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"He has got it"; the simpler form, "He has it" is preferable. "We have got to do it," while emphatic, is less so than "we must do it." (2) Both words are in good use, and the matter of use or preference is purely one of personal choice.

"P. A.," Mount Vernon, N. Y.-"I have recently seen the word caterpillar applied to human beings, and also noted the use of to caterpillar' as a verb, as in the sentence I shall be compelled to caterpillar the postage on future shipments.' What can you tell me about these uses?"

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Away back in Latimer's time (1552) a caterpillar was "a rapacious or extortionate person' (Standard Dictionary, s. v.). The worthy Latimer described "the children of this worlde as covetous persons, extorcioners, oppressours, caterpillers, userers."

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Now, as "the infinitive has to a great extent the construction of a noun (Fernald "English Grammar Simplified," p. 82) and as "the English language often uses one part of speech with the construction of another-a noun as an adjective, an adjective as a noun," etc. (Ibidem, "A Working Grammar) of] the English Language," p. vi), the construction "to caterpillar" may be taken to mean "to extort." As used in the sentence cited above, "to caterpillar the postage," the meaning is that the postage will be added to the cost of purchase of goods in future.

To Phillips, Milton's nephew, the caterpillers were "envious persons, that do mischief without any provocation" (1658), but Stephen Gosson, the noted opposer of the movies of his time (1579), classified these persons by name in the title of his famous "Schoole of Abuse, Conteining a Plesaunt Inuective against Poets, Pipers, Plaiers, Iesters, and such like Caterpillers of a Commonwealth."

In provincial England, notably in Herefordshire, the verb "to caterpillar" is used to-day and means "to torment, plague, or render helpless." There such an expression as "I was never so caterpillared in my life," is in frequent use.

"G. C.," Eatonton, Ga.-"Please give me the correct pronunciation and meaning of the word Schrecklichkeit.'

Schrecklichkeit is a German word and is pronounced shrek'lih-kait-sh as in ship, e as in get, i as in hit, h as ch in loch, and ai as in aisle. The word means "Frightfulness, dreadfulness, terribleness."

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