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WILLIAM-SYDNEY CLEMENTS, Earl of LEITRIM, Viscount and Baron Leitrim; and Baron Clements, in the Peerage of England. Succeeded his father, Nathaniel, the late Lord, December 31, 1854.

Heir-Presumptive-Charles-Skeffington, the Earl's brother.- -Creations-Baron Leitrim, Sept. 20, 1783; Viscount, Dec. 20, 1793; Earl, Oct. 6, 1795; and Baron Clements, in England, June 18, 1831. -Arms-See plate 55.

ALEXANDER BINGHAM, Earl of LUCAN, Baron Bingham, and a Baronet. Born June 2, 1801. Succeeded his father, Richard, the late Earl, June 28, 1839. Married, June 29, 1829, Anne, daughter of the Earl of Cardigan, and has issue, George, Lord Bingham, born May 8, 1830; married, Nov. 17, 1859, Cecilia-Catherine, daughter of the Duke of Richmond, and has issue, a son, born Dec. 13, 1860; and other children. The Earl has other children.

-CreaHeir-Apparent-George, Lord Bingham, the Earl's son.. tions-Baronet, 1632; Baron, July 15, 1776; and Earl, October 6, 1795. -Arms-See plate 55.

SOMERSET-RICHARD LOWRY-CORRY, Earl of BELMORE, Viscount Corry, and Baron Belmore, of Castle-Coote. Born April 9, 1835. Succeeded his father, Armar, the late Earl, December 17, 1845. Married, Aug. 22, 1861, Anne-Elizabeth-Honoria, daughter of Captain Gladstone, M.P.

-Creations-Baron, Jan. 6, 1781; Viscount, Dec. 6, 1789; and Earl, Nov. 1797.Arms-See plate 55.

Heir-Presumptive-Armar, the Earl's brother.

FRANCIS BERNARD, Earl of BANDON, Viscount Bernard, Viscount and Baron Bandon. Born January 3, 1810. Succeeded his father, James, the late Lord, Oct. 31, 1856. Married, Aug. 16, 1832, Catherine-Mary, daughter of Thomas Whitmore, of Apley, county of Salop, Esq., and has issue, James-Francis, Viscount Bernard, born Sept. 12, 1850; and other children.

Heir-Apparent-James-Francis, Viscount Bernard, the Earl's son. -Creations-Baron, Nov. 30, 1793; Viscount, Oct. 6, 1795; Viscount and Earl, Aug. 6, 1800.- -Arms-See plate 56.

CHARLES-ANDREW-KNOX STUART, Earl of CASTLESTUART, Viscount Stuart, &c. Born April 23, 1810. Succeeded his brother, Edward, the late Earl, February 20, 1857. Married, in 1835, Charlotte-Raffles-Drury, daughter of the late Quintin Thompson, Esq., and has issue, Henry-James, Viscount Stuart, born March 21, 1837; and other children.

Heir-Apparent-Henry-James, Viscount Stuart, the Earl's son.Creations-Viscount, Dec. 1703; and Earl, Dec. 29, 1800.-Arms -See plate 56.

RICHARD HUTCHINSON, Earl of DONOUGHMORE, Viscount Suirdale, Baron Donoughmore, of Knocklofty, Viscount Hutchinson, of Knock lofty, county of Tipperary, in the Peerage of the United Kingdom. Born March 1823. Succeeded his father, John-Hely, the late Earl, Sept. 12, 1851. Married, April 7, 1847, Thomasina-Jocelyn, daughter of the late Walter Steele, Esq. and has issue, John-LukeGeorge, Viscount Suirdale, born March 2, 1848; and other children. Heir-Apparent-John-Luke-George, Viscount Suirdale, the Earl's son. Creations-Baron, Oct. 16, 1783; Viscount, Nov. 7, 1797; Earl, Dec. 29, 1800; and English Viscount, July 9, 1821.- -Arms-See plate 56.

JAMES ALEXANDER, Earl of CALEDON, Viscount Alexander, &c. Born July 11, 1846. Succeeded his father, James-Dupré, the late Earl, June 23, 1855.


Heir-Presumptive-Walter, the Earl's brother.June 6, 1790; Viscount, November 1797; Earl, Dec. 29, 1800.-Aris-See plate 56.

THOMAS BROWNE, Earl of KENMARE, Viscount CastleRosse; also a Peer of the United Kingdom, as Baron Kenmare, &c. Born Jan. 15, 1789. Succeeded his brother, Valentine, the late Earl, Oct. 31, 1853. Married, in 1822, Catherine, daughter of Edmund O'Callaghan, Esq., and by her (who died Nov. 2, 1854) had issue, Valentine-Augustus, Viscount Castle-Rosse, born May 16, 1825; married, April 28, 1858, Gertrude-Harriet, daughter of Lord Charles Thynne, and has issue, Valentine-Charles, born Dec. 1, 1860. The Earl has other children.

Heir-Apparent-Valentine - Augustus, Viscount Castle-Rosse, the Earl's son- -Creations-Baron, Feb. 12, 1798; Viscount and Earl, Dec. 29, 1800; and Baron Kenmare, in England, March 9, 1856.Arms-See plate 56.

WILLIAM-HENRY-TENNISON PERY, Earl of LIMERICK, Viscount Limerick, and Baron Glentworth; also a Peer of the United Kingdom, as Baron Foxford. Born Oct. 9, 1812. Succeeded his grandfather, Edmund-Henry, the late Earl, Dec. 7, 1844. Married, first, April 16, 1838, Susanna, daughter of William Sheaffe, of Cornwall, Esq., and by her (who died in 1841) had issue, William-John-Charles, Lord Glentworth, born January 17, 1840; married, Aug. 28, 1862, CarolineMaria, daughter of the Rev. Henry Gray, and has issue, a son, born Sept. 10, 1863. The Earl has other children. The Earl married, second, April 6, 1842, Margaret-Jane, daughter of Nicholas Horsley, Esq., and the Countess was divorced in 1863.

Heir-Apparent-William-John-Charles, Lord Glentworth, the Earl's son. -Creations-Viscount, Dec. 30, 1785; Earl, Dec. 4, 1802, Irish honours; and Baron Foxford, in England, July 18, 1815.- -ArmsSee plate 56.

WILLIAM-THOMAS TRENCH, Earl of CLANCARTY, Viscount Dunlo, &c.; also a Peer of the United Kingdom, as Baron Trench, and Viscount Clancarty, of the county of Cork. Born Sept. 20, 1803. Succeeded his father, Richard-de-la-Poer, the late Earl, Nov. 24, 1837. Married, Dec. 8, 1852, Sarah, daughter of the Earl of Carrick, and has issue, Richard-Somerset, Viscount Dunlo, born Jan. 13, 1834; and other children.

Heir-Apparent-Richard-Somerset, Viscount Dunlo, the Earl's son, -Creations-Baron Kilconnel, of Garbally, Nov. 25, 1797; Viscount Dunlo, of Duulo, and Ballinasloe, Jan. 3, 1801; Earl of Clancarty, in the county of Cork, Feb. 11, 1803, Irish honours; Baron Trench, July 18, 1815; and Viscount Clancarty, both English honours, Nov. 17, 1823. -Arms-See plate 56.

ARCHIBALD-BRABAZON-SPARROW ACHESON, Earl of GOSFORD, Viscount Gosford, &c.; a Peer of the United Kingdom, as Baron Worlingham, of Beccles, in the county of Suffolk; and Baron Acheson, of Clancairney, in the county of Armagh. Born August 19, 1841. Succeeded his father, Archibald, the late Earl, June 15, 1864.

Heir-Presumptive-Edward-Archibald-Brabazon, the Earl's brother. -Creations-Baron, July 20, 1776; Viscount, June 20 1785; Earl, Feb. 1806, Irish honours; Baron Worlingham, in England, June 8, 1835; and Baron Acheson, June 28, 1847.- -Arms-See plate 56.

WILLIAM PARSONS, Earl of ROSSE, Baron Oxmantown, and a Baronet. Born June 17, 1800. Succeeded his father, LawrenceHarman, the late Lord, Feb. 25, 1841. Married, April 14, 1836, Mary, eldest daughter of John-Wilmer Field, Esq., and has issue, Lawrence, Lord Oxmantown, born Nov. 17, 1840; and other children.

Heir-Apparent-Lawrence, Lord Oxmantown, the Earl's son.Creations-Baron, 1792; and Earl, Feb. 7, 1806. - Arms plate 56.


WELBORE-ELLIS AGAR, Earl of NORMANTON, and Viscount Somerton. Born Nov. 12, 1778. Succeeded his father, Charles, the late Earl, July 14, 1809. Married, May 17, 1816, Diana, eldest daughter of George, Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery, and has issue, JamesCharles-Herbert-Welbore-Ellis, Viscount Somerton, born Sept. 17, 1818; married, April 10, 1856, Caroline, daughter of Viscount Barrington, and has issue, a son, born April 27, 1858. The Earl has other children.

Heir - Apparent― James-Charles - Herbert - Welbore - Ellis, Viscount Somerton, his Lordship's son.— -Creations-Baron, Nov. 12, 1795; Viscount, Dec. 21, 1800; and Earl, Feb. 7,1806.-Arms-See plate 57.

CHARLES-WILLIAM-FRANCIS BURY, Earl of CHARLEVILLE, Viscount Charleville, and Lord Tullamoore. Born May 16, 1852. Succeeded his father, Charles-William-George, the late Earl, Jan. 20, 1859. Heir-Presumptive--George-William, the Earl's brother.-Creations-Baron, Nov. 7, 1797; Viscount, Dec. 1802; and Earl, Feb. 16, 1806.- -Arms-See plate 57.

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RICHARD WHITE, Earl of BANTRY, Viscount Beerhaven, in the county of Cork, Viscount and Baron Bantry, of Bantry. Born Nov. 16, 1800. Succeeded his father, Richard, the late Earl, May 7, 1851. Married, Oct. 11, 1836, Mary, youngest daughter of the Marquess of Thomond, and she died July 19, 1853.

Heir-Presumptive-William-Hedges, the Earl's brother.-Creations-Baron, March 1797; Viscount, Dec. 29, 1800; Earl and Viscount, Jan. 22, 1816.-Arms-See plate 57.

GEORGE-AUGUSTUS-FREDERICK-CHARLES-NORTH-HOLROYD, Earl of SHEFFIELD, Viscount Pevensey, Lord Sheffield, Baron of Dunamore, county of Meath, and Lord Sheffield, Baron of

Roscommon; also Baron Sheffield, of Sheffield, in the county of York. Born March 16, 1802. Succeeded his father, John-Baker, the late Earl, May 30, 1821. Married, June 6, 1825, Harriet, daughter of the Earl of Harewood, and has issue, Henry-North, Viscount Pevensey, born Jan. 18, 1832; and other children.

Heir-Apparent-Henry North, Viscount Pevensey, the Earl's son. -Creations-Lord Sheffield, Baron of Dunamore, in the county of Meath, Dec. 18, 1780; Earl of Sheffield, and Viscount Pevensey, in Ireland, Jan. 22, 1816; and Baron Sheffield, of Sheffield, in the county of York, in England, July 20, 1802.-Arms-See plate 57.

FRANCIS-JACK NEEDHAM, Earl of KILMOREY, Viscount Newry, Morne, and Kilmorey. Born Dec. 12, 1787. Succeeded his father, Francis, the late Earl, Nov. 21, 1832. Married, Jan. 7, 1814, Jane, fifth daughter of George Gunn, of Mount Kennedy, county of Wicklow, Esq., and had issue, Francis-Jack, Viscount Newry, born Feb. 2, 1815 (who died May 6, 1851), having married, July 30, 1839, AnneAmelia, eldest daughter of Sir Charles Colville, and had issue, FrancisCharles, born August 1, 1842; and other children. The Earl has other children.

Heir-Apparent-Francis-Charles, the Earl's grandson.- Creations -Viscount, April 18, 1625; Earl and Viscount, Jan. 12, 1822.Arms-See plate 57.

WILLIAM HARE, Earl of LISTOWELL, Viscount Ennismore and Listowell, in the county of Kerry, and Baron Ennismore, in the same county. Born May 29, 1833. Succeeded his father, William, the late Earl, Feb. 4, 1856.

Heir-Presumptive-Richard, the Earl's brother.--Creations-July 30, 1800; Viscount, January 22, 1816; and Earl, January 12, 1822. -Arms-See plate 57.

EDWIN-RICHARD-WYNDHAM QUIN, Earl of DUNRAVEN and MOUNT-EARL, Viscount Adare, and Baron Adare, county of Limerick; and a Baronet of Great Britain. Born May 19, 1812. Succeeded his father, William-Henry-Wyndham, the late Earl, Aug. 6, 1850. Married, Aug. 18, 1836, Augustus, daughter of Thomas Goold, Esq., and has issue, Wyndham-Thomas, Viscount Adare, born Feb. 12, 1841; and other children.

Heir-Apparent Wyndham-Thomas, Viscount Adare, the Earl's son. -Creations-July 30, 1800; Viscount, January 22, 1816; Earl and Viscount, Jan. 12, 1822.-Arms-See plate 57.

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