Prove All Things

Christ Unlimited Ministries, 2003 M09 24 - 56 páginas
PROVE ALL THINGS is a guideline for "proving" the things that are of God and the things that are false. Christ warned that great deception would be one of the signs of the end times. In this book, instruction is given on how to recognize false prophets and teachings. Clear Scriptural guidelines are given on discerning the "Spirit of truth" versus the "spirit of error." The book deals with how to judge without being judgmental. We must be balanced in our approach to receiving new things to make sure they are from God. We can be so open we can allow the lies of Satan to deceive us yet, on the other hand we can be closed minded because of fear and miss new truths of God. This book presents the Biblical standard for testing spiritual experiences to see which voice we are hearing. A major trick of the enemy is to get Christians to receive something they think is from God that will ultimately destroy them. We need to be aware of these devices without being fearful of receiving the wrong things. PROVE ALL THINGS covers more than just discerning wrong doctrine; it also explains the way to test spiritual experiences as to their origin. How can we know if certain men and women are speaking God's truths? Prayerfully this book will help you to determine the truth from error and follow the Master's voice.

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