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a little education, good clothes, and ability to speak and write English and go to church has not been able to transform the negro into a white man or even into a black man with anything like equal powers and prerogatives of citizenship; and we are going to have similar experiences in this country with our Polish and Russian Jews and other Balkan immigrants. The unfortunate thing about the "melting pot" is that it does not melt. Race is still the determining factor of civilization and citizenship.


What the "melting pot " actually does, and what it threatens to do in this country, can better be seen by an ethnic study of Mexico and its people. Here the blood of the original Spanish conquerors (who, like all the world's explorers, were Nordics) has been absorbed by the inferior native Indian population, resulting in a race admixture which we now observe in the present-day inferior Mexican people; and from the days of Rome down to the present, these mongrel types have always represented retrograde movements in the civilization of the day.

It must be borne in mind that some of the more desirable specifications in the civilized races are

of relative recent origin, and that when two greatly dissimilar races mix, the usual result is a quick gravitation downward to the more ancient, primitive, and lower type of man. The cross between a white man and a negro is not a white man, but a negro. The cross between a white man and a Hindu is a Hindu; and a cross between any of the three more modern European races and a Jew is always a Jew. In crossing the more recent blonde Nordic race with the older brunet Mediterranean race, it will be found that the older brunet type predominates. If the thoroughbred, blue-eyed Nordic man marries a thoroughbred, black-eyed Mediterranean woman, the children will all have either black or dark-colored eyes. There will be no blueeyed offspring, and we must recognize that all the ministrations of a Christian civilization, and all the environment and education of democratic institutions, cannot now or ever will be able to alter these fundamental laws of human heredity.


In ancient Rome we see that it was a race substitution that led to the downfall of the empire. So today in Germany we see results of an ethnic substitution which has been going on for several hundreds of years and resulting in a gradual de

cline in Nordic stock. In America we already begin to see the political effects of the race substitution which is going on in our midst, and many are looking with alarm to the American future, unless something is done to counter-work these things which have undermined and overthrown one civilization after another during past ages.

We must accept it as a demonstrated fact that the "melting pot" of Institutional Democracy cannot turn an individual of inferior racial tendencies into a citizen who can functionate on a level with those individuals who are descended from the racially superior human stocks, and this is just as true of America as it is of Germany or any other nation.

The results of education, civilization, and Christianization are not directly transmissible by heredity. Modern biologists believe that so-called acquired characteristics are not inherited. Morality is functional and not organic, and the intellectual status of a race or nation is, after all, determined more by the racial stock and heredity than by environmental institutions and a political atmosphere of even so-called democracy.



HE German people are keen to recognize and


not slow to boast about their Nordic or Teutonic racial superiority, but they seem very slow to recognize and exceedingly loath to reckon with the overwhelmingly preponderant Alpine stock which, as we have shown, constitutes the bulk of the German peoples of today. According to their own standards, they are weighed in the balance and found wanting, as shown by the following statement by Woltmann: "Whosoever has the characteristics of the Teutonic race is superior. . . . All the dark people are mentally inferior, because they belong to the passive races. . . The cultural value of a nation is measured by the quantity of Teutonism it contains."

A most extraordinary thing developed in Germany in the last hundred years. This subtle subjugation of the Teutonic intellect by the racial Alpine invasion, while it has worked to produce a great military organization, has resulted in a great intellectual and moral decadence; but the Germanic leaders do not seem to recognize this fact.

The spectacle of the German people today is all summed up in this formula: Nordic egotism plus Alpine stupidity.


And that the reader may clearly discern that this is not an unwarranted-an unjustified-indictment, let us hear the story of Germanic self-praise out of the mouths of Germanic writers and authorities themselves. No more telling presentation of Teutonic egotism and self-confidence wedded to Alpine bad taste and stupidity could possibly be imagined than the following quotations, taken, in every instance, from the writings of some recognized German authority, and which are given herewith without comment:

"The German people is always right, because it is the German people."-Tannenberg.

"We must vanquish, because the downfall of Germanism would mean the downfall of humanity."- König.

"Germany is precisely-who would venture to deny it― the representative of the highest morality, of the purest humanity, of the most chastened Christianity."-Francke.

"If Fate has selected us to assume the leadership in the Kultur-life of the peoples, we will not

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