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The Locke Adder has become the standard calculating machine of the world simply on its merits.
It is now recognized as a necessity in the modern business office.

Don't pay a high price for a calculating machine. It's entirely unnecessary. The Locke Adder
computations that any higher priced ma-



chine will do and more than many of them.
Adds, Subtracts, Multiplies and Divides and sells for $5.00.

My machine came to hand all right and I am much pleased with it. I find it very valuable in calculating, checking estimates, pay rolls, etc. H. E. COWAN, C. E. Chittenden, Vi. The Locke Adder is all you claim for it.

C. S. MCCLELLAN, Dollas, Texas.
The Locke Adder received and I am highly pleased with it.
C. W. BRANDBORG, Walcott, N. Dakota.

I have just received the Locke Adder and immediately put it into practical use, and am very pleased to inform you that it meets my requirements just as well as a 8125 machine. H. E. FLEMING, (with Howard Ice Co.,) Watertown, Mass.


5 $

Quickly Pays for Itself in simplifying details, saving work and preventing

errors. Adds all columns simultaneously, capacity 999,999,999. Easily learned and lasts a lifetime. Bookkeepers enthusiastic-employers endorse it Price $5.00 prepaid. Send money order, or draft to-day.


SENT FREE: Illustrated descriptive booklet explaining everything. No trouble to send it-write. C. E. LOCKE MANUFACTURING COMPANY, 65 Walnut Street, Kensett, Iowa.

It would be impossible for me to get along without the
use of the machine. It is worth its weight in gold.
Special Agt. U. S. Dept. Labor, Boston, Mass.
We are glad to be able to advise that the Locke Adder
1s eminently satisfactory and a great help to our book-
Honolulu, Hawaii.
The chief value of the machine to me is that I know
results are correct. Whenever you wish a good word for
the Adder you may be sure I will give it.

E. C. TEAGUE, Hebron Academy, Hebron, Maine.





The Duplicator that cleanly multicopies anything written with pen and typewriter, also music, drawings. etc. One original gives 150 copies Black ink in 15 minutes. Avoids: stencil, washing, delays, and expensive supplies. Price, complete cap-size outfit, $8.00. Lasts years.

Sent on 5 days' free trial without deposit.

THE G. SCHAPIRO-GRAPH CO., 265 Broadway, N. Y.



Save 20 per cent. of a book-keeper's time." Instantly applied or moved to meet changing conditions, 400 kinds of printed tags, including Alphabets, Months, etc., kept in stock. Tags to WRITE on. Used by U.S. P. O. & War Depts. Catalogue & Price List Free. Sample Tag, 5 Cents. Dept. D.. CHAS. C. SMITH, Exeter, Nebraska.

It's the graphite inside that makes a pencil "good" or "bad." Good graphite, strong, uniform, smooth and in one piece makes


American Graphite


the best America has produced. Made in
many grades, meeting every special taste
and requirement. Illustrated booklet E free.
Jersey City, N. J.

18-20 Van Buren Street, CHICAGO.

Mention the Review of Reviews in writing to advertisers

STAFFORD'S $21.00 Desk

Finished golden polished, fine quartered oak front, built-up panels and writing bed, double-deck top, moulded stiles, automatic locks, 2 legal-blank draw. ers, letter file, 6 all-wood file boxes, supply drawer, hang-over front, center drawer, document file, eard index drawer with eards, back paneled and polished; 48 in. long, 30 in. wide, 48 in. high. Sent to any responsible person on approval. Ask for Catalogs with Factory Prices: Office Furniture, No. 65. House Furniture, No. 66. Typewriters, all makes, "M."

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-you write names, or information upon cards, instead of in books; you can then arrange, add to, take from, or rearrange these cards in as many ways as you New cards are put in in exactly their proper place "dead" cards are taken out, so that only "live" matter is handled (with books you scratch off names, and make so many mutilations that you often skip good names)no indexing, the cards help to form their own index-with plenty of guides you can put your finger on the exact card you want almost instantly. Our Card System will keep any records and keep them better, neater, handier, and afford quicker reference. Send for Catalogue 28D.

Small Trial Outfits for 65c, or $1.25. Send for Special Circular.

Yawman & Erbe Mfg. Co., Rochester, N. Y.

New York, 360 B'way

Chicago, 138 Wabash Ave.
St. Louis, 512 Wash. Ave.

Boston, 92 Franklin St.
Phila., 925 Arch St. Wash., 916 F St.
Clevel'd, 97 Ont. St. Pittsb'g, 335 Fifth Ave.

San Fran., 37 New Montg'y St.
Balti., 3 E. German St.
Minnpls, 432 Boston Blk.

Mention the Review of Reviews in writing to advertisers

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Pure Mav



Our special box of Cigarillos is sold on the following conditions: We ship all orders Express Prepaid. You are to give them a thorough trial by smoking a package often, and, if not entirely satisfactory, return the balance at our expense, and the FULL amount of your remittance will be refunded by return mail.

Here's a case of the child getting to be as big as its father. Originally we made up this special box of Cigarillos for a few of our regular customers, but they noised it about, and we have had to make them a feature. Now, if you ever smoked the ordinary "little cigars," we won't blame you for being prejudiced against pretty nearly everything of the kind-but you never smoked any that are made as ours are-of pure Havana. Sometimes we think they are too good for a little cigar. At all events you cannot go wrong in sending for a box on trial.




1895 First Avenue,
New York, N. Y.

Est. 1875.

and if you don't find them better than any other little cigar" you ever smoked, just send back the remaining ones, and we'll send back your money without one word of question. We Pay ALL Express Charges.

They are put up in packages of ten handsomely wrapped In gold foil, and packed in a substantial box.

Remit $2.50 for box of 100, by check, P. O. or Express Money Order, or registered letter.

CIGARS ON APPROVAL Without Payment in Advance.

With each box of Cigarillos we send complete Catalogue showing all our pure Havana styles and sizes, from $2.50 to $15 per hundred, from which you may make a selection for shipment on approval, without payment in advance. These will be shipped to you, Express charges paid, and you may smoke several as a trial without charge. Every cigar we manufacture is pure Havana tobacco, made by Cuban workmen, and sold direct to thousands of individual smokers and clubs, in every State, to whom we can refer. We sup ply pure Havana Cigars at 40 per cent. lower than the usual cost. Catalogue on request.

La Reclama Cuban

to write for our 260-page free book. Tells how men with small capital can make money with a MAGIC LANTERN or STEREOPTICON. MCALLISTER, Mfg. Optician, 49 Nassau Street, N. Y.



is made
happy by a


Illustrated catalogue free. Contain-
ing everything from SADDLE to SPUR.
Where our goods are not on sale,
mail orders are carefully filled.

The Mehlbach Saddle Co.

Successors to the WHITMAN SADDLE CO.
106 R Chambers Street, New York City

Mention the Review of Reviews in writing to advertisers

The popular leather legging in England and on the Continent. Practical for horseback riding, golf, hunting and walking. $2.75 to $6.50 per pair.

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Denver, Colo., Daniels & Fisher.

Denver Dry Goods Co.
Geo. Mayer Hdw. Co.
Detroit, Henry C. Webber & Co.
Hunter & Hunter.
Duluth, Minn., Kelley Hdw. Co.
Erie, Pa., Chas. S. Marks & Co.
Fitchburg, Mass., Damon & Gould.
Grand Rapids, Mich., Gardiner &
Hartford, Conn., Brown, Thompson
& Co.
Helena, Mont., Ganz & Klein.
Indianapolis, Ind., Paul H. Krauss.
Jersey City, N. J., Wood & Menagh.
Kansas City, Mo., Nelson & Wright.
Geo. B. Peck Dry Goods Co.
Wolf Bros. Dry Goods Co.
Lawrence, Kans., Wm. Bromelsick.
Leavenworth, Kan., Ettenson,
Woolfe & Wennig.

Lincoln, Neb., Lincoln Hardware Co.

Patented April 8, '02. Goodform Trousers Hanger, sample Post Paid, 30c. Four, Express Paid, for $1.00.

If dealer offers a substitute, write us.


Send for free booklet, showing other sets.
Sold at equitable prices, Not Express Paid, by the following:

Milwaukee, Wis., Gimbel Bros.
Munn Hardware Co.
Minneapolis, Minn., Wm. Donald-
son Co.
Montgomery, Ala., I. Levystein.
Newark, N. J., Hahne & Co.
New York, John Wanamaker.
H. O'Neill & Co.
Siegel, Cooper & Co.
W. Irving Davis & Co.
Byck Bros.

Albany, N. Y., W. M. Whitney
& Co.
Atlanta, Ga., Geo. Muse Clo. Co.
Augusta, Ga., J. Miller Walker.
Baltimore, Md., J. S. Hymes.
1. Hamberger & Sons.
Brooklyn, N. Y., Abraham & Straus.
Birmingham, Ala., J. Blach & Sons.
Boston, Mass., R. H. White & Co.
Buffalo,N.Y., The Wm.Hengerer Co.

New Orleans, La., D. H. Holmes
Co., Ltd.

Adam, Meldrum & Anderson Co.
Walbridge & Company.
Burlington, La., Salter & Lofquist.
Butte, Mont., Hennessey Merc. Co.
Chattanooga, Tenn., Glenn & Shaw.
Chicago, Ill., Mandel Brothers.
Marshall Field & Co.
Cincinnati, O., Pickering Hdw. Co.
Cleveland, O., The May Co.

Omaha, Neb., Milton Rogers 'Sons Co.
Pittsburg, Pa., W. D. Phelan.
Aufhammer & Evans.
Providence, R. I., Boston Store.
Philadelphia, Pa., John Wanamaker.
Pueblo Colo., Crews, Beggs D. G. Co.
Salina, Kans., Ober Clothing Co.
San Antonio, Tex., A. Pencost's Sons.
San Francisco, Palace Hdw. Co.

W. B. Davis Co.
Colo. Springs, Colo., Giddings Bros.
Columbus, Schoedinger, Fearn & Co.

West Superior, Wis., Roth Bros.
Wilkes-Barre, Pa., City HardwareCo.


Savannah, Ga., Lindsay & Morgan.
Seattle, Wash., Thedinga Hdw. Co.
W. B. Hutchinson & Co.
Springfield, Ill., C. D. Roberts & Co.
Springfield, Mass., Meekins, Pack-
ard & Wheat.

Mention the Review of Reuiews in writing to advertisers

St. Joseph, Mo., Curtin & Clark
Hardware Co.

St. Louis, Mo., Werner Bros.
Wm. Barr Dry Goods Co.
D. L. Parrish.

Scruggs, Vandervoort & Barney.
St. Paul, Minn.,Schuneman & Evans.
Tacoma, Wash., Washington Hard-
ware Co.

Toledo, O., La Salle & Koch Co.
Washington, D. C., Morsell's.
Rudolph, West & Co.

S. Kann Sons & Co.
Woodward & Lathrop.

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