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For remarkable Passages in the Criticisms, Extracts, Notices, and

Intelligence, see the Index at the end of the Volume.

Adams-Remembrance of Bonchurch, the

Burial-place of the Rev. W. Adams,

M.A., 476. Adhyatma Rámáyana Indian Manu

scripts, Mahábhárata, Adhyatma

máyanu, 404. Ailcheson's Strictures on the Duke of Ar

gyll's Essay, 482. Alfred the Great, Life and Times of. By

the Rev. J. A. Giles, D.C.L., 217. Alison's History of Europe, Epitome of, 205. Allies-Journal in France in 1845 and

1848. By the Rev. T. W. Allies,

M.A., 210. Anderdon- The Words from the Cross

Lent Sermons. By the Rev. W. H.

Anderdon, 209. Anderson-History of the Church of Eng

land in the Colonies. By the Rev. J.

S. M. Anderson, M.A., 480.
Apocalypse, Lectures on the; Critical,

Expository, and Practical. By Chr.
Wordsworth, D.D., Canon of West-

minster, 212 Apocalyptic Beasts, Name and Number of

the. By David Thom, Minister of

Bold Street Chapel, Liverpool, 195. Argyll— Correspondence between His Grace

the Duke of Argyll, and the Right Rev. W. J. Trower, Bishop of Glasgow and

Galloway, 226. Armstrong--Proposed Measure for esta

blishi Penitentiaries. By the Rev.

J. Armstrong, Vicar of Tidenham, 17. Aytoun--Lays of the Scottish Cavaliers,

and other Poems. By William Edmonstoune Aytoun, 196.

By the Rev. Edward Garrard Marsh

M.A., 218. Baptism, with reference to its Import and

Modes. By Edward Beecher, D.D.,

482. Bennett- Marriage within the Prohibited Degrees forbidden in Scripture.

By Hugh Bennett, M.A., Curate of Lyme

Regis, Dorset, 159. Berens— Memoir of the Life of Bishop

Mant. By his sometime Brother-Fel

low Archdeacon Berens, 462. Bernays - The Life of Christians during

the First Three Centuries of the Church. By Dr. Chr. Ludw. Conard. Trans

lated by the Rev. L. J. Bernays, 223. Biber— The Life of St. Paul, the Apostle

of the Gentiles. By the Rev. G. E.

Biber, LL.D., 439. Bigg— The Sea King, a Metrical Romance,

in Six Cantos. By J. Stanyan Bigg, 205. Birkett -- The Trial of Creation, and other

Poems. By the Rev. W. Birkett, M.A.,

205. Blackley Scriptural Teaching; or,

Pastor's Offering to his People. By the Rev. W. Blackley, B.A., Domestic

Chaplain to Viscount Hill, 425. Blakey- The Temporal Benefits of Chris

tianily exemplified in its influence on the Social, Intellectual, Civil, and Political Condition of Mankind. By Robert

Blakey, 457. Böhtlingk-Panini's Grammatische Re

geln. Von Br. Otto Böhtlingk, 405. Bonchurch, Remembrance of the Burial

place of the Rev. W. Adams, M.A., 476. Brandenburg, Memoir of the House of,

and History of Prussia, during the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries. By Leopold Ranke. Translated by

Sir Alex. and Lady Duff Gordon, 481. Browning-Poems, by Robert Browning,

354. Butler-Sermons, Doctrinal and Practi

cal. By the Rev. W. Archer Butler. Edited, with a Memoir of the Author, by the Rev. Thomas Woodward, 255.

Badeley-Marriage with a Deceased Wife's

Sister prohibited by Holy Scripture, as understood by the Church for 1500 years. By E. B. Pusey, D.D., and a Speech

by E. Badeley, Esq., 458. Balmex - Protestantism and Catholicity

compared in their effects on the Civilization of Europe. By the Rev. J.

Balmez, 438. Bampton Lectures for 1848-The Chris

tian doctrine of Sanctification considered.


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