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BALTIMORE, Md., Stuart & Midwood Aves., B. Custer.
BOSTON, Mass., 37 Court St., Dr. G. Maurer.

BROOKLYN, N. Y., 268 Ryerson St.. Miss Anna Ryder.

CHICAGO, Ill., 59 E. Van Buren St. A. Vincent, Speaker. Science Center, 2748 Hampden Court. Julia B. Kuhmsted, Kalantress.

DENVER, Col., 322 W. Iowa Ave. Holcomb Doherty.

KOKOMO, Ind., 414 E. Walnut St. Dr. Grace Russell, Prior.
LOS ANGELES, Cal., 327 So. Hill St., Royal Arcanum Bldg.
LOWELL, Mass. 258 Rogers St. Lydia Florence Hilton.
NEW YORK CITY, 619 W. 122nd St., B. R. Weaverson.
OAKLAND, Calif., 293 29th St. Effie McKinnon-Miller.

PASADENA, Calif., 368 Franklin Ave., Congregation Dearborn
Carl Holdorf.

ROCHESTER, N. Y., 217 Alameda St. Leonettie Martindale.
SACRAMENTO, Cal., 814 - 23rd St. Mother Hortense Loring,

Instructor. Residence, 2631 - 30th St.

SAN DIEGO, Calif., 1867 Union St., corner Fir. H. Nackenhorst.
SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., 1750 Clay St., California Club House.
SEATTLE, Wash., 1718 - 32nd Ave. Fred Eckas.


MONTREAL, Canada, 157 King Edward Ave., Notre Dame de Grace.
YARMOUTH, Nova Scotia, Canada, G. C. Creelman.


LONDON, England, Mrs. Nellie Cowee Borel, Hazelwood, Mayfield
Road, Sutton, Surray.

EDINBURGH, Scotland. William Angus, Esq., 9 Argyle Place.
GLASGOW, Scotland, 164 Renfrew St., Mrs. Elizabeth Smith, resi-
dence 117 George Street, Edinburgh.


LEIPZIG, Schulstrasse 1. Mazdaznan Zentrale. Dr. Rauth.
HERRLIBERG, Zurich, Dr. David Ammann, Ambassador.
VIENNA, XVIII Abt Carlgasse 22-70. Frau Margarete Thern.

.ARLMS, Stovvej 28. Viggo Nielsen.


BOMBAY, Dadabhoy Sunawalla, Goalia, Malabar Hill, Tank Road.
SURAT, O. Guard, Oid Butcher St.


ADELAIDE, South Australia, Mr. Helmbold, care of Maars. Buring
and Sobels, Peel St.

SOCIETY, 327 South Hill Street.

Los Angeles, California.
Board of Lecturers: Maria Rose Ruth Hilton, Kalantar;
Lt. Col. Arthur Fitzroy Gault; Dr. B. G. Kester,
Ellen M. Shaw; Gilman Beeler, D. M., D. D., In-

Public Meeting and Classes: Sundays 11 a. m. Tuesdays and Wednesdays 8 p. m.

Dr. Gilman Bealer, Editor

Published monthly by the Mazdaznan Press, 1138 Manzanita St., Los Angeles, Cal., U. S. A. Copyrighted 1919 by Mazdanan Press. Entered as Second Class Matter January 14, 1916, at the Post Office at Los Angeles, Cal., under the Act of March 3, 1879.

DIRECTORS: A. F. Gault, Chairman; Wm. K. Sandberg, Vice Chairman; K. Graichen, Business Manager and Treasurer; Dr. Gilman Beeler, Secretary; John Vinson, Auditor.

The contents of this publication are written by the Rev. Dr. Otoman Zar-Adusht Ha'nish, except signed contributions.

Regular contributors: Maria Rose Ruth Hilton, Nellie Wheelwright, Zarlivana Marvin, Dr. B. G. Kester.

Address all communications and subscriptions to P. O. Box 1854, Los Angeles, Cal.

Vol. 18

January, 1919.


No. 1

And still we hold with poets, scientists and even metaphysicians that, "The greatest study of man is man." We are constrained to admit that all our encounters in the world at large-be they in the home, in society, in fields of industry or in the commercial world; or be they the premise of economic or of political problems-are due to the insufficient study of man. We study rock, plant and beast. We devote a great deal of time to familiarize ourselves with the peculiarities of all the objects in nature, but how puerile are our attempts in the study of man! True, we nurse pedagogism and devise measures of education, we revise text books and change methods of teaching, but we seem to forget,

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