Cosmic Surfing: An Experience of Wholeness

iUniverse, 2004 - 112 páginas
Just as we surf the ocean with boards, the land with skis, the air with gliders, and the Internet with computers, so too we can surf the Cosmos with our minds. When the stresses of life rob us of peace, there is a type of spiritual R & R that can truly rejuvenate us.

Cosmic Surfing details Dr. Cameron's search for healing techniques to undo stress that ended with a way to unite with the Divine. It concludes there is one problem-separation from the Divine-and one solution-forgiveness. Like a computer delete key, we can let go physically, emotionally, and mentally until we join Universal Being and surf the Cosmos within. The experience is therapeutic, thrilling, and often ecstatic.

Cosmic Surfing is a must for seekers-those looking for psychological help and spiritual experiences. It details the relationships separating us from the Divine, and the forms of forgiveness needed to undo them. Cosmic Surfing approaches the subject not just from a Christian perspective, but also from Native American, Jewish, Islamic, Hindu, and Buddhist religious traditions. Cosmic Surfing differs in maintaining mystical experiences occur in stages and the major religions coalesce around certain stages based on the experiences of their founders.

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