Journal of the National Institute of Social Sciences

Publication Committee, 1918
List of members included in vols. 2-4, 6, 7, 9-

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Página 51 - In general way they wish to declare that they pay tribute to the elevation of the sentiment with which the American note is inspired and that they associate themselves with all their hopes with the project for the creation of a league of nations to insure peace and justice throughout the world...
Página 64 - Ambassador this morning that if Germany could get any reasonable proposal put forward which made it clear that Germany and Austria were striving to preserve European peace, and that Russia and France would be unreasonable if they rejected it, I would support it at St. Petersburgh and Paris, and go the length of saying that if Russia and France would not accept it His Majesty's Government would have nothing more to do with the consequences ; but, otherwise, I told German Ambassador that if France...
Página 64 - Chancellor in the above sense, and add most earnestly that the one way of maintaining the good relations between England and Germany is that they should continue to work together to preserve the peace of Europe...
Página 64 - If the peace of Europe can be preserved, and the present crisis safely passed, my own endeavour will be to promote some arrangement to which Germany could be a party, by which she could be assured that no aggressive or hostile policy would be pursued against her or her allies by France, Russia, and ourselves, jointly or separately.
Página 131 - That nation which, after the war, employs the best teachers with the highest pay and as a part of the best school system, will be the best governed and, therefore, the greatest nation.
Página 65 - Your telegram came so late. But if France offers Me neutrality which must be guaranteed by the British fleet and army I shall of course refrain from attacking France and employ My troops elsewhere. I hope that France will not become nervous. The troops on My frontier are in the act of being stopped by telegraph and telephone from crossing into France.
Página 90 - But uncontrolled military power was inherently an evil; if not in the first generation then in the second or third the tyrants usually became what the word now means.
Página 123 - ... special board by the Board of Survey composed of the neurologists and psychiatrists stationed at the camps. Neuroses are very common among soldiers who have never been exposed to shell fire and will undoubtedly be seen frequently among non-expeditionary troops in this country. In England nearly...
Página 86 - The stress of industry in war is making increasing demands upon physical endurance. In our hour of necessity we have been shocked by the high percentage of draft rejections on account of physical disability. As never before we need now to conserve, for present and future generations, the health and physical vigor of our people. Furthermore, it is the duty of statesmanship to look beyond our immediate pressing needs to the period of reconstruction at the close of the war. We cannot afford to disregard...
Página 121 - Hospitals for enlisted men. Such wards should provide for reception classification, and treatment in cases likely to be of short duration. It might be established in connection with a general hospital at the port of arrival or in connection with a very efficient private institution for the insane in which full military control of this department could be secured. It is equally important to provide for the continued treatment of officers and not leave this question, in which the Army has so great...

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