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JOHN-CONSTANTINE DE COURCY, Lord KINGSALE. Baron Courcy, of Courcy, and Baron Ringrove originally by tenure, in the reign of Henry II., by writ of summons, and by patent. Born November 5, 1827. Succeeded his father, John-Stapleton, the late Lord, January 7, 1847. Married, March 1, 1855, Adelaide, daughter of JoshuaProctor-Brown Westhead, Esq.

Heir-Presumptive- Michael-Conrad, his Lordship's brother.Creation-1181.-Arms-See plate 66.

EDWARD PLUNKETT, Lord DUNSANY, of Dunsany Castle, in Meath. Born Nov. 9, 1808. Succeeded his brother, Randal-Edward, the late Lord, April 7, 1852. Married, Sept. 22, 1846, Anne-Constance, daughter of Lord Sherborne, and by her (who died June 27, 1858) had issue, Randall-Edward-Sherborne, born Nov. 15, 1848; and other children.

Heir-Apparent-Randall-Edward-Sherborne, his Lordship's son.

Creation-1439.-Arms-See plate 66.

+ THOMAS-NICHOLAS BARNEWELL, Baron TRIMLESTOWN. Born April 14, 1796. Succeeded his father, John-Thomas, the late Lord, Oct. 7, 1839. Married, Nov. 3, 1836, Margaret-Randalina, daughter of the late Philip Roche, Esq., and had issue, Thomas, born Aug. 22, who died Aug. 27, 1837; and other children.

Heir-Presumptive-Charles, his Lordship's cousin.-Creation1461.-Arms-See plate 66.

LUCIUS O'BRIEN, Baron INCHIQUIN and BURREN, in the county of Clare. Born Dec. 5, 1800. Succeeded his cousin, James, Marquess of Thomond, in the Barony, July 5, 1855, when the Marquesate became extinct. Married, Feb. 21, 1837, Mary, daughter of William-Fitzgerald, Esq., and by her (who died May 26, 1852) had issue, Edward-Donough, born May 14, 1839; married, August 21, 1862, Emily-Holmes, daughter of Lord Heytesbury. His Lordship has other children.

Heir-Apparent-Edward-Donough, his Lordship's son.- -Creation

-1536.-Arms-See plate 50.

THEOBALD-Fitzwalter BUTLER, Baron DUNBOYNE, in the county of Meath. Born February 11, 1806. Succeeded his father, James, the late Lord, July 6, 1850. Married, Nov. 14, 1832, JuliaCelestina-Maria, second daughter of William Brander, of Morden Hall, Surrey, Esq., and has issue, James-Fitzwalter, born May 20, 1839; married, June 12, 1860, Marion, daughter of Colonel Morgan Clifford. His Lordship has other children.

Heir-Apparent-James-Fitzwalter, his Lordship's eldest son.Creation-June 11, 1541.-Arms-See plate 69.

RANDALL-PERCY-OTWAY PLUNKET, Baron LOUTH, of Louth Hill, county of Louth. Born Aug. 28, 1832. Succeeded his father, Thomas, the late Lord, June 26, 1849.

Heir-Presumptive-Thomas-Oliver-Westenra, his Lordship's brother. -Creation—June 15, 1541.—Arms-See plate 66.

EDWARD ST. VINCENT DIGBY, Lord DIGBY, Baron of Geashill, in the King's County. Born June 21, 1809. Succeeded his cousin, Edward, the last Earl Digby, in the Irish Barony, May 12, 1856. Married, June 27, 1837, Theresa, daughter of the Earl of Ilchester, and has issue, Edward-Henry-Trafalgar, born Oct. 21, 1840; and other children.

Heir-Apparent—His son, Edward-Henry-Trafalgar.—Creation—

July 29, 1620.-Arms-See plate 15.

CADWALLADER-DAVIS BLAYNEY, Lord BLAYNEY, Baron of Monaghan. Born Feb. 21, 1803. Succeeded his father, AndrewThomas, the late Lord, April 8, 1834.

Heir-Presumptive-None.-Creation-July 29, 1621.-Arms—

See plate 66.

PHILIP-CASTELL SHERARD, Baron of LEITRIM. Succeeded to the Barony, on the death of Philip, last Earl of Harborough, May 1859, he being lineally descended from the third son of the first Lord. Heir-Apparent

Creation-July 10, 1627.-Arms-See plate 12.

RICHARD SEYMOUR-CONWAY, Baron CONWAY, of Killultagh, in Ireland; also Marquess and Earl of Hertford, Viscount Beauchamp, and Baron Conway, of Ragley, in the Peerage of England.

See Marquess of HERTFORD, in the Peerage of England.
Creation-1703.-Arms-See plate 7.

GEORGE-PATRICK EVANS-FREKE, Lord CARBERY, of Carbery, in the county of Cork. Born March 17, 1801. Succeeded his uncle, John, the late Lord, May 12, 1845. Married, August 10, 1852, Harriet-Maria-Catherine, only daughter of Lieut.-Gen. Shuldham. Heir-Presumptive-Fenton-John, bis Lordship's brother. Creation-May 9, 1715.-Arms-See plate 66.

UDOLPHUS AYLMER, Lord AYLMER, Baron of Balvath. Born June 10, 1814. Succeeded his cousin, Frederick-William, the late Lord, March 5, 1858. Married, June 28, 1841, Mary-Eliza, daughter of Edward Journeaux, Esq. and has issue, Matthew, born March 28, 1842; and other children.

Heir-Apparent-Matthew, his Lordship's son.1718.-Arms-See plate 66.


-Creation-May 1,

HENRY MAXWELL, Baron FARNHAM, of Farnham, county of Louth. Born August 9, 1799. Succeeded his father, Henry, the late Lord, Oct. 19, 1838. Married, Dec. 3, 1828, Anna-Frances, daughter of Lord Le Despencer.

Heir-Presumptive-Somerset - Richard, his Lordship's brother.Creation-April 27, 1756.—Arms-See plate 66.

GEORGE LYSAGHT, Baron LISLE, of Mountnorth, county of Cork. Born June 6, 1783. Succeeded his brother, John, the late Lord, Jan. 9, 1798. Married, first, Oct. 11, 1810, Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel Knight, of Milton, county of Cambridge, Esq., and by her (who died April 12, 1815) had issue, John-Arthur, born Oct. 12, 1811; married, March 6, 1837, Henrietta-Ann, daughter of John Church, Esq., and has issue, John-Arthur, born Nov. 19, 1838; and other children. His Lordship married, second, October 14, 1816, Elizabeth- Anne, daughter of J. D. Foulkes, of Tiverton, county of Devon, Esq., and by her (who died Nov. 1, 1825) had issue.

Heir-Apparent-John-Arthur, his Lordship's son.-
Arms-See plate 66.


EDWARD-HERBERT CLIVE, Baron CLIVE, of Plassey, in Ireland; Baron Clive, Baron Powis, Baron Herbert, Viscount Clive, and Earl of Powis, in the Peerage of England.

See Earl of Powis, in the Peerage of England.
Creation-Baron, 1762.-Arms-See plate 16.

GEORGE-AUGUSTUS-CONSTANTINE PHIPPS, Baron MULGRAVE, of New Ross, in Ireland; and Marquess of Normanby, in the Peerage of England.

See Marquess of NORMANBY, in the Peerage of England.
Creation-Baron, 1768.--Arms-See plate 8.


SPENCER-BULKELEY WYNN, Baron NEWBOROUGH. May 23, 1803. Succeeded his brother, Thomas-John, the late Lord, Nov. 15, 1832. Married, May 3, 1834, Frances-Maria, eldest daughter of the Rev. Walter Wilkins, of Hay Castle, Brecon, and by her (who died Nov. 18, 1857) had issue, Thomas-John, born Dec. 30, 1840; and other children.


Heir-Apparent-Thomas John, his Lordship's son. -CreationBaron, 1776.--Arms-See plate 67.



MACDONALD. Born Oct. 2, 1849. Succeeded his father, JamesWilliam-Wentworth, the late Lord, July 25, 1863.

Heir-Presumptive—Ronald-Archibald, his Lordship's brother.Creation-July 17, 1776.--Arms--See plate 67.

WILLIAM EDWARDES, Lord KENSINGTON; in the royal navy. Born Feb. 3, 1801. Succeeded his father, William, the late Lord, Aug. 10, 1852. Married, Oct. 12, 1833, Laura, fourth daughter of Cuthbert Ellison, of Hepburn, county of Durham, Esq., and by her (who died Dec. 29, 1842) had issue, William, born May 11, 1835; and other children. Heir-Apparent-William, his Lordship's son.-—————— Creation-July 20, Arms-See plate 67.


GEORGE-WILLIAM LYTTELTON, Baron WESTCOTE, of Balamore; Lord Lyttelton, and Baron of Frankley, in the Peerage of England.

See Lord LYTTELTON, in the Peerage of England.

Creation-July 21, 1776.——Arms-See plate 27.

ROBERT-HENLEY ONGLEY, Baron ONGLEY, of Old Warden. Born May 9, 1803. Succeeded his father, Robert, the late Lord, August 20, 1814.

Heir-Presumptive-Montagu-Henley, his Lordship's brother.Creation-July 20, 1776. Arms-See plate 67.

HUGH-HAMON-INGOLDSBY MASSY, Baron MASSY, of Duntryleague. Born March 14, 1827. Succeeded his father, Hugh-Hamon, the late Lord, September 27, 1836. Married, Jan. 4, 1855, Isabella, daughter of the late George- More Nisbett, Esq.

Heir-Presumptive-John-Thomas-William, his Lordship's brother. -Creation-July 1776.- -Arms-See plate 67.

HENRY-MONTAGUE ROBINSON, Baron ROKEBY, of Armagh, in Ireland; and an English Baronet. Born February 2, 1798. Sueceeded his brother, Edward, the late Lord, April 7, 1847. Married, Dec. 18, 1826, Magdalene, widow of Frederick Croft, Esq., and had issue, Edmund, born in 1835, who died April 3, 1852.

Heir-Presumptive-Spencer-Dudley, his Lordship's brother.—— Creations-Baronet, March 10, 1730; and Baron, Feb. 26, 1777. -Arins-See plate 67.

MATTHEW-FITZMAURICE DEANE, Baron MUSKERRY; in the navy. Born March 29, 1795. Succeeded his brother, John-Thomas, the late Lord, Dec. 25, 1824. Married, Aug. 13, 1825, Louisa-DorcasDeane, daughter of Henry-Deane Grady, Esq., and by her (who died Sept. 25, 1846) had issue, Robert-Tilson-Fitzmaurice, born June 30, 1826; married, December 11, 1847, Elizabeth-Geraldine, daughter of H. K. G. Morgan, Esq. His Lordship has other children.

Heir-Apparent-Robert-Tilson-Fitzmaurice, his Lordship's son.Creation Jan. 5, 1781.—Arms-See plate 67.

FRANCIS-WHELER HOOD, Lord HOOD, Baron of Catherington, in Ireland, and a Baronet ; also Viscount Hood, in the Peerage of England. See Viscount Hoop, in the Peerage of England. Creation-Sept. 12, 1782. —Arms-See plate 21.

Succeeded his

JOSSYLIN-FRANCIS PENNINGTON, Baron MUNCASTER, and a Baronet of Great Britain. Born Dec. 25, 1834. brother, Gamel-Augustus, the late Lord, June 14, 1862.

Heir-Presumptive-Alan-Joseph, his Lordship's brother. Creations-Baronet, June 21, 1676; and Baron, Sept. 21, 1783.Arms-See plate 67.

ROBERT-GEORGE EDEN, Baron AUCKLAND; and Baron Auckland, of West Auckland, in the county of Durham, in the Peerage of England.

See Baron AUCKLAND, in the Peerage of England.
Creation-Nov. 18, 1789.- --Arms-See plate 14.

JOHN-CAVENDISH BROWNE, Baron KILMAINE. Born June 11, 1794. Succeeded his father, James-Caulfield, the late Lord, May 23, 1825. Married, first, Jan. 4, 1822, Eliza, daughter of David Lyon, of Portland Place, Esq., and by her (who died Dec. 1, 1834) had issue, James-Lyon, born Nov. 19, 1822, who died Sept. 7, 1860; John-HoweMontague, born March 14, 1828; and other children. His Lordship married, second, Sept. 3, 1839, Mary, daughter of the Hon. CharlesEwan Law.

Heir-Apparent-John-Howe-Montague, his Lordship's son.- -Creation-Nov. 16, 1789.- —Arms-See plate 67.

EDWARD LAWLESS, Baron CLONCURRY, and a Baronet; also Baron Cloncurry, in the Peerage of England.

See Lord CLONCURRY, in the Peerage of England.

Creation-Nov. 16, 1789.

Arms-See plate 32.

ROBERT DILLON, Baron CLONBROCK. Born March 29, 1807. Succeeded his father, Luke, the late Lord, Dec. 13, 1826. Married, June 22, 1830, Caroline-Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Lord Churchill, and has issue, Luke-Gerald, born March 10, 1834; and other children. Heir-Apparent-Luke-Gerald, his Lordship's son.——— -Creation-July Arms-See plate 68.


HENRY-ANSON CAVENDISH, Baron WATERPARK. Born April 14, 1839. Succeeded his father, Henry-Manners, the late Lord, March 31, 1863. Married, Aug. 10, 1861, Alethea, daughter of the late William-Millot Thomas, Esq.

Creation-June 14, 1792.-

Arms-See plate 68.

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