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It is a very real sense of satisfaction that comes of owning an article that is the very best of its kind. Every one has something of exceptional quality that he treasures. The CHICKERING Piano is the source of unending satisfaction to the buyer; the more of a musician he is the better he will be pleased with his investment, for the tone of the CHICKERING is the height of perfection that is without equal. The cost, too, is but slightly greater than that of other pianos by good makers.

Chickering & Sons Pianoforte Makers

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An illustrated catalogue will be sent on application 786 Tremont Street, Boston


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Columbia Disc Graphophone


The Columbia Disc Graphophone is an inexhaustible and universal entertainer which is particularly appropriate for


It will make home delightful and afford no end of pleasure from the coming Christmas until the next one.

The Disc Graphophone is made in

three types, selling at

$15, $20, and $30

7-inch records, 50 cents each;

10-inch records, $1 each; $10 per dozen

It is always

ready; does not get out of order, and the variety of records used on it is endless-songs, instrumental solos, orchestral and band pieces, amusing stories,



Columbia Disc Graphophones are superior to all others. Our Flat, Indestructible Records are composed of a material Controlled Exclusively by us. They are the sweetest, smoothest, and most brilliant records ever heard. Until you listen to them you can form no accurate idea of the progress that has been made in bringing the disc records to the point of perfection. Their excellence is fully equalled by their durability.

Columbia High-Speed Moulded Records fit all types of talking machines using cylindrical records, and are superior to all others. Send for Catalogue 22.

Sold by Dealers Everywhere and by the


Pioneers and Leaders in the Talking Machine Art

NEW YORK: Wholesale and retail, 93 Chambers Street. Retail only, 573 Fifth Avenue.

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Santa Fe

Mention the Review of Reviews in writing to advertisers

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If you desire one of our 1903 Calendars of Old Japan, send six cents in postage. It's like the picture at the left of this page. Very bright and unique. The Calendar is 8 inches wide, 37 inches long, ready for hanging. Address, PABST MALT EXTRACT DEPARTMENT, Milwaukee, Wis.

Hundreds of physicians are writing us, telling of the good they have found in prescribing

Pabst Malt Extract
The Best Tonic

for their patients.
One says, "It is
good to give and good to take."
Successful physicians are prescribing
Pabst Malt Extract for folks who
are half sick, fagged out from over-
work or any other cause,
cause, because
they know it will do good.

Pabst Malt Extract is sold by all druggists.

Don't hesitate to send six cents in stamps for our Calendar of Old Japan. It is decorative, and the brightest and prettiest calendar of the year, 37 inches long, 8 inches wide, like picture at left, only in colors and much larger. Address, PABST MALT EXTRACT DEPARTMENT, Milwaukee, Wis.



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NOVEMBER SMTWTFS 1234567 $2A2BA 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22232425262728 2930--



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Mention the Review of Reviews in writing to advertisers


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