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A Sketch of Western Progress from 1815 to the Great War.

By F. S. MARVIN. 360 pages. Net $3.00.

Contents: The Legacy of the Revolution; The Political Revival; The New Spirit in Literature; The Birth of Socialism; Mechanical Science and Invention; Biology and Evolution; Nationality and Imperialism; Schools for All; Religious Growth; New Knowledge on Old Foundations; The Expansion of the West; Social Progress; International Progress.

The Society of Nations

By T. J. LAWRENCE, LL.D., formerly Professor of International
Law, University of Chicago. 205 pages. Net $1.50.

Traces the growth of the Society of Nations from its origin to the present, indicating some solutions to present world problems.

"An excellent history of international law for the general reader who wishes to inform himself as to the historic backgrounds of a League of Nations."—N. Y. Sun.

A Republic of Nations

A Study of the Organization of a Federal League of Nations based on the Constitution of the United States. By RALEIGH C. MINOR. 346 pages. Net $2.50.

"A book that must be read by every serious student of the most important issue now before the world."-New York Evening Post.


From the Varangians to the Bolsheviks. By RAYMOND BEAZLEY,
NEVILL FORBES and G. A. BIRKETT. Pp. xxii+602, with 6 maps.
Net $4.25.

"Invaluable to the student of history, of diplomacy, of politico-sociology, or what not, who wishes to trace the devious and obscure influences which have in the last year been manifested in one of the most extraordinary revolutions the world has known.”—New York Tribune.

The Eastern Question

By J. A. R. MARRIOTT. Second edition revised, with eleven maps and appendixes, giving a list of the Ottoman rulers, and the shrinkage of the Ottoman Empire in Europe, 1871-1914. 550 pages. Net $4.25.

A systematic account of the origin and development of the Eastern Question, dealing successively with the Ottomans, Hapsburgs, Russian Empire, the Hellenic Kingdom and the New Balkan States, with an epilogue brought down to June, 1918. "Professor Marriott presents a clear, scholarly and accurate account of Balkan problems from the Turks' first European activity to the zenith of Constantine's recent high-handedness in Greece."-New York Sun.

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