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My defign in these POLITICAL, EXTRACTS, is impartially to investigate the advantages and difadvantages of the different forms of Government, which have prevailed previous to the establishment of our present HAPPY CONand to allege arguments, drawn from the best authorities, for giving a preference to OUR MIXED FORM, as being most favourable to the freedom and permanent happiness of the governed; and, I trust, that my conclufions will appear to you, Sir, and to other minds, equally pure and unpre

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unprejudiced, as the fair and honeft result of a comprehenfive and liberal inquiry. I have forborn entering, as I had firft intended, into the confideration of the American and French Republics; as the former is an infant state, where population and luxury have not yet reached their limits; and the latter, ftill continuing a struggle of contending factions (resembling much the unhappy records of ancient republics), has not, and, perhaps, never will be fettled, and therefore can form no data for reafoning on modern republicanifm. In the other volumes I have ventured upon a truly fublime fubject, more fuited to talents and virtues, fuch as you are known to poffefs, which is, the management of a state, fo as to produce the greatest general fecurity and happiness; and if, in this arduous attempt, I may have appeared deficient, or much to have erred, I truft that the generous heart will excufe my failure, in con



fideration of the motives that have actuated my conduct in this inquiry; for I can have no other wish but that of approving myself both a fincere patriot and a good fubject. Wishing you, Sir, every success in your uniform exertions for the welfare of your country, I have the honour to be,


With the utmost Esteem, Veneration, and Respect,

Your obedient humble Servant, &c. &c.

December 1, 1798.

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