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race, but that it is also the most ambitious and adventurous of all the human races.

Again and again in the past history of the world have military adventurers belonging to the Nordic race dreamed a dream of world power and conquest. In fact, the great conquerors of the world, from Cyrus on down to Alexander the Great, Julius Cæsar, Charlemagne, and Napoleon Bonaparte, belonged to the Nordic peoples. The real situation in Germany today is that the military, ruling, and teaching classes of the empire have become nefarious traitors to the civilization which they represent and of which they are a part. They have seen a vision of world empire. They have dreamed of universal conquest. They know better, but they have hardened their hearts and seared their consciences with the hot iron of principleless ambition and merciless conquest. Figuratively speaking, they have deliberately gone to the devil and are taking the vast round-headed and comparatively stupid Alpine peoples with them.

The long-heads of Germany today know of a better way than that which they are traversingthe less keen, more stupid round-heads do not. The Teutonic long-heads of Germany today have ceased to keep step with the Nordic race as found in other lands in its march toward democracy and

the liberalization of human thought. They have chosen to conduct a government and to plan conquests in harmony with the belief and practices of their race as they functionated hundreds and thousands of years ago. In fact, they have gone back to the days of Joshua to carry on their military struggles under the patronage of a tribal god who countenanced unspeakable cruelties on the part of the chosen people in the treatment of their ignorant and inferior opponents belonging to an inferior civilization.

The German conundrum of today is due to the fact that the ten per cent Nordic long-headed, ruling class that dominates the Germanic peoples has sacrificed its intelligence, its conscience, and its largely superior culture to its inherent ambition, love of leadership, and dominating tendency to conquer, exploit, and rule-traits not at all new in the Nordic race, but tendencies which have been, in later years, suppressed and held down in behalf of the higher, more noble civilized culture which characterizes the white nations of today.

We have now completed the study of the past history and development and anthropology of the Germanic peoples, and will next take up the consideration of Germany as a world menace.


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THINK by this time the results of the war have taught us the delusion of the "melting pot." In our younger days, both as individuals and as a nation, we entertained the belief that we could swallow up into our American civilization the misfit elements of all Europe, and yet be able so to digest and assimilate them as to cause them to functionate in a manner compatable with American institutions; but the war, I think, has very successfully and very generally dispelled this delusion. As a nation we are beginning to awake from our dream. I think we are beginning to realize that the Alpine and Mediterranean races are not at once assimilable into the American body politic. We are even beginning to appreciate that the round-headed German does not readily fit into our program as the long-headed German. In this connection it should be borne in mind that we have a large population in America of very high class, which borders on the round-head when it comes to actual measurements, but which represents a blended stock. Some of our best Irish stock, in

head measurements, approach the round-heads, but they are so thoroughly Nordicized-that is, they have such an admixture of the Nordic strain of the British Isles-that they are really more Nordic than Alpine, and this is also true of many Germans who to outward appearance appear to be round-heads but who are also quite thoroughly Nordicized.


Neither are we able immediately to absorb into our civilization, and gracefully fit in with our institutions, the more marked specimens of the Mediterranean race even though they happen to be of the long-headed type. At the close of this war it behooves the American people thoroughly to reconsider the doctrine of the "melting pot" and to revamp the immigration laws in accordance with our experience in the present world-war.

Much of the present-day belief in environment is fictitious. Education and opportunity will work wonders for the stock that has the right stuff in it from an hereditary standpoint, but the so-called doctrine that "all men are born equal," when looked at from the standpoint of race and eugenics, does not prove itself to be biologically true. We are, of course, willing to subscribe to the teach

ing of "equality under the law;" that is, equality of opportunity and full political rights for all men; but as a race truth there are some doctrines and dogmas regarding the political brotherhood of man which originated in the days of the French Revolution and which no nation has ever been able to work out in a practical way, though Russia seems now about to start upon another similar experiment to that which failed in the French Revolution.


The doctrine that the negro slave of Civil War days was an unfortunate distant cousin of the white man, who had simply been deeply tanned because he had long lived under the tropical sun, and that his social and intellectual status was entirely the result of being denied the privileges of civilization and the blessings of Christianity, is still believed by many honest and well-meaning sentimentalists. This was the prevailing sentiment in Civil War days, and, mind you, I believe the Civil War was worth fighting either to save the Union or to free the black man. The black man deserved his freedom, but it has taken the white people of America almost half a century to wake up to the fact that more or less political freedom,

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