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Ideal No. 2
Re & De-capper

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The Phil. B. Bekeart Co
San Francisco, Cal.
Agents for Pacific Coast

Straight Line Movement. Used as a bench or hand tool. Lever
"A" folds over so tool may be carried in pocket. Weighs but
eight ounces. Is strong and powerful. Seats the primers
easily and positively to the bottom of pocket, which prevents misfires.
Ejects old primer and seats new one without removing the shell,



which is handled but once to perform the two operations, enabling the operator to do nearly
twice the work in a given time. Now ready 25-35, 25-36, 30-30, 30-40 Krag, 30-45 Springfield
(headless), 32-40, 38-55. Ask your dealers. If they will not serve you send cash to
THE IDEAL MFG. CO., 12 U. St., New Haven, Conn., U. S. A.

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Learn to Mount Birds and Animals

Every sportsman should be able to mount and preserve his own fine trophies. The shooting season is now open, and you will secure many fine specimens. Why not mount them for your home or den?

We can Teach You by Mail

to mount Birds, Animals, Heads, Fishes, Tan Skins, Make Rugs, etc. This is a delightful work, easily and quickly learned. By taking our mail course during your spare time, you can soon mount all kinds of specimens true to life. These specimens when mounted are of great interest and value. You can double your income by giving taxidermy your spare time. The fall and winter months offer abundant leisure time to learn the business.

Thousands of Sportsmen are our Students have had great success in taxi

dermy under your instruction."

O. BRONSON, Topeka, Kan. "Have just mounted a fine eagle with complete success."-N. ROGERS,
McCook, Neb. "Have earned $675.00 from my taxidermy work."-C. H. HAMMOND, Syracuse, N. Y.
Our school is endorsed by all leading sporting magazines, including REC-
REATION, and by the most eminent taxidermists. We teach standard methods
only, and guarantee success. We mounted the mammoth collection at the
Portland Exposition. Our school is incorporated, and the courses of lessons
protected by U. S. Government copyright. The editors of this magazine will
tell you that the school is absolutely trustworthy and reliable.

We want every sportsman, desiring to preserve his own specimens, to enroll for our course. We want to send you the testimonials of hundreds of successful students; also our new illustrated catalog, and a copy of "The Taxidermy Magazine."-All free. Write for these books to-day.

The Northwestern School of Taxidermy, No. 525 D St., Omaha, Neb.

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Cure For Rupture
Sent on Trial

Brooks' Appliance is a new scientific dis-
covery with automatic air cushions that
draws the broken parts together and binds
them as you would a broken limb. It abso-
lutely holds firmly and comfortably and
never.slips, always light and cool and con-
forms to every movement of the body with-
out chafing or hurting. I make it to your
measure and send it to you on a strict guar-
antee of satisfaction or money refunded and
I have put my price so low that anybody,
rich or poor, can buy it. Remember I make
it to your order-send it to you-you wear it
-and if it doesn't satisfy you, you send it
back to me and I will refund your money
without question. The banks and the post-
master here will tell you that is the way I do
business-always absolutely on the square and I am selling thousands of people
this way for the past five years. Remember I use no salves, no harness, no lies,
no fakes. I just give you a straight business deal at a reasonable price.
C. E. BROOKS, 951 Brooks Building, MARSHALL, MICH.

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Romeike Press Cutting Bureau

First established and most

complete in the world

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