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of the towns of the said county, and on the outward door of the courthouse of the said county, for such time, and containing such notice of sale, and such description of the premises intended to be sold, as the said loan-officer and commissioners of loans, are respectively required by law to give. And further, That all acts inconsistent with the provisions of this act, be, and the same are hereby repealed, so far as the same relate to the loan-officer and commissioners of loans in and for the said county of Rockland.

An act to provide for the conveyance of land sold by a commissioner of loans, under the act, entitled "An act authorising a loan of monies to the citizens of this state, passed April 11, 1808." Passed April 21, 1825. Chap. 321, p. 442.

$1. Be it enacted by the People of the state of New-York, re- Execution of presented in Senate and Assembly, That in all cases where a sale of deeds. any lands or tenements has been made, or hereafter shall be made, for the non-payment of interest on monies loaned under and in pursuance of the act, entitled "An act authorising a loan of monies to the citizens of this state," passed April 11th, 1808, and a vacancy shall exist in the office of a commissioner in any county of this state, under the said act, it shall be lawful for one of the said commissioners to execute a deed in pursuance of said act, for any lands sold, or hereaf ter to be sold, as aforesaid, which deed shall have the same force and effect as if executed by two commissioners for any such county.

An act further to extend the time for the payment of monies loaned by the commissioners of loans and loan-officers to citizens of this state. Passed March 30, 1829. Chap. 91, p. 165.

51. The first section of the act, entitled "An act further to ex- Act of 1821 tend the time for the payment of monies loaned by the commissioners of extended. loans and loan-officers, to citizens of this state," passed March 30th, 1821, shall be in force until the first Tuesday of May, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-nine, except as to the loan of one thousand seven hundred and eighty-six.

be paid into

$2. It shall be the duty of the several loan-officers and commis- Principal to sioners of loans mentioned in said act, to receive any principal mo- treasury in nies loaned by them, which any person may be desirous of paying, certain cases. and instead of reloaning such principal monies, to pay the same into the treasury of this state.

be filed in

clerks' off> ces.

$3. It shall be the duty of the commissioners of loans and loan- Statements to officers of the county of Ontario, to transmit to the clerks of the coun- certain ties of Yates, Monroe, Ontario, Livingston and Wayne, respectively, a statement of all mortgages taken by the commissioners of loans and loan-officers, recorded or registered with the said loan-officers or commissioners of Ontario, and which are a lien on lands situated in the said counties aforesaid.


$4. Such statement shall contain the dates of such mortgages, Nature of the names of the mortgagors, a description of the premises mortgaged, and the amount of monies secured to be paid by such mortgages respectively.

[blocks in formation]

How to be certified.

Allowance for the same.

Section rela

S5. Such transcript shall be certified and signed by the said cornmissioners of loans or loan-officers, officially, and being so certified and signed and filed in the said clerks' offices, shall be deemed matters of record, and the same, or certified copies thereof, shall in all courts and places be evidence of the facts therein contained, in the same manner as the registry of any mortgage duly registered and recorded is evidence, and such transcripts so filed of the said mortgages, shall have the like force and effect as a registry or record of the said mortgages under the law for registering and recording of mortgages.

$6. The loan-officers of the said county of Ontario for preparing, certifying and transmitting such transcripts of mortgages, shall be allowed the sum of fifty cents for each mortgage of which they shall so prepare and transmit; and the several county clerks shall be allowed the sum of twelve cents for filing the transcript of such mortgage and entering the same upon the indexes of mortgages of their respective offices, and which shall be allowed and paid by the boards of supervisors of the counties in which they shall be performed.

$7. Section fiftieth of Article second of Title first of Chapter tive to books, twelfth of the First Part of the Revised Statutes, shall take effect immediately on the passage of this act.


Duty of commissioners of


Act relative to assessment and collection of taxes.

An act authorising the repayment in certain cases of monies paid for taxes. Passed October 25, 1828. Chap. 11, p. 9, 1829. $1. Whenever it shall appear satisfactorily to the commissioners the land-of of the land-office, that the amount of any tax has been paid, and afterwards other money has been paid into the treasury on account of such tax; and in cases where it shall appear that the amount due for any tax has been overpaid, they may direct the comptroller to draw his warrant for the amount so overpaid, on the treasurer, in favor of the person who may have made such payments.

To roport.

Chaplains to

be appointed,


$ 2. The commissioners of the land-office shall annually report to the legislature the names of persons to whom warrants may have been ordered under this act, and the amount of such warrants respectively: and the clerk of such board shall annually furnish to the committee appointed to examine the treasurer's accounts, a like statement of warrants ordered under this act.

Acts relating to the Marine Hospital.

An act providing for the appointment of a chaplain or chaplains to the marine hospital. Passed April 1, 1824. Chap. 137, p. 135.

$1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of New-York, represented in Senate and Assembly, That it shall and may be lawful for the health commissioners to employ a fit and proper person or

persons to officiate as chaplain or chaplains at the marine hospital on Staten Island, as often as the sick of said hospital shall require the same, and that it shall be lawful for the said commissioners to pay for such services out of the hospital fund, not exceeding two hun-. dred dollars per annum.

An act for the payment of certain officers and expenses of government. Passed May 5, 1829. Chap. 377, p. 572.

marine hospi

$25. There shall be paid to the chaplain of the marine hospital, Chaplain of the sum of one hundred dollars annually, in addition to the sum now tal. allowed by law, to be paid out of the marine hospital fund.

Acts relating to Public Instruction.

An act relative to the university. Passed April 5, 1813.

Chap. 59.1

to be founded

$6. And be it further enacted, 'That any citizen or citizens, or Colleges how bodies corporate within this state, being disposed to found a college and organiz at any place within the same, he or they shall, in writing, make cd. ̧ known to the regents the place where, the plan on which, and the funds with which, it is intended to found and provide for the same, and who are proposed for the first trustees; and in case the regents shall approve thereof, then they shall declare their approbation by an instrument under their common seal, and allow a convenient time for completing the same; and if at the expiration of the said time, it shall appear to the satisfaction of the regents, that the said plan and propositions are fully executed, then they shall by act under their common seal, declare that the said college, to be named as the founders shall signify, and with such trustees not exceeding twenty-four, nor less than ten, as they shall name, shall forthwith become incorporated, and shall have perpetual succession, and enjoy all the corporate rights and privileges enjoyed by Columbia college, in and by the act, entitled "An act to institute an university within this state, and for other purposes therein mentioned," passed April 13, 1787. 38. And be it further enacted, That the charter granted to the Charter to the college of physicians and surgeons in the city of New-York, by the physicians, regents of the university, bearing date the 4th day of June, one thou-York con sand eight hundred and twelve, be and the same is hereby ratified and firmed. confirmed, any grant or charter heretofore made by the said regents to the said college to the contrary notwithstanding: Provided always, That the amount of the property which the said college shall or may be authorised to hold, shall never exceed in value one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, current money of New-York; and that the said regents reserve to themselves the right of conferring degrees, and appointing the professors or teachers of the several branches of the medical science in the said college, and of filling all such vacancies as shall or may arise among the trustees or members thereof: And provided also, That any of the trustees of the said college

(1) 2 R. L. p. 262.

college of

in New

Regents may amend the charter.

Scholars in academies when and

how admitted

shall, in the discretion of the regents of the university, be appointed professors and teachers in the said college, any law to the contrary notwithstanding.

$9. And be it further enacted, That it shall be lawful for the said regents at any time or times hereafter, to alter and amend the said charter: Provided, Such alterations or amendments be not repugnant to the constitution or laws of this state, or inconsistent with vested interests.

$15. And be it further enacted, That when any scholar who shall be educated at any of the said academies, on due examination, into college. by the president and professors of any college subject to the visitation of the said regents, shall be found competent, in the judgment of the said president and professors, to enter into the sophomore, junior or senior classes of such colleges, respectively, such scholar shall be entitled to an admission into such of the said classes, for which he shall be so adjudged competent, and shall be admitted accordingly at any one of the quarterly examinations of such respective classes.

But such academies first to

system of ed


$16. Provided always, and be it further enacted, That to entitle report their the scholars of any such academy to the privileges aforesaid, the trusucation to the tees thereof shall lay before the regents of the said university, from time to time, the plan or system proposed to be adopted for the education of the students in each of the said academies respectively, in order that the same may be revised and examined by the said regents, and by them be altered or amended, or approved and confirmed, as they shall judge proper.

Academies when and

ed into colle


$17. And be it further enacted, That whenever it shall appear how advane- to the said regents that the state of literature in any academy is so far advanced, and the funds will admit thereof, that it may be expedient that a president be appointed for such academy, the said regents shall in such case signify their approbation thereof, under their common seal, which being entered of record as aforesaid, shall authorise the trustees of such academy to elect a president, who shall have, hold and enjoy all the powers that the president of any college recognized by this act, shall or may lawfully have, hold and enjoy; and such academy thereafter, instead of being called an academy, shall be called and known by the same name it was called while it was an academy, except that the word college shall be used in all cases instead of the word academy, and be subject to the like rules, regulations, control and visitation of the regents, as other colleges mentioned in this act.


college, its

revenue, etc.

An act relating to the different colleges within this state. Passed
April 9, 1813. Chap. 82.1

$1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of New-York, retrustees and presented in Senate and Assembly, That the present trustees of Columbia college, and their successors, shall be and remain forever hereafter, a body politic and corporate, in fact and in name, by the name of "The trustees of Columbia college in the city of New-York," and by that name shall and may have continual succession forever hereafter,

(1) 2 R. L. p. 265.


and shall be able in law to sue and be sued, implead and be impleaded, answer and be answered unto, defend and be defended in all courts and places whatsoever, and may have a common seal, and may change and alter the same at their pleasure; and also shall be able in law to take by purchase, gift, grant, devise or in any other manner, and to hold any real and personal estate whatsoever: Provided always, Proviso. The clear yearly value of the real estate to be so acquired, shall not exceed the sum of twenty thousand dollars, and also that they and their successors shall have power to give, grant, bargain, sell, demise or otherwise dispose of, all or any part of the said real and personal estate as to them shall seem best for the interest of the said college. $2. And be it further enacted, That the said trustees and their Powers of successors shall forever hereafter have full power and authority to direct and prescribe the course of study, and the discipline to be observed in the said college; and also to select and appoint by ballot or otherwise, a president of the said college, who shall hold his office during good behaviour, and such professor or professors, tutor or tutors, to assist the president in the government and education of the students belonging to the said college, and such other officer or officers as to the said trustees shall seem meet, all of whom shall hold their offices during the pleasure of the trustees: Provided always, Proviso. That no such professor, tutor or other assistant officer shall be a trustee, but this proviso shall not extend to the provost of the said college, for the time being, who is hereby declared eligible as a trustee of said college.

move the pre

$3. And be it further enacted, That if complaint shall be made, Power to rein writing, to the said trustees or their successors, by any member of ident the said corporation, of any misbehavior in office by the president, it shall be lawful for the said trustees or their successors from time to time, upon examination and such due proof of misbehavior, to suspend or discharge such president, and to appoint another in his place. $4. And be it further enacted, That eleven of the said trustees, How many lawfully convened as is hereinafter directed, shall be a quorum for trustees to the despatch of all business, except for the disposal of real estate, or for rum. the choice or removal of a president, for either of which purposes there shall be a meeting of at least thirteen trustees.

form a quo

point a chair

$5. And be it further enacted, That the said trustees shall have Power to ap full power and authority to elect, by ballot, their own chairman, once in every year, or at such other periods as they shall prefer.


cies in the office of trus


$6. And be it further enacted, That the said trustees shall also To fill vacanhave power, by a majority of the votes of the members present, to elect and appoint, upon the death, removal out of the state, or other vacancy of the place or places of any trustee or trustees, other or others in his or their places or stead, as often as such vacancy shall happen; and also to make and declare vacant the seat of any trustee who shall absent himself from five successive meetings of the board, and also to the seats of meet upon their own adjournment, and so often as they shall be sum- absenting moned by their chairman, or in his absence, by the senior trustee, cant. whose seniority shall be accounted according to the order in which the said trustees are named in this act, and shall be elected hereafter: Pro- Proviso. vided always, That the said chairman or senior trustee shall not sum

To declare

trustees va

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