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banquets doubly welcome. Honor is often coupled with tragedy by the fortunes of war, as in the bit of history that the Corporal tells:

It seems that every one of the pals I had got bumped off. Lindsey got it about the hottest part of the fighting. Our company, and especially our platoon, got into about the worst nest there was to clean out. They were on top of a steep hill and behind big rocks with machine guns and until we could get within handgrenade distance of them we didn't have a chance. But of course we got there in the end after several attempts and the loss of half our men. Our platoon lost about as heavy as any in the Marine Corps and we had about as good men as there were in the outfit, too. That isn't hot air either, it's the truth.

Lindsey has been given a D. S. C. and if a man ever deserved one he does. If you see his folks you can tell them that he showed lots of the stuff that heroes are made of. The first day he fought hard all day and then helped carry wounded all night, and after just a very little rest he went into the second day's fighting with no rifle and only his gas-mask stuffed full of hand-bombs and two automatic pistols. He and I were together and we got close enough to hear the Boche officer give the command to fire before they opened up. We dropt behind a rock and he called me to where I could see better to snipe with my rifle. Then they started throwing bombs and we ran them away from three guns when we started up the hill to where there were more machine guns and a sniper that was up in a tree got him. We had just started when all of a sudden he crumpled up and went down. He just looked over at me and said, "Go get them, Lowery." It sure takes the heart out of a fellow to see his best friend go down like that. And then they wonder why we didn't want to take prisoners. I suppose he was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for dragging our lieutenant from within a few feet of a machine gun after he was wounded the first day. The boys, every one, deserve lots of credit for the way they fought and skirmished in their first real battle. They obeyed commands as long as there were officers to give them, and after our officers were all killed or wounded they kept going until orders came from the major to stop.

There was a bunch of about eight of us that hung together and they seemed to get us first of all. There are only two of us left now. You don't want to worry over this letter too much, because it's over with now and it will probably be some time before we get any more of that, and if we ever do it won't be as bad this time because the Boche gives up now almost as soon as he finds out that it's the marines that are after him. You may know that when one marine can capture eighty-three prisoners in a bunch and bring them in Now alone that they must respect us. that isn't bull either, it really and truly happened. We had some funny things happen up there, too, and once in a while a fellow would have to laugh even when he didn't know whether he was going to get out or not.

I would have liked to have had time to see some of the fine works of art in Paris, but we only had one day and two nights there so I didn't have much time. Just saw Napoleon's Arch of Triumph and one or two of the most prominent things. It's sure some city.


Don't.-Motto for the gasoline-savers, to be hung on the garage door that it may be seen Sunday mornings: "Don't keep the home tires turning."-Chicago Evening Post.

Real Progress.-HE-" And how are you getting on with your collecting for the soldiers?

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SHE " Splendidly! I've had my name in the papers four times already."Sidney Bulletin.



But a Worm Sometimes Turns. conscientious objector " told the tribunal


the other day that he wouldn't kill a As the poet so touchingly puts it, "A fellow feeling makes us wondrous kind."-Passing Show.

Indicating Her Desires.-A man charged at Kingston last week stated that he left his wife because she had twice thrown him down three flights of stairs, struck him with a garden-rake, and locked him out at night. It is good to find, even in these brutalizing days, that there are still men who can take a delicate hint.-Punch.

This Happened Before America Got In. -A wife whose husband is on active service recently presented him with a bouncing baby boy. She wrote to ask him when he should get leave, and also when the war I would be over.

Buy Rugs as Does the Expert His reply was as follows:

"DEAR LUCY.-I don't know when I shall get leave or when the war will be over, but if the baby should be called up before I get leave, give him a parcel to bring out to me." Your loving husband, BILL."-Tit-Bits.

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War-Work, or Working the War?NODD" Doing any war-work?" TODD" I should say so. I just per

How Tender, Bleeding Gums suaded my wife not to buy a new goe

are Made Firm and Healthy

Pyorrhea is an unhealthy con-
dition of the gums and not, as
many people suppose, a disease
of the teeth. It is a purely
local condition.

Tartar deposit on the crowns of
the teeth near the gum margin
is the principal cause of pyorrhea.
As the formation of tartar in-
creases it extends to the roots of
the teeth. It causes irritation,
inflammation of the gum tissues
follows; then the gums become
sore and spongy; they bleed and
begin to recede. The
have become infected; pyorrhea
pockets form and enlarge. Gums
break down; the bony structure
holding the teeth disintegrates.
In time the teeth loosen, fall out
or must be extracted.

Pyorrhea, while itself confined
to the gums, menaces the gen-
eral health. The pyorrhea
pockets provide a most favorable
breeding ground for all kinds of
disease-producing germs.
system absorbs the pus and dis-
ease-producing bacteria exuded


from pyorrhea pockets. Consti-
tutional health is undermined.
Pyorrhocide Powder is prescribed
and employed by the dental pro-
fession as a most effective means
for correcting sore, bleeding,
spongy and receding gums and
as an aid in the prevention and
home treatment of pyorrhea. It
is of the highest efficiency as a
cleanser and polisher of the teeth.
Pyorrhea may be prevented by the
daily use of Pyorrhocide Powder as
it removes muccoid placques or films
and the daily accretions which form


Pyorrhocide Powder is invaluable
where a pyorrhetic condition exists.
Its use helps to make soft, spongy
gums firm and hard and to heal bleed-
ing gums. Pyorrhocide Powder
assists in checking the receding action
of the gums.

Pyorrhocide Powder is prepared solely
for home treatment.
It is used as a
dentifrice. If pyorrhea symptoms
exist in your mouth, get a box of
Pyorrhocide Powder. Its healing
effects on your tender, sore and bleed-
ing gums will serve to show you why
Pyorrhocide Powder won the confi-
dence and approval of leading prac-
tising dentists.

Pyorrhocide Powder is effective and helpful in its action. We would
like to send you, without charge, a sample of Pyorrhocide Powder
to try. Use it. Note how clean and soothed your gums feel-
and how long that feeling lasts. This sample will give you an idea
of what the regular use of Pyorrhocide Powder will accomplish.

Pyorrhocide Powder is economical because a dollar
package contains six months' supply. For sale by
all good drug stores and dental supply houses.


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Wrong Number. proposal, auntie?



Did you ever get a

"Once, my dear.
A gentleman pro-

posed over the telephone, but he had the
wrong number."-Tit-Bits.

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Miranda's dropt her fancy-work and sailed across the Straits

As a temporary "lady of the lamp "; And Jane's abandoned portraiture to wash the cups and plates

Of the Tommies in a temporary camp; And Ethel-nervy Ethel!-is a motordriving Waac,

And fairly saved her special Brigadier The day that Fritz got busy and our line

came surging back

In a temporary movement to the rear."

A temporary Major they've contrived to

make of Bob

(He was always pretty hefty at his drill While the rank of air-mechanic-and he

hustles at his job

Is the temporary perquisite of Bill; Old Joseph drives a tractor most surprizing true and straight

(He's sixty, but a temporary sport), While Augustus sails the ocean as a tem

porary mate

When he isn't in a temporary port.

There's a temporary shortage of the things
we eat and wear,

And the temporary pleadings of the


Plus the temporary taxes that we're called

upon to bear,

Lead to temporary trouble at the bank:
The only things that haven't changed since
Wilhelm butted in

To show how Armageddon should be


Are the views of Thomas Atkins as to who

is going to win,
And his personal opinion of the Hun.


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- as out-of-date as Sewing by Hand


HE old method of ironing so wasteful of time and strength and so tiring, is no more in keeping with present standards than making the family's clothes by hand.

The many demands upon a woman's time today make it desirable-yes, imperative-that she do her ironing in the modern way with the SIMPLEX. Not only does it save your time, strength and health, but it saves fuel and money as well.

Irons everything except skirts and shirtwaists.

Completes an average ironing in a single hour at a total fuel cost of 3c. Saves on an average $100 a year in fuel, help

and laundry bills.



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Electric Drive SIMPLEX for homes with electricity Power Ironer for use with the washing machine or with gasoline engine. Hand Power SIMPLEX for the home. without power.

Sold On Easy Payments and On Approval. Write for Free Illustrated Literature

American Ironing Machine Company, 506, 168 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois
Eastern Sales Office: 70 West 45th Street, New York City


- as up-to-date as the Sewing Machine

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The latest, fullest, most authoritative concordance to the Bible. Indispensable to the minister, teacher, or student. With it you are your own commentator without having to know Hebrew or Greek. Gives all the shades of meaning not apparent in the English version, analyzes them, etc. Inclides the latest information on biblical geography, areology, etc. Proper names in alphabetical order, with pronun iation and meaning. Provides 311,000


ref:rences, and marks over 30,000 New Testament readings. 4to, 1.214 pp., $7.50: Half Morocco, $10.00; Full Morocco. $12.00. Patent Thumb-Index, 75 cents additional. Special India Paper Edition, very light and portable. Flexible Morocco Binding. $16.00. Average carriage charges, 6 cents. FUNK & WAGNALLS COMPANY 354 Fourth Avenue

New York


YouCanLive Longer, Do More Be Healthier and Happier

by conforming to the rules of modern hygiene


by Professor Irving Fisher and Eugene Lyman Fisk, M.D., of The Life Extension Institute, with a Foreword by William Howard Taft, points out the way to rational living along scientific lines. It will add years to your life if faithfully followed.

"Every man and woman in the United States who desires to be healthy and to live long should be familiar with its contents. Dr. A. T. McCormack, Secretary of the State Board of Health of Kentucky.

"The latest and best presentation of individual hygiene and that care of the personal and family health that is the most necessary duty."-Evening News, Buffalo. 12mo, Cloth, $1.00; by mail $1.12

Funk & Wagnalls Company, 354-360 Fourth Ave., New York

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September 18.-British and French troops advance from one to three miles in a coordinated operation on a twenty-twomile front north and south of St. Quentin. British elements cross the Hindenburg line at Villeret and Gouzeaucourt. French troops reach the western outskirts of Francilly-Selency, three miles west of St. Quentin. Six thousand prisoners are captured by the British. The Paris bulletin announces the capture of a few hundred.

American Army Headquarters in France announces that the American First Army has completed a new line in the St. Mihiel sector running parallel with the Hindenburg line, at an average distance of one and a half miles. Berlin reports British and French attacks on a wide front from Havrincourt Wood to the Somme. Counter-attacks are said to be progressing. September 19.-London reports ten thousand prisoners and more than sixty guns as a result of the attack begun yesterday north of St. Quentin. The repulse of heavy German counterattacks along the new line is noted. Paris reports an extension of the French gains beyond Contescourt, and the capture of Castres.

The Berlin report claims recapture of a portion of the trenches northeast of Dixschoote which remained in the hands of the Belgians after the fighting of September 9. Australians who penetrated the German line between Hargicourt and Pontrouet are reported to have been halted by a counter-attack west of Bellicourt. American artillery and airplanes are reported active on the St. Mihiel front. September 20.-The village of Moeuvres, seven miles west of Cambrai, is recaptured by the British. In the LempireEpehy sector, northwest of St. Quentin, Haig's troops advance their line more than a mile. An advance on a front of two and a half miles northeast of La Bassée is also recorded.

French forces in the region of St. Quentin capture Essigny-le-Grand and make additional prisoners.

Berlin reports the repulse of British assaults, with the capture of prisoners, near Moeuvres, and the capture of 130 French prisoners in enterprises west of Jouy.

American Army Headquarters reports the deliberate bombardment of American hospitals, with the loss of eight American wounded. Metz forts and batteries are under fire from American guns. German artillery activities are increasing. September 21.-British forces, fighting against strong opposition, advance slightly east of Epehy and near Hargi


Paris reports the repulse of German counter-attacks.

Berlin reports the repulse, with very heavy losses, of British attacks near Hargicourt, and the capture of fifty prisoners north of La Bassée. A French advance on the high ridges west of Jouy is admitted. American Army Headquarters notes great German activity on the Hindenburg line on the St. Mihiel front. September 22.-British troops push their lines forward at four points on the front facing the northern part of the Hindenburg line. The most extensive gain is reported north of the Scarpe River, near Gavrelle, where they throw the Germans back on a two-mile front. Rain and mud are slowing the advance. American patrols raid the German lines northeast of St. Mihiel, taking twenty

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