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in a most attractive and forcible manner a phase of truth which demands attention, and which none need to consider more than those who, in painting and in sculpture, in music and in literature, are working away from the capacity of the general public to be interested in their productions.


(The Sacred Books of the East.) Translated by JAMES DARMESTETER. Part I. The Vendîdâd, Part II. The Sîrôzahs, Yasts, and Nyâyis. Pp. lxxxix, 384. New York: Christian Literature Co.


It is with great pleasure that we again call the attention of our readers to the American edition of the "Sacred Books of the East," which is being published by the Christian Literature Company of New York. The volumes, being from the same plates as the English edition, have all the advantages of that edition, except the high price. The reader can now get the series at one-half the original cost. The present volume is of special interest, since it contains all the important literature of the ParThe translator, the late Dr. Darmesteter, was a phenomenal student of Parsee literature, and is able to present it in its best translated form. The author, however, differs from most scholars in assigning a later date to many of the passages than others do, and in applying the principles of higher criticism to distinguish many of these later interpolations. Many of the Gâthas he supposes to be of post-Alexandrian origin.


CURRENT QUESTIONS FOR THINKING MEN. BY ROBERT STUART MAC ARTHUR. Pp. 422. Philadelphia: American Baptist Publication Society. 1898. $1.50.


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A wide circle of readers must welcome the brilliant collection of addresses of this eminent Baptist clergyman contained in the present volSeventeen subjects are treated, including "The Scholar in the World"; Characteristics of True Culture"; "Reasons for Being a Baptist"; "Pressing Needs of Foreign Fields"; "The Organization of a Church"; "The Development of the Church"; "Separation between Church and State"; and "The True Function of the Minister." In the address upon Reasons for Being a Baptist" most readers will be surprised at the following statements, though, upon reflection, their truth will be apparent:-"It has been said that Baptists make too much of baptism; but, in fact, no religious body, except the Quakers, makes so little of it as they. And the reason why they do not practice pouring and sprinkling as well as baptism (immersion) is because it does not trouble them in the least to let a convert who cannot yield obedience in baptism die unbaptized. Their adherence to baptism, which in rare cases cannot be administered, shows that they are not in the least 'ritualistic,' but have very low ideas as to the necessity of baptism" (p. 101).

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THE CHRISTIAN PASTOR AND THE WORKING CHURCH. (International Theological Library.) By WASHINGTON GLADDEN, D.D., LL.D., author of Applied Christianity, "Who wrote the Bible," "Ruling Ideas of the Present Age," etc. Pp. xiv, 485. Crown 8vo. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons. 1898. $2.50 net.

No better choice for preparing a book on the Christian pastor in all his various relations could have been made than was made by the editors of this series when they selected Dr. Gladden. His long experience, his eminent success, his rare literary ability, and his diligence as a student, conspire to make of this a model book for its purposes. The titles of the chapters are: "The Church," "The Pastor," "The Call to the Pastorate," "The Pastor in his Study," "Pulpit and Altar," "The Pastor as Friend," "The Church Organization," "The Sunday-school," "The Midweek Service," "Parish Evangelization," "The Social Life of the Church," "Woman's Work in the Church," "The Young Men and Women," "The Pastor and the Children,' 'Missionary Societies and Church Contributions," "Revivals and Revivalism," "The Institutional Church," "Enlisting the Membership," 'Coöperation with Other Churches," and "The Care of the Poor." It will be seen that these cover the whole range of problems which confront the pastor in his work. We know not where the subjects are more wisely discussed than here. No pastor can afford to be without the volume.

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A HISTORY OF THE BAPTISTS IN THE MIDDLE STATES. BY HENRY C. VEDDER, Professor of Church History in Crozer Theological Seminary; author of "A Short History of the Baptists," "The Dawn of Christianity." Pp. 355. 12mo. $1.25.-A YOUNG MAN'S DIFFICUL TIES WITH HIS BIBLE. By D. W. FAUNCE, D.D. Pp. 196. 12mo. $1.00;-GLADSTONE, AND OTHER ADDRESSES. By KERR BOYCE TUPPER, D.D., LL.D., Pastor, First Baptist Church, Philadelphia; author of "Seven Great Lights," "Robertson's Living Thoughts,' 'Diaz, the Apostle of Cuba,' ""A Popular Treatise on Christian Baptism." Pp. 266. I 2mo. $1.00;-HALF-HOURS WITH THE CHRIST. BY THOMAS MOSES. Pp. 260. 12mo. $1.00;-IDEAS FROM NATURE. BY WILLIAM ELDER, A.M., SC.D., Professor of Chemistry, Colby University. Pp. 202. 75 cents;-THE ATTRACTIVE CHRIST AND OTHER SERMONS. BY ROBERT STUART MACARTHUR. Pp. 327. 12mo. $1.00;-THE BREMEN LECTURES on Great Religious Questions of To-Day. By Various Eminent European Divines. Translated from the Original German by DAVID HEAGLE, D.D. Pp. 406. 12mo. $1.50.


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NEW FORMS OF CHRISTIAN EDUCATION. An Address to the University Hall Guild. By Mrs. Humphry Ward. Pp. 39.

EATON & MAINS, New York.

AMONG THE FORCES. BY HENRY WHITE WARREN, LL.D., one of the Bishops of the Methodist Episcopal Church; author of "Recreation in Astronomy," "The Bible in the World's Education," etc. Pp. 197. 12mo. $1.00;-CHRISTIAN SCIENCE AND ITS PROBLEMS. By J. H. BATES, PH.M. Pp. 141. 12mo. 50 cents;-EASY LESSONS IN VOCAL CULTURE AND VOCAL EXPRESSION. Designed for the Use of Classes in Grammar and High Schools, Academies and Normal Schools. By S. S. HAMILL, A.M., Chicago, author of "Science of Elocution," etc. Pp. 198. 12mo. 60 cents;-HEROIC PERSONALITIES. BY LOUIS ALBERT BANKS, D.D., author of "The Christ Brotherhood,' "Immortal Hymns and their Story,' ""Christ and his Friends," etc. Pp. 237. 12mo. $1.00.


HISTORY OF DOGMA (Theological Translation Library.) By Dr. ADOLPH HARNACK, Ordinary Professor of Church History in the University, and Fellow of the Royal Academy of Science, Berlin. Translated from the Third German Edition, by NEIL BUCHANAN. Vol. IV. Pp. xi, 353.


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THE BOOK OF THE PROPHET ISAIAH. (The Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges.) With Introduction and Notes. By the Rev. J. SKINNER, D.D., Professor of Old Testament Exegesis in the Presbyterian College, London. CHAPTERS I.-XXXIX. Pp. lxxix, 295. CHAPTERS XL.-LXVI. Pp. lxi, 251. $1.10 each;-GUESSES AT THE RIDDLE OF EXISTENCE, and Other Essays on Kindred Subjects. By GOLDWIN SMITH, D.C.L., author of Canada and the Canadian Question,' The United States," Essays on the Questions of the Day," etc. Pp. viii, 244. 12mo. $1.25;-ST. LUKE AND ST. PAUL. (The Modern Reader's Bible. Small 18mo. 50 cents.) Edited by RICHARD G. MOULTON, M.A., PH.D. In two Volumes. Vol. I.-The Gospel of St. Luke, The Acts (Sections I.-VII. vi., The Epistles to the Thessalonians and Galatians, and Notes and Syllabus to the above. Pp. xiv, 226. Vol. II.— The Acts (from Section VII. vii.), The Epistles to the Corinthians, Romans, Ephesians, Colossians, to Philemon, to the Philippians, to Timothy and Titus. Notes and Syllabus to the above. Pp. 235. THE GOSPELS, EPISTLES, AND REVELATION OF ST. JOHN. Pp. xxx, 224;-THE HOPE OF IMMORTALITY. By the Rev. J. E. C. WELLDON, Head Master of Harrow School. Pp. viii, 350. 12mo. $1.50;-THE SACRIFICE OF CHRIST: Its Vital Reality and Efficacy. By HENRY WACE, D.D., Prebendary of St. Paul's Cathedral. Pp. vii, 93. 16mo. 50 cents.


LAO-TZE'S TAO-TEH-KING. Chinese English. With Introduction, Transliteration, and Notes. By Dr. PAUL CARUS. Pp. 345. $3.00.


AN ELEMENTARY CATECHISM. By M. C. HAZARD, PH.D. For Use in the Home, Sunday-school, and Pastor's Training Classes. Pp. 45. Leatherette Cover, 10 cents net;-RECOLLECTIONS OF A NONAGENARIAN. By Rev. J. C. HOLBROOK, D.D., LL. D. Pp. 351. $1.00 net.

G. P. PUTNAM'S SONS, New York.

CHRISTIANITY AND ANTI-CHRISTIANITY in their Final Conflict. By SAMUEL J. ANDREWS, author of "The Life of our Lord upon the Earth,' "God's Revelation of Himself to Men," "Some Thoughts on Christian Unity." Pp. xxii, 356.


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Euxoλoyiov. The First Part and Portions of the Second Part of a BOOK OF COMMON ORDER: Forms of Prayer issued by the Church Service Society of the Church of Scotland. Second Edition. Edited by B. B. COMEGYS. With a New Arrangement of the Psalter. Pp. 158. $1.00;— IS MY BIBLE TRUE? Where did we get it? By Rev. CHARLES LEACH, D.D. With Illustrations taken from Original MSS. Pp. 119. I 21110. 50 cents;-SHORT STUDIES OF FAMILIAR BIBLE TEXTS, Mistranslated, Misinterpreted, and Misquoted. By BLACKFORD CONDIT, D.D., author of "History of the English Bible. Pp. 180. $1.00;-THIRTY STUDIES IN THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST TO JOHN. By Professor WILBERT W. WHITE, of the Bible Institute, Chicago. Pp. 43. Long 18mo. Cloth, 35 cents net;-THE MINISTRY OF INTERCESSION: A Plea for More Prayer. By Rev. ANDREW MURRAY. Pp. 226. 16mo. 75 cents; --PREPARATION FOR CHRISTIANITY in the Ancient World: A Study in the History of Moral Development. By R. M. WENLEY, SC.D. (Edin.), etc., Professor of Philosophy in the University of Michigan. Pp. 194. 16m0. 75 cents;-TWO PARABLES. BY CHARLES R. BROWN, Pastor of the First Congregational Church, Oakland, Cal. Pp. 250. $1.25W. E. GLADSTONE: England's Great Commoner. By WALTER JERROLD, author of "Michael Faraday: Man of Science," etc. Pp. 168. 75 cents.


Imported: THE SPIRIT OF POWER as set forth in the Book of the Acts of the Apostles. By Rev. THOMAS ADAMSON, B.D., formerly Examiner for Divinity Degrees in Edinburgh University. Pp. 85. 50 cents;-FOUN DATION TRUTHS OF SCRIPTURE as to Sin and Salvation (Handbooks for Bible Classes and Private Students.) In Twelve Lessons. By JOHN LAIDLAW, M.A., D.D., Professor of Systematic Theology, New College, Edinburgh; author of "The Bible Doctrine of Man,' The Miracles of our Lord." Pp. 131. Crown Svo. 45 cents net.


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LES ORIGINES DE LA COMPAGNIE DE JESUS. Ignace et Lainez. Pp. vi, 329;-LES PARoles de Jesus récemment Découvertes en Égypte et Remarques sur le Texte de Fragment de l'Evangile de Pierre. Par C. BRUSTON, Doyen de la Faculté de Théologie de l'Université de Toulouse. Pp. 18;-UN ESSAI DE RELIGION SCIENTIFIQUE. Introduction à Wronski, Philosophe et Reformateur. Par CHRISTIAN CHERFILS. Pp. 222.



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