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United States

Circuit Court

has granted an injunction against all infringers on the patented Imperial Hair Regenerator, manufactured only by the Imperial Chemical Mfg. Co., 292 Fifth Avenue, New York, and the learned Judge on the bench pronounced it "a useful and meritorious invention."

This time it was the so-called Victoria Hair Regenerator hich, by Judge Kirkpatrick, of the United States Circuit ourt in Trenton, was decided to be an infringement of the Imperial Chemical Manufacturing Company's patent. The decisions hold that the invention of complainant, which consists of ingredients that restore the natural color to gray hair, and which at the same time has been proven harmless, is one of the most important discoveries of the age, and properly patented.

Imperial Hair Regenerator


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Instant relief for skin-tortured babies and rest for tired mothers in a warm bath with CUTICURA SOAP, and a single application of CUTICURA (ointment), the great skin cure. The only speedy and economical treatment for itching, burning, bleeding, scaly, and pimply humors of the skin, scalp, and blood, with loss of hair.


Is sold throughout the world. POTTER DRUG AND
"How to Cure Baby

CHEM. CORP., Sole Props., Boston.
Humors," mailed free.

SCALP HUMORS Itching and Sealy, with Loss of Hair,

Cured by CUTICURA.

An institution for the scientific treatment of


Tumors, and all forms of
Malignant Growths,


We have never failed to effect a permanent cure where we have had a reasonable opportunity for treatment. Book and Circulars giving a description of our Sanatorium and Treatment, with terms and references, free.

Address DRS. W. E. BROWN & SON, North Adams, Mass.

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These are the Devices


that make

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TheAdlake" Superior

The Adlake Plate Holder watch-case. Light tight. Dust proof. Easy to manip

has proved a revelation. Tight as a secret. Shuts like a
ulate. 12 with each camera.

The Adlake Lens holder can be instantly removed for cleaning leus.
is extra rapid, single achromatic and of universal focus. The lens

The Adlake Shutter is simplicity itself. Is easily and quickly regulated. Has no pro

jecting levers. Nothing to break off, give out, or get lost. The diaphragm has three stops. No concussion; no noise; adjustable for time or instantaneous work. Perfect in every way


COMPLETE WITH 12 LIGHT-TIGHT METAL PLATE HOLDERS. Prepaid to any part of the United States for


Takes 12 glass

Can be loaded and adjusted in broad daylight. plate pictures at one loading. Cuts clear, sharp picture to edge of plate. No "extras". Get your plates anywhere. Standard size, 4x5 inches. Has two finders. Two tripod sockets. Elegantly

covered with seal grain leather.

Ask your photo stock dealer to get you an "Adlake" for inspection.
Our "Adlake Camera Book" tells all about it. Free for the asking.
Sample mounted photograph 5 cents in stamps.

The Adams & Westlake Company,

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118 Ontario Street, Chicago.

Eastman's No. 2 Eureka Camera is a simple instrument for use with glass plates. Makes pictures 3% x 32 inches, and has space in back for three double plate holders.

Fitted with fixed focus achromatic lens, which is carefully tested by our own expert. Safety shutter for time or instantaneous exposures, set of three stops, view finder and socket for tripod screw. Covered with fine leather and made with that careful attention to detail which characterizes all of the Eastman Products. Without trappy attachments or clumsy attempt at a "magazine"-no changing bag, no complicated mechanism.

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