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Christmas Diamonds

On Credit

The $5 or $10 which you would pay for a cheap and trashy gift for the loved one's Christmas, would make the first payment on, and secure the immediate delivery of a beautiful Diamond ring, brooch, locket, earrings, stud, scarf pin, cuff buttons, watch or other article selected from our million dollar stock. A Diamond is a gift that will last forever and every day be a well-spring of delight to the wearer, and a perpetual reminder of the giver and his generosity.

HOW TO DO IT: Send for our handsome, new, illustrated Catalogue which shows thousands of beautiful things for Christmas-all goods being reproduced by photograph-select what you like and we will send it to your home, place of business or Express office, where you may examine it critically. If you like it and want to keep it, one-fifth of the price and send us the balance in eight equal monthly payments. REMEMBER: We pay all Express charges, give a written guarantee with every Diamond; make liberal exchanges, allowing the full price paid in exchange for other goods or a larger Diamond, or cheerfully refund all that you have paid, if the goods are not entirely satisfactory.

IT IS SAFE to send us money with order, but you need not pay a penny until you get the goods if you prefer not to do so. We are the largest house in the world in our line of business and one of the oldest-Established in 1858. Our references are any bank in America. For instance: Ask your local bank how we are rated in Dun's or Bradstreet's book of commercial ratings. You will be told that we stand at the top in credit, promptness and responsibility.

All you need to do is to make a selection, and enjoy all of the advantages of our Liberal Credit System. There is nothing disagreeable to be anticipated, no publicity, delay, security, interest, or in fact anything that you would not experience in shopping at your home store. Our Catalogue explains every feature of our system, terms, goods and prices; 18 a work of art and worth its weight in gold to any Christmas purchaser. A postal card today will fetch it.

TO CASH BUYERS: If you wish to buy a Diamond for cash, we will allow you a discount of eight per cent. Wear it one year or less, then if you wish bring it back and get spot cash for all you paid-less ten per cent. the reasonable cost of doing business. For instance; suppose you buy a fifty dollar Diamond and wear it one year, you could then send or bring it back and get $45 in cash. It would thus cost you but $5 to wear a splendid Diamond a whole year, or less than ten cents per week. This is only one of the many unique and liberal innovations originated by us in selling Diamonds to distant customers. We make every transaction pleasant, satisfactory and absolutely safe, for we will cheerfully refund any money sent us, if goods are not exactly what you desire.

Write today for our Catalogue, or tell us what you would like to have us send for your examination. There is no time to lose, for very soon we will be overwhelmed with rush Christmas orders from every corner of the country. Do not wait until the rush begins.


Diamond Importers and

Manufacturing Jewelers, Dept. 0 92, 94, 96 and 98 State Street

Chicago, Ill, U, S. A.

Opposite Marshall Field & Co.

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Keeps your trousers always in shape-smooth, as if just ironed. Occupies small space. Easy to put up. Simple to operate. Does not mark nor stretch the material. Keeps all proper creases, does not form others. Holds one to ten pairs, each pair readily get-at-able. Hangs all your neckties, too. May be quickly taken apart, put into your trunk, and put up anywhere.

Price complete, $2.00 Delivered N. A. PETRY, Dept. E

401 Commerce Street,


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Mention the Review of Reviews in writing to advertisers

Nickel finish. Set comprises Lasts to fit men's, women's, and children's

shoes, a Box of Blackola Polish and Polishing Cloth. Sent on receipt of


P. O. Box 1414
Dept. R, Philadelphia, Pa.
Delivered free of duty in Canada

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By the Kodak system every step in picture taking and picture making is accomplished in daylight-loading, unleading, developing, fixing, printing. The Kodak way gives better results than the old way, too.

Dark-Room Abolished

Kodaks, $5.00 to $75.00.

Kodak Developing Machines, $2.00, $6.00 and $7.50.

Ask your dealer or write us for the

new booklet, "The Kodak Way."


Rochester, N. Y.

Mention the Review of Reviews in writing to advertisers


Mention the Review of Reviews in writing to advertisers

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