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Box 4, Elcho, Wis.


flintlock arms. Indian relics. List for stamp. DAVIS BROTHERS, Kent, O. BAHAMA Starfish, Showy Shells, Minerals, Gem Stones, Indian Relics, Resurrection Plants, etc. List for stamp. GEORGE J. TILLS, Albion, N. Y. FOR EXCHANGE-Civil War Arms and Curios for

Scotch Collie or Setter Puppy. JESSE FRENCH, Jr., 215 Behrends Avenue, Peoria, Ill.

BUFFALO HORNS, matched pairs, polished and mounted; also make into showy hall racks; flintlock pistols; Indian relics, ancient and modern; Navajo blankets; elk tusks; old brass, pewter and crockery. Illustrated lists, 2 cents. N. CARTER, Elkhorn, Wis.


paid for 1804 dimes; $15 paid for 1858 dollars; big prices paid for hundreds of other dates; keep all money coined before 1879 and send 10 cents at once for a set of two coin and stamp value books. It may mean a fortune to you.

Address C. F. CLARKE, Agent,
Le Roy, N. Y., Dept. 3.
men's, $6;

HUNTING BOOTS, waterproof;
women's, $5; boys', $4. Catalogue on request.

Manhattan Bldg., Duluth, Minn.

BIG GAME. Hunting on the Head Waters of the Stickine River. I am better prepared than ever to furnish outfits, pack horses and guides for the season 1906. Moose, caribou, Stone's sheep, goat, black. brown and grizzly bear are all killed within one hundred miles of Telegraph Creek. Season opens September 1. References: Andrew J. Stone, J. R. Bradley, T. T. Reese. J. FRANK CALLBREATH, Telegraph Creek, B. C.,

Via Wrangle, Alaska.


IF YOU have sold goods or think you can sell, write us to-day. We help the inexperienced man to start right, the experienced man to secure a larger salary. HAPGOODS, Suite 509-10, 309 Broadway, N. Y. FOR SALE-Live Cinnamon Bear, bob cats, Mexican Peccaries, Wolf and Coyote pups. Address F. V. ALLEN, Carlsbad, Eddy County, New Mexico. APARTMENTS, 3 to 7 rooms each; rooms single and en suite. The Hinman, Apartment and European Hotel, Booklet mailed free.

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FOR SALE-Sporting Goods and Gun Business, with light hardware department. Splendid location in central State. Large, profitable business can be done by right party. Owner retiring. Address V. K., care of RECREATION.

BARGAIN FOR ANGLERS! Imperial RARE English Trout Flies-Double, Split and Jungle Cock Wings. Very high grade sample flies retailing at $1 to $1.50 per doz.-carefully assorted in standard patterns. Sizes 6 to 14 at 65 cents the dozen, postpaid. One high grade leader free. This is an exceptional offer. SPORTSMAN'S SERVICE BUREAU, 211 North 7th Street, St. Louis, Mo.

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