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Conserve Help

Many business concerns have lost a large number of their employees thru the war. Doubtless you have. You may release more and at the same time perform a patriotic duty by using a central organization that will supply you with complete dependable information in practically every line of business.

Babson's Reports will take the place of all such employees that you release, either voluntarily or otherwise. Write us about your business and let us tell you what we have for your line.

Avoid worry. Cease depending on rumors or luck. Recognize that all action is followed by equal reaction. Work with a definite policy based on fundamental statis


When you write, address Dept. G-9 of
Babson's Statistical Organization
Executive Block
Wellesley Hills, Mass.
Largest Organization of its Character in the World



tons each. Grain arriving in Buffalo is immediately transferred to the barges by floating elevators. A 10,000-ton steamer has been loaded in one day at Duluth for Buffalo, and many transactions are reported for smaller cargoes. Tonnage has been in great demand at Lake Michigan ports. It is expected that barges will be kept busy on the canal for the remainder of the season.

N the subjoined diagram, taken from the black line shows the closing average prices of fifty stocks, half industrials and half railroads, at the dates indicated in the upper margin. The wider black area shows the high and low average prices of the twenty-five industrials included in the fifty and the white area the corresponding figures for the twenty-five rails. The lines begin at a time when Germany was suffering severely from her failure at Verdun and from losses in men and territory from the great Allied Somme offensive. The subsequent rapid decline (November to February) embraces the period of Bethmann-Hollweg's sensational peace offensive, followed a few weeks later by Germany's intensified submarine warfare. The lowest point of all (December, 1917) was -19161917Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept

Complaints have been made that the canal in certain sections is not deep enough to enable the deepest draft barges to pass without grinding the bottom. In reply to a question as to when the canal would be completed to its full depth of twelve feet for its entire length, State Engineer Frank M. Williams recently replied:

"The channel construction should be entirely completed by next spring. All of the terminals, however, will not be fully equipped and in operation on that date, altho most of them may be in fairly usable

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Training for Authorship

How to write, what to write,

and where to sell. Cultivate your mind. Develop your literary gifts. Master the art of self-expression. Make your spare time profitable. Turn

your ideas into dollars. Courses in Short-Story Writ-. ing. Versification, Journalism, Play Writing, Photoplay Writing, etc., taught personDr. Esenwein ally by Dr. J. Berg Esenwein, for many years editor of Lippincott's Magazine, and a staff of literary experts. Constructive criticism. Frank, honest, helpful advice. Real teaching. One pupil has received over $5,000 for stories and articles written mostly in spare time-"play work," he calls it. Another pupil received over $1,000 before completing her first course. Another, a busy wife and mother, is averaging over $75 a week from photoplay writing alone.

There is no other institution or agency doing so much for writers, young or old. The universities recognize this, for over one hundred members of the English faculties of higher institutions are studying in our Literary Department. The editors recognize it, for they are constantly recommending our courses.

We publish The Writer's Library. We also publish The Writer's Monthly, especially valuable for its full reports of the literary market. Besides our teaching service, we offer a manuscript criticism service.

150-page illustrated catalogue free

Please address

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reached after Germany's successful counter-
thrust for Cambrai, her "peace offensive"
with the Bolsheviki at Brest-Litovsk, and
the taking over of our railroads by the
Government. The low prices that have
since persisted have in large measure been
due to the tremendous demands on capital
made by war-industries, income-tax pay-
ments, and Liberty Loan purchases. Not
even Foch's victories have been able to
remove this influence in keeping stocks at
low prices.


Now that the New York Barge Canal,
from Buffalo to the Hudson River, with
branches to Lake Champlain, Lake On-
tario, and the "Finger Lakes," has been
in operation for a few months, some of the
data to hand are interesting as showing
what may result for future operations.
Traffic has been increasing rapidly, and
State officials say everything points to big
results during the remainder of the season.
New boats are arriving in Buffalo almost

Boats are loaded in Buffalo with grain and return immediately to the seaboard. Occasionally, besides grain, they take on copper and flour. These boats have a carrying cargo capacity of 500

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shape. As soon as sections of the canal are finished by the State Engineer, they are turned over to the Superintendent of Public Works for operation and maintenance. It will be necessary for that department to remove such slides as may occur and also to dredge such silt as may be deposited. Not many sections of the canal, however, are subject to slides and these will be greatly reduced in extent as time passes and the canal banks are found to have taken their natural angle of repose. Inasmuch as a large portion of the canal lies in the beds of natural streams, bars are bound to occasionally form at the entrances of tributary streams, particularly at times of exceptional flood. These, of course, must be removed."


Predictions have been made that the end of the war will see a world-wide demand for capital that will bring about a sharp increase in interest rates. Writers have assumed that as there will be a rush by European nations to incur new obligations to finance the work of reconstruction and to refund maturing issues, this result must necessarily follow. Other opinion, however, has noted that as this war is unlike any other, historical precedents may not gov ern conditions in 1919 or 1920 and so the world may experience different results. A


A Fruity, Economical,


Fruit Flavors in Vials






Loganberry-the Favorite Berry Flavor

Dessert Molds With

(See the Gift Offers Made Below)

The two favorite flavors in Jiffy-Jell are Loganberry and Pineapple. And these offers are made to induce you to try them.

The flavors are made from the fresh ripe fruit. They come sealed in glass vials-a bottle in each package-so the fresh-fruit flavor keeps.

The flavors are highly concentrated. Half a ripe pineapple, for instance, is used to flavor a single JiffyJell dessert. So these delightful dainties have a wealth of fruity taste.

The Queen Dessert

Jiffy-Jell is queen of gelatine desserts. It is made with rare-grade gelatine by

the greatest of gelatine ex


All its fruit flavors are made from fruit. All are condensed, so the flavor is abundant. All come in liquid form -in glass-so they keep their fragrant freshness.

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Style 6


See what

These things are true of no other dessert. these features mean to you in the finest of our flavors.

No Sugar-No Flour

Jiffy-Jell desserts come ready-sweetened. They bring to you quick, luscious, fruity desserts without using sugar or flour.

They are very economical. A single package of JiffyJell serves six people in mold form. If you whip it, it serves twelve.

Jiffy-Jell in lime-fruit flavor makes tart, green salad jell. Mix in cooked or uncooked vegetables-left-overs will do.

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Aluminum Dessert Molds-Large and Small

Mold Offers

Buy from your grocer two packages of Jiffy-Jell, Loganberry and Pineapple flavors. Then send this coupon to us. Enclose 10c-cost of mailing onlyand we will mail you three individual dessert molds as we picture.

Or enclose 20c and we will send six molds enough to serve a full package of Jiffy-Jell. The value is 60c per set. Or enclose 10c-cost of mailing only -and we will send your choice of these larger aluminum molds, valued at 50c each.

Pint Dessert Mold, heart-shaped.
Or Pint Dessert Mold, fluted.
Or 6-Portion Vegetable Salad Mold.
Or 6-Portion Fruit Salad Mold.

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Today we ask you to try Loganberry and Pineappleour two finest dessert flavors. They will be a revelation. If you get them from your grocer, and at once, any mold offer is open to you. Cut out the offers so you won't forget.

Mail Us This Coupon

When You Buy Jiffy-Jell From Your Grocer

I have today received two packages of JiffyJell, Loganberry and Pineapple flavors, from


[Name of Grocer]

Now I enclose......cents, for which mail me the following molds as per your offer:

[State Molds Wanted)

Be sure you get Jiffy-Jell, with package like picture. Nothing else has true-fruit flavors in vials. We will mail assorted individual molds or the heart-shaped pint mold unless otherwise requested. Mail coupon to

Waukesha Pure Food Company, Waukesha, Wisconsin

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