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On the visit of Hon. William Howard Taft to California to take
part in the Pacific Coast Congress of the League to Enforce Peace,
February 19 and 20, 1919, an invitation was extended to the ex-Presi-
dent to address the Commonwealth Club of California. Similar invita-
tions being issued by other organizations, it was arranged, on account
of the limitations of time, that a joint luncheon should be held in
honor of Mr. Taft and his party, to be given by the Advertising Club
of San Francisco, the Downtown Association, the Home Industry
League, the Rotary Club and the Commonwealth Club of California.

About one thousand members of the five organizations accordingly
assembled at the Hotel St. Francis, San Francisco, on Wednesday,
February 19, 1919, and nearly as many applied for tickets but could
not be accommodated on account of lack of space.

Mr. Reuben B. Hale acted as chairman of the meeting and Mr.
Taft was the only speaker. The luncheon was attended by Hon.
Henry Morgenthau, former Ambassador to Turkey, Hon. Henry Van
Dyke, former Minister to Holland; Senator James D. Phelan; A.
Lawrence Lowell, president of Harvard University; the presidents of
Stanford University and the University of California, and many others

of distinction.

Chairman Hale called the meeting to order at the conclusion of the
luncheon with the following words:

Remarks by Chairman Hale

THE CHAIRMAN: On behalf of the Advertising Club, Common-
wealth Club, Downtown Association, the Home Industry League, and
the Rotary Club, I take pleasure in welcoming you, Mr. President, and
other members of your very important party.

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