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London Agency: 39 Paternoster Row, E. C.

Contributors to Volume XXIII


Frank Frost Abbott (Princeton University); Wilbur C. Abbott (Yale University); H. Merian Allen (Philadelphia, Pa.); Henry M. Belden (University of Missouri); Edwin W. Bowen (Randolph-Macon College); Gamaliel Bradford (Wellesley Hills, Mass.); Earl L. Bradsher (University of Texas); Philip Alexander Bruce (Norfolk, Virginia); Henry A. Burd (University of Illinois); James Branch Cabell (Dumbarton, Virginia); Lewis Parke Chamberlayne (University of South Carolina); William Chislett, Jr. (Leland Stanford); Sidney J. Cohen (Charleston, S. C.); Edgar Dawson (Hunter College, New York City); Addison A. Ewing (Madison, Wisconsin); Philip H. Fogel (Princeton University); O. L. Hatcher (Bryn Mawr College); Archibald Henderson (University of North Carolina); Shinjiro Kitasawa (University of Tokyo); John M. McBryde, Jr. (University of the South); Anna Blanche McGill (Louisville, Kentucky); John Lawrence McMaster (Washington, D. C.); Louis Wardlaw Miles (Princeton University); R. D. O'Leary (University of Kansas); Warwick James Price (Philadelphia, Pa.); A. R. H. Ranson (Baltimore, Maryland); Clarissa Rinaker (University of Illinois); Louis Martin Sears (Chicago, Illinois); Edward A. Thurber (Colorado Springs); May Tomlinson (Plainfield, New Jersey); George Townshend (University of the South); James W. Tupper (Lafayette College, Pa.); Alfred H. Upham (Miami University, Oxford, Ohio).


Baker, G. M.; Bailey, T. P.; Butler, Pierce; Chamberlayne, L. P.; Dabney, R. H.; Duncan, T. S.; Henderson, Archibald; Kitasawa, Shinjiro; McWhorter, A. W.; Noll, A. H.; Raymond, R. I.; Rusk, W. S.; Sioussat, St. George L.; Stevens, J. G.; Thomas, James Bishop; Townshend, George; Tupper, Frederick; Turner, Edward Raymond; Ware, S. L.; Williams, H. L. J.



Widener Memorial Library, Harvard (See A Regal Home for Princely

Books, p. 349).

Wordsworth's Poetry, The Growth of the Classical in. James W. Tupper 95
Working Woman, The Modern, and Marriage..... .Anonymous 409

Books Reviewed: American People, The Rise of: A Philosophical Interpre-

tation of American History, by Roland G. Usher (S. L. Ware), 252. Aus

Deutschen Dörfern, by Menco Stern and Robert Arrowsmith (G. M. B.),

256. A Bar of Song, by Henry E. Harman, 508. Biblical Libraries, by

Ernest Cushing Richardson, 503. Chaucer and His Poetry, by George

Lyman Kittredge (Frederick Tupper), 494. Chief Contemporary Dra-

matists, by Thomas H. Dickinson (Archibald Henderson), 478. Child

of the Nations, The, by Lucy McDowell Milburn (R. I. R.), 124.

Church, The Reconstruction of, with regard to its Message and Program,

by Paul Moore Strayer (James Bishop Thomas), 381. De Rerum

Natura. T. Lucreti Cari. Libri Sex, edited by William Augustus Merrill

(L. P. Chamberlayne), 238. Democracy and Race Friction, by John

Moffatt Mecklin (J. G. Stevens), 374. Deutschland und Die Deutschen,

by Decker and Märkisch (G. M. Baker), 123. Drama, Aspects of

Modern, by Frank W. Chandler (Archibald Henderson), 471. Drama,

The Changing: Contributions and Tendencies, by Archibald Henderson

(Pierce Butler), 243. Drama, The Modern, by Ludwig Lewisohn

(Archibald Henderson), 472. Elegies of Albius Tibullus, The. The

Corpus Tibullianum, edited, with Introduction and Notes on Books I,

II, III, 2-4, by Kirby Flower Smith (L. P. Chamberlayne), 238. Evo-

lution of Literature, The, by A. S. Mackenzie, 501. Für Kleine Leute,

by Anna T. Gronow, 508. Geographic Iufluences in Old Testament

Masterpieces, by Laura H. Wild, 504. Germany and England, by J. A.

Cramb (Edward Raymond Turner), 113. Giles, William Branch, by

D. R. Anderson (S. L. Ware), 506. Greek Romances in Elizabethan

Prose Fiction, The, by Samuel Lee Wolff (L. P. Chamberlayne), 372.

Greek New Testament, A Grammar of, in the Light of Historical Re

search, by A. T. Robertson (H. L. J. W.), 122. Hernando de Soto, by

Walter Malone (L. Wardlaw Miles), 246. History of England, A,

from the Defeat of the Armada to the Death of Elizabeth, Vol. I, by

Edward P. Cheyney (Edward Raymond Turner), 115. History of the

United States, The Riverside, edited by William E. Dodd (S. L. Ware),

380. How to See a Play, Richard Burton (Archibald Henderson), 475.

In Dialect and Other Poems, by Nicholas M. Williams, 508. India and

the War, with an Introduction by Lord Sydenham of Combe, 505. Japan

To-day and To-morrow, by Hamilton Wright Mabie (Shinjiro Kitasawa),

250. Legends of Old Honolulu, by W. D. Westervelt, 501. Major

Prophets of To-day, by Edwin E. Slosson (Archibald Henderson), 476.

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