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THIS series of Elementary Readers is based on the principle of lightening, as far as possible, the tedious labour of teaching and learning the often arbitrary and confusing symbols which express the vowel sounds in English, by giving only one of these sounds at a time, first in its simpler, and afterwards in its more unusual forms.

The Sound taught one day is included in the lesson of the next, but only one new vowel sound, or mode of expression of a vowel sound, is given in each lesson. Any exception is an accidental, and, it is believed, a rare oversight.

As in my Spelling Book, the Pronunciation is based on that given by A. MELVILLE BELL, Dr. MORELL, DONALD WEBSTER, and the Synopsis of the Systems of WALKER, PERRY, JAMESON, KNOWLES, SMART, and WORCESTER, given in Dr. Goodrich's Edition of Webster.

Since, however, differences obtain among Authorities, and only one Standard could, as a rule, be given, the Compiler trusts that in any case in which Teachers or others, who use this book, would prefer a pronunciation in any measure varying from that indicated, they will kindly remember the difficulty of pleasing all tastes.

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BL, blot, blind, bled, bleed, blame.
CL, clan, clash, clime, clap, clip.
FL, flag, flesh, flog, flame, flat.
GL, glad, glade, glide, glut, glib.
PL, plan, plane, plum, plume, plod.
SL, slid, slide, slap, slop, slope.

Do not blot the page. There is no place like home. The blind man plods on.

A whole clan of lads came with flags to play on the slope.

Is club-moss got at the bog? I wish to get some to put in the plot at the


Will you plane me a bit of ash or pine for a ship? I shall be glad to do so. Clip the rag for me. The clog is not mine. The man's clogs clap as he goes.

I am in a class of ten; I am glad there

are no more.


A fine plume. A ripe

There is not much flesh; it is like a flake of fat, but it is fresh. I see a fly on it. Can you see the flash?

Is it a flame, or is it the glare of the sun on glass? Make a flat tin dish on this plan, but let

there be no flecks in the tin; I shall see them at a glance.

Can you slide? We slid on the slope at

the hill, for it was all ice. I can slide



BR, brand, brave, brag, brass, brim.
CR, crave, crib, crab, crip, crop.
DR, drag, drug, dress, drill, drop.
FR, frame, from, fret, fry, Fred.
GR, grave, grate, grab, Greg, Greek.
PR, prim, prime, prate, prig, probe.
TR, trade, tram, trim, trod.

It is not like a brave lad to brag.

The brute fled from the flame of the brand. The bride drove home in all the pride of gay dress. The cup is brim full.

Do not cram so much hay in-to the crib: the ox has been off to graze.

Let there be no trick in trade. The bees drive the drones from the hive.

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