to Hotel Bristol. You'll feel at home."

Hotel Judson
Summer Tour of EUROPE Residential hotel of highest type, combining

53 Washington Sq..
New York City
the facilities of hotel life with the comforts of
au ideal home. American plau $1 per day and
up. European plan $1.50 per day and up.

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Daytona Beach, Florida California, West Indies, anywhere, or would

act as

Cottages For Rent

Bargains in real estate

Box 312, Daytona Beach, Florida

Florida.-Pen. side, 8-room
house. 4 sleeping-rooms, bath, large living-
room with fireplace, 2-stall garage; location
good. Season or by year. Price reasonable.
Mrs. RALPH C. SMITH, Pittsford, Vt.


EXPERIENCED tutor-companion wanted for 16-year old retarded girl. Resident position in Pennsylvania, 100 miles from New York City. Knowledge of elementary subjects and manual industrial aud household arts necessary. References. 8,183, Outlook.

New Jersey

to business
sacrifices beautiful brick colonial 7-room
house, 2 baths, all hardwood floors, open fire-
place, spacious rooms, garage attached, steam,

minutes to
open porch, plot 106 x 107. Full screens, no
Shore, trolley, busses, schools, etc. Carrying
charges about $92 monthly. Mortgages $12,000,
cash $1,500 or more. P. O. Box 72, Bogota, N.J.

Hotel Wentworth

59 West 46th St., New York City
The hotel you have been looking for
which offers rest, comfortable appointments,
thoughtful cuisine. In the heart of theatre
and shopping center, just off Fifth Ave.
Moderate. Further details, rates, booklets,
direct, or Outlook Travel Bureau.

HOTELS NEED TRAINED MEN AND WOMEN. Nation-wide demand for highsalaried men and women. Past experience unnecessary. We train you by mail and put you in touch with big opportunities. Big pay, fine living, permanent, interesting work, Write for free book, Lewis quick advancement. YOUR BIG OPPORTUNITY." Hotel Training Schools, Suite AO-5842, Washington, D. C.

New York

MOST central; moder- Hotel LENOX,North St., west of Delaware


ate excellently
Details, rates, direct, or
Outlook Travel Bureau.

Ave., Buffalo, N.Y, Superior accommo-
dations; famous for good food. Write direct or
Outlook's Bureau for rates, details, bookings.

MEN-South American work. Oil, fruit, rubber companies. Expenses paid. South American Service Bureau, 14,600 Alma, Detroit, Mich.

NURSE-companion experienced in mental cases for lady suffering from slight mental trouble. References required. $100 monthly. New York suburb. 8,184, Outlook.


New Edition-My Travel-Log

Pleases everyone. For yourself or friend
going abroad this winter. Only one dollar
sent to
Station C, Buffalo, N. Y.
Packed in a beautiful 5-lb. box,
$3.00 delivered to your home.
This package makes an excellent Christmas gift.
ALLEN & ANDREWS, Corning, N. Y.

exceptional American, GOVERNESS, ability, desires position by February 1 with children under ten. Graduate kindergartner. Highest references. Philadelphia or vicinity. 8,181, Outlook.

NURSE wishes chronic case near or in New York City. Protestant. 8,191, Outlook. PROFESSIONAL woman, R.N., wishes po

A Mart of the Unusual sition with private family. Prefers charge of

GOVERNESS, companion, reader, experienced Scotchwoman, 7 years present family, full charge children, useful companion to lady, excellent reader. Interview New York middle December. 8,192, Outlook.

NEW England (gentle) woman of unusual worth and broad experience desires position General of domesticated responsibilities. overcharge children, sewing, shopping, accounts. Distance immaterial. 8,185, Outlook.

Direct from makers.
Ideal sporting ina-
terial. Any length cut.
Samples free. Newall, 127 Stornoway, Scotland

Harris Tweed

NURSE, middle-aged widow, wishes posi tion as managing housekeeper, companion, and nurse to elderly persons. Protestant. 8,190, Outlook.

Indian River fruit, grown on Merritt

Island, $5 per box, f.o.b. Cocoa. The Golden
Gift Box (quarter box) packed and decorated
with Florida fruits, especially for Christmas.
$2.75 per box express prepaid east of the
Mississippi. D. M. Fairchild, Cocoa, Fla., P. O. Box 695

NURSERY governess, thoroughly experiExcellent references. enced and refined. 8,196, Outlook.

Oranges, Grapefruit, Tangerines,
Marmalades, and Pecans

Direct to consumer. Complete price list on
request. S. L. MITCHILL, Mount Dora, Fla.


manage hold or travel with man or woman in semiinvalid condition. References. 8,194, Outlook. REFINED middle-aged widow, very capable and trustworthy, would like position as companion, supervising housekeeper, or mother's helper. Would travel. Excellent references. 8,188, Outlook.

REFINED Protestant woman of ability, position of trust, in well ordered home. Experienced housekeeper; light nursing. Can drive car. No objection to suburbs, New England preferred. References exchanged. 8,193, Outlook.


Opportunity to become TRAINED NURSE. $15
monthly allowance. Ideal living conditions.
Tennis, surf bathing. 3 hours from New York.
Age 18 to 32;
2% year course.
8-hour day.
Send for descriptive
2 years high school.
folder and application. Southampton Hospital
Association.Southampton, Long Island, N. Y.

THOROUGHLY experienced woman desires position as companion-housekeeper for elderly person or in motherless home. No objection to travel. 8,182, Outlook.


PRINTING. 500 letterheads, 8x11,'$2.50; 1,000, $4.00; half-size letterheads, 1,000, $3.25, good bond; 500 6% envelopes, $2.00, 1,000, $3.00, prices include printing. Better grade paper proportionate prices. Small publications a specialty. Rue Pub. Co., Denton, Md. WRITE for free samples of embossed at $2 or printed stationery at $1.50 per box. Lewis, stationer, Troy, N. Y.

WANTED-Part time (New York City) care of children, well or ill, preferably in afternoon or evening, by experienced nurse with best references. 8,186, Outlook.

WOMAN, successful in school administration, wishes to become assistant to principal in private school at end of present school year. 8,146, Outlook.

YOUNG college woman, nursery govern-
Reference. 8,170,
ess, near New York.

YOUNG lady, well educated, experienced as traveling companion to lady, private or social secretary. Excellent references. 8,189 Outlook.

YOUNG lady would accompany student o lady going abroad for her fare and smal stipend; could be ready by February o earlier. Excellent references. Miss Kath erine Weinrich, care of Mr. Carl Schindler 3536 N. 16th St., Philadelphia, Pa.


TO young women desiring training in th care of obstetrical patients a six month nurses' aid course is offered by the Lying-1 Hospital. 307 Second Ave., New York. Ai are provided with maintenance and given monthly allowance of $10. For further pa ticulars address Directress of Nurses.

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Fascinating Africa, mysterious Egypt, the Holy Land, beautiful Madeira, gay Seville, Granada with its Alhambra, mighty Gibraltar, ancient Cadiz, Algiers, Biskra, Timgad, Tunis, Malta, Dardanelles, Constantinople, Bosphorus, Athens, Venice, Florence, Rome, Naples, Messina, Taormina, Syracuse, Palermo, Monte Carlo, France, England-the glorious cruise of the palatial Cunarder "Scythia will take you to all of these wonderful places, and many others. We have again exclusively chartered this magnificent steamer, with membership limited to 390 guests-half capacity.

The Cruise of the "Scythia" is the annual Mediterranean classic. The unusually large and comfortable cabins-all with hot and cold running water-the suites and private baths, the spacious decks, the passenger elevators, the famous Cunard cuisine and service and the reasonable rates, all combine to offer the most attractive of all Cruises to the Mediterranean.



De Luxe

See the Wonderlands of the World!

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MAN was being tried on the charge of shooting a number of pigeons on the property of a farmer. In giving his evidence the farmer was exceedingly careful, even nervous, and the attorney for the defense endeavored to frighten him.

"Now," the lawyer remarked, "are you prepared to swear that this man shot your pigeons?"

"I didn't say he shot 'em," was the reply. "I said I suspected him o' doing it."

"Ah, now we're coming to it. What made you suspect that man?"

"Well, firstly, I caught him on my land wi' a gun. Secondly, I heerd a gun go off an' saw some pigeons fall. Thirdly, I foun' four o' my pigeons in his pocket and I don't think them birds. flew there and committed suicide."

Charles A. Seiders, of Toledo, Ohio, tells of this sign seen on the back of a dilapidated Ford:

"Don't laugh, girls. What would you look like if you were without paint?"

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We borrow this problem from F. P. A. of the New York "World:"

"Can you give a four-letter word ending in 'eny'? No fair writing anything down."


GOVERNMENT clerk received an unexpected raise in salary. At the close of his day's work he rushed to the telegraph office and sent this question to the girl of his choice: "Will you marry me?" He prepaid the return fees, which permitted ten words. His suspense was brief. Back came every one of them: "Yes, gladly, willingly, joyfully, delightedly, gratefully, lovingly, yes, yes, yes."

How busy is not so important as why busy. The bee is congratulated, the mosquito swatted.

Torrey, the famous revivalist, was holding a large evangelical mission in Albert Hall, London. He was speaking about the number of people who either had gone or would go to hell, and, coming down to cases, added: "I am sorry to say that a near relative of my ownmy aunt, in fact-died impenitent and has certainly gone to hell." This style of oratory, says the Manchester "Guardian," proved little to the taste of a young man in the congregation, who rose and made for the door. Whereupon Torrey marked him down in the usual style of the revivalist, and improved the occasion with, "Yes, and there is a young man who will certainly go to hell, too!" He proceeded to enlarge on this suggestion as the young man made his way slowly to the door, apparently unmoved. When the victim reached the door, he turned around and addressed the revivalist for the first time: "Ta-ta, I'm off! Any message for auntie? Or shall I just tell her you'll see her later?"


N anecdote on spelling and phonetics in Scotland: A woman entered a draper's shop in Edinburgh and began to inspect a piece of goods. The following conversation ensued:

Customer: "Oo?"

Shopkeeper: "Ay, 00."
Customer: "A' oo?"
Shopkeeper: "Ay, a' oo."
Customer: "A' ae oo?"
Shopkeeper: "Ay, a' ae oo."

You will, no doubt, need this translation furnished by the "Christian Register:" "Wool?" "Yes, wool." "All wool?" "Yes, all wool." "All one wool?" "Yes, all one wool."


Answer to last week's enigma: "Bet," "debt."


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THE OUTLOOK, December 14, 1927. Volume 147, Number 15. Published weekly by The Outlook Company at 120 East 16th Street, New York, N. Y. Subscription price $5.00 a year. Single copies 15 cents each. Foreign subscription to countries in the postal Union, $6.56. Entered as second-class matter, July 21, 1893, at the Post Office at New York, N. Y., and December 1, 1926, at the Post Office at Dunellen, N. J., under the Act of March 3, 1879. Copyright, 1927, by The Outlook Company.











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This picture represents him in his best medium, though here he is dealing with a scene remote from the America that received most of his interested attention

Volume 147

The Outlook

The Unready Senate


HE House of Representatives in the Seventieth Congress was ready to begin the transaction of essential business the minute after it was organized and organization was effected without friction. The Senate, after assembling and passing routine resolutions, without definite organization, was ready merely to begin debating a mass of vexatious preliminaries to the transaction of business.

The comparative efficiency of the two houses, apparently, has not changed since the last Congress, or since the last but one. For several years past the Senate has tended more and more to become an acrimonious debating society, while the House has become steadily more businesslike. The work of the last session of the Sixty-ninth Congress furnished a startling revelation of this state of affairs.

The Senate is always hindered by cumbersome rules, lending themselves to obstructionist tactics. This time it is

Senator Norris, Republican, but wearing the mantle so loosely that it falls about his ankles at times, had introduced two resolutions-one declaring that Mr. Smith's election and nomination were so tainted with fraud as to invalidate even his credentials, the other declaring the same and a bit more of Vare. Many vials of wrath, carbonated with words, were ready to be uncorked. If the President of the United States were to be given the opportunity of having his Message read, some such move as that made by Senator Curtis was necessary. Senator Robinson, leader of the Democratic (by self-abnegation) minority, announced that there was no further hindered by lack of a working objection from his side. And so the Senmajority. ate took the wise action of recessing without organizing.

Workable rules and a dependable majority are elements in the greater efficiency of the House, but the will to work is the main thing.

Smith, Vare, and the Senate
FRANK L. SMITH and William S. Vare

-and a majority which is a mere fiction, figment, and figure of speech.

Those are the reasons for the failure of the Senate of the Seventieth Congress to organize on the first day of the session. Without Smith and Vare there is no Republican majority, and the Republicans are by no means sure that they want a majority attained by honoring the credentials of these two men.

December 14, 1927

So, after such brief formalities as the swearing in of new members and the election of a chaplain (there is hope for the Senate in that it is not certain that it can get on without prayers), Senator


Curtis, leader of the Republican (by
courtesy) majority, moved adjournment
until the next day, and stipulated in the
motion that nothing except the hearing
of the President's Message-not even
the formalities of organization-should
be undertaken until after determination
of the question of whether or not Smith
and Vare are entitled to seats in the

Until almost the last minute, it had been assumed that, since the Democrats did not want to do it, the Republicans would organize the Senate. But their recalcitrants had demanded assurances of Senator Curtis which he could not give-assurances that a farm relief bill and a bill to curb the issuance of injunctions in labor disputes would be reported out of committee. He did assure them that he would do all in his power to bring those bills to a vote, but they then demanded that he pledge the Republican members of the committees that would have the bills in charge, and that he protested his inability to do.

So, it being not quite sure that the Democrats would forego the opportunity of organizing the Senate with the recalcitrant Republicans sitting silent, the Senate did nothing-which, as some would say, is its natural gait..

Number 15

Meanwhile, one of the most significant questions with which the Senate has had to deal awaits determination. It is the question whether or not a man coming to the door of the Senate with credentials on their face regular can be denied a seat-whether a State can be, for any space of time, denied representation in the Senate of the United States by the man for whom the majority of ballots were cast.

Before this issue of The Outlook reaches its readers the Senate doubtless will have answered that question.

The answer that is given to the question of excluding Smith and Vare may determine many things in the conduct of the affairs of this Nation in the future.

For Better Conditions in the


GREAT change seems to have come over the tone of the talk by Philippine politicians. In particular this change is noticeable in the recent remarks of Manuel Quezon, President of the Philippine Senate. With Senator Osmena, he has been in the United States on a mission to urge a plan that might be called a compromise between the old demand for immediate independence and the present status of the islands.

Evidently it has at last penetrated the minds of some Philippine politicians that what the Philippines most urgently need is, not more politics, but more business. At present there are no commercial or industrial leaders among the Filipinos themselves. The politicians have found that you cannot carry on a country on words alone. They have been disappointed that American capital has not rushed to the islands to place itself under the whimsical regulation of men who know nothing about business or finance. Mr. Quezon practically said as much in his recent speech in New York. Of course, the last thing that these Philippine politicians want is to have the

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