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shrink from this great and lofty mission." Pazaurek.

"If we are beaten-which God and our strong arm forbid all the higher Kultur of our hemisphere, which it was our mission to guard, sinks with us into the grave."-Hornack.

"Our belief is that the salvation of the whole Kultur of Europe depends upon the victory which German Militarism' is about to achieve."Manifesto signed by 352 Hochschullehrer (professors and lecturers).

"We must win, because if we were defeated no one in the whole world could any longer cherish any remnant of belief in truth and right, in the Good, or, indeed, in any higher Power which wisely and justly guides the destinies of humanity." -Helm.

"Germany is the future of humanity. If God is for us, who can be against us? It is enough for us to be a part of God. The German soul is the world's soul. God and Germany belong to one another. Germany is the center of God's plan for the world."- Lehmann.

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"The whole of European Kultur brought to a focus on this German soil and in the hearts of the German people. It would be foolish to express oneself on this point with modesty and

reserve. We Germans represent the latest and the highest achievement of European Kultur.". Lasson.


In order to understand the present performance of the German people and the cruel behavior of the German soldier, certain important and inherent characteristics of both the Teutonic and Alpine races should be borne in mind:

I-The inherent tendency of the strong-minded Nordic or Teutonic peoples to enter upon conquest, and the further fact that this strong-minded race is capable of indulging itself in a very persistent and determined form of hatred.

2-The natural and inherent tendency of the Alpine stock toward comparative stupidity and actual brutality.

Now, by putting these tendencies together, and considering them in connection with the modern system of teaching in the German schools-the teaching of war-worship—we have the stage all set, both from the racial and educational standpoints, for the superior Teutonic race to teach the beauty of war and the legitimacy of brutal torture to each succeeding generation of Alpine or Teutonized Alpine children; and then, as in the case of the

present war, when the Prussian ruling classes become obsessed with an inhuman hatred, how beautifully the stage is set for them to turn loose the individual Alpine soldier to give free reign to his natural savage instincts and his inherent brutal tendencies. How marvelously wrought and how wonderfully organized is the whole scheme, educationally and racially, to bring about the terrible reign of Germanic frightfulness and Teutonic ruthlessness. And, in my opinion, we Americans would be quite incapable of understanding the present Germanic attempted reign of terror without carefully analyzing in our own minds and quite fully comprehending these foregoing facts.


And now that the reader may see that the German people themselves, in some measure at least, understand this fact (at least that some of their more noble poets and more civilized philosophers understood it), I only need to cite the three following quotations from Goethe, Heine, and Vierordt. They tell this story more eloquently and convincingly than I possibly could:

"The Prussians are cruel by nature; civilization will make them ferocious."- Goethe.

"The Prussians . . . . nature has made them

stupid, science has made them wicked. The Germans are much more revengeful than the Romance peoples; this is because they are idealists, even in hatred. We Germans hate long and hate deeply, to our last breath." -Heine.

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"To those who think me too violent, I make this simple answer: It is God who urged me, who enjoined me to write this work with words of power. There is still a God of Force, of Pride, who takes a pleasure in seeing the German Michael at last aroused; but Michael, you still need spurring. This God has chosen his German people to be wrought into an engine of destruction, to be hurled against other people who are always on edge, who will not let us live and labor in peace. When it comes to fighting these enemies, then there are no longer any laws of war. There is but one way: Kill, kill, kill them all! Our great poet, Heinrich von Kleist, wrote long ago: 'Kill them; the tribunal of the world will not question your motives.' Yes! There is a God who loves the savage onslaught, and who, as the creator of the universe, also loves words that hit hard. To this God the shouts of the strong are sweeter than the moaning of old women."- Vierordt.




WONDER if the American people really un

derstand the workings of the modern German educational system. In Germany every college professor, every public instructor, down to the most humble teacher employed in the kindergarten, is under governmental-imperial control and direction.

By means of this strong, centralized system and control, the Kaiser and his associate Prussian advisers are able to impress on the youth of Germany any system of ethics or military teaching which they may see fit. In other words, the educators of Germany are in the direct employ of the Prussian military party, which at the present time controls and dominates the imperial German govern



The slightest deviation from these policies which have been instituted in Berlin and which are prescribed for the teachers of Germany is certain to bring swift retribution and sure punishment from

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