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Christ, the Conqueror of Death and Hell. Isa. lxiii. 7. ́

1 ARISE, my soul, arise,

And with a cheerful voice,

In God, the source of all thy joys,
Thy Saviour God, rejoice.

2 His robes were stain'd in blood,
When he subdued his foes;
And 'twas for us the mighty God
To conquer hell arose.

3 By his almighty power
Against our foes he fought;
And in the great and awful hour,
Our full salvation wrought.

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The Heavenly Sun.

1 IN yon bless'd world above,
Where angel-hosts reside,
The Sun of truth and love
Is never known to hide;
Its sacred heat for ever glows,
Divinely sweet to all it flows.

2 Its all-attracting light

For ever flows the same; No darkness there or night,

No clouds obscure the flame: One endless day will constant shine And every ray is light divine.

3 0, could we see this light, And feel its heavenly heat, Joyful we'd take our flight

To some celestial seat; With angels sit, and sing away, At Jesus feet, an endless day.

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Christ the bright and Morning Star.

1 IN glory bright the Saviour reigns,
And endless grandeur there sustains;
We view his beams, and from afar
Hail him, the bright, the Morning-Star.
2 Blest Star! where'er his lustre shines,
He all the soul with grace refines;
And makes each happy saint declare,
He is the bright, the Morning-Star.

3 Great Star! in whom salvation dwells,
His beam the thickest cloud dispels;
The grossest darkness flies afar,
Before this bright, this Morning-Star.

4 Most glorious Star! be thou our guide,
Nor from our souls thy splendor hide;
Let nothing thy sweet beams debar,
Thou only bright and Morning-Star.
shall rise,

ǎ Eternal Star! our songs

When we shall meet thee in the skies;
And, in eternal anthems, there

Praise Thee, the bright, the Morning-Star.

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The unceasing Goodness of our Heavenly Father.

1 JEHOVAH, God! thy gracious power,
On every hand we see ;

O may the blessings of each hour,
Lead all our thoughts to Thee.

2 If on the wings of morn we speed
To earth's remotest bound,
Thy hand will there our footsteps lead,
Thy love our path surround.

3 Thy power is in the ocean deeps,
And reaches to the skies;
Thine eye of mercy never sleeps,
Thy goodness never dies.

4 From morn till noon, till latest eve,
The hand of God we see ;
And all the blessings we receive,
Proceed alone from Thee.

5 In all the varying scenes of time,
On Thee our hopes depend;
Through every age, in every clime,
Our Father and our Friend.

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The Love of our Saviour prompting to Christian Love.

1 JESUS, the friend of man,
Invites us to his board;
The welcome summons we obey,
And own our gracious Lord.

2 Here we show forth his love,
Which spake in every breath,
Prompted each action of his life,
And triumphed in his death.

3 One faith, one hope, one Lord,
One God alone we know ;
Brethren we are; let every heart
With kind affections glow.

4 Here let our powers unite,
His honour'd name to raise ;
Let grateful joy fill every mind,
And every voice be praise.

5 Warm'd with our Master's love,
And thy unmeasur'd grace,
Lord, let our thankful hearts expand,
And all mankind embrace.

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1 KIND Lord, before thy face Again with joy we bow,

For all the gifts and grace,

Thou dost on us bestow;

Our tongues would all thy love proclaim, And chant the honours of thy name.

2 Here, in thine earthly house, Our joyful souls have met; Here paid our solemn vows,

And felt our union sweet:

For this our tongues thy love proclaim, And chant the honours of thy name.

3 Thy truth, like ointment shed, Hath breath'd a rich perfume; Thy light, divinely spread,

Hath broke the darksome gloom: For this our tongues thy love proclaim, And chant the honours of thy name.

4 Now may we dwell in peace, Till here again we come; And may our love increase,

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Till thou shalt guide us home: Then shall our tongues thy love proclaim, And chant the honours of thy name.

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The Lord seen and adored in the Creation.

1 WHEN I survey this world With all its beauteous frame, Its great Creator I adore,

And celebrate his name.

2 The boundless whole displays
The wonders of the Lord:
All nature echoes with his praise,
And be his name ador'd.

3 The sun in every beam
Proclaims the God above:
Its ardent rays exhibit him,
Who rules the worlds in love.

4 The lofty stars by night,
The moon with paler glow,
In every twinkling ray of light,
Their Maker's honour show.

5 The universal whole

Proclaims Jehovah's praise;
And O, that every living soul
Would songs of honour raise!

6 The worlds were made in love,
By wisdom all divine;

And while in praise my tongue can move,
That praise, O Lord, be thine!

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