Psychological Perspectives on Sexual Problems: New Directions in Theory and Practice

Jane M. Ussher, Christine D. Baker
Psychology Press, 1993 - 272 páginas
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The regulation of sexuality and the careful distinction between normality and abnormality has a long and checkered history--with psychologists at the forefront of this debate. Yet any attempt to identify a simple and unitary `psychology of sexual problems' inevitably becomes the focus of a great deal of criticism, particularly from the disciplines of psychoanalysis and feminism.

The aim of Psychological Perspectives on Sexual Problemsis both to provoke and to promote a glasnost between those whose work directly involves research and intervention in the arena of sexuality, and those who would deconstruct, criticize, and reframe any understanding of sexuality outside of the dominant discourse of psychology.

The contributors examine the psychological theories associated with sexuality and sexual problems and at the same time present examples of positive and empowering practice with groups of individuals whose sexuality is often ignored or marginalized. These individuals include those with learning difficulties or physical disabilities, sex offenders, gay men with AIDS, and women with eating disorders. Psychological Perspectives on Sexual Problemsis the first text to integrate critical theory and current clinical practice, in an attempt to arrive at a revolutionary approach to the psychology of sexuality.

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deconstructing sexology reconstructing sexuality
The seeds of masculine sexuality
why do women refer
widening horizons
A cognitivebehavioural model for the formulation
Sexuality sexual problems and people with learning
Sexuality and disability
Psychological perspectives on working with sex offenders
Sex and the injecting drug user
issues and problems for gay
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