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JANUARY, 1848.


EVERY one who knows any thing of John Bunyan, the immortal author of the "Pilgrim's Progress," is aware that he was born at the little village of Elstow, near Bedford.* Our engraving this month gives a general view of that place from an original drawing lately made, the cottage on the left-hand, being that in which our author first saw the light, and in which he resided.

Bunyan has furnished so full an account of himself in his tract entitled "Grace abounding to the chief of sinners," that his subsequent biographers have added little to this interesting narrative. Born in very humble circumstances, he passed his youth in all kinds of vice and profligacy,+ not however unchecked by occasional qualms of conscience, which at times induced him to set about an outward reformation; but he does not appear to have received any permanent impressions for good until his interview with the good women of Bedford, so touchingly described by his own pen. After this, he opened his mind

See our volume for 1846, page 211.

This has been doubted; but we think unjustly, if we rightly read
passages in his "Grace Abounding."


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