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ter at Granite Bay" (New York: Eaton & Mains), it being understood that "Granite Bay" is the name selected to stand for a certain nook on the shore of Long Island Sound, less than one hundred miles from New York City.

"New England and Its Neighbors" (Macmillan) is the title of Mr. Clifton Johnson's new volume of penand-camera pictures. This writer's method of combining authorship and photography has worked out so happily in his descriptions of country life in foreign lands that he has ventured to try the same method nearer home. In the new book there are capital descriptions of "Midwinter in Valley Forge," "A Ruin Beside Lake Champlain," "The Home of Fenimore Cooper," ""A Historic Town in Connecticut" (Saybrook), "A Jaunt on Long Island," "A Canal-Boat Voyage on the Hudson," and various other scenes and incidents, all of which serve as a background, or setting, for Mr. Johnson's clever delineation of Yankee traits and characteristics. It is distinctively a book of rural life.


The latest publication of the American Economic Association (Macmillan) is a monograph on "The Negro in Africa and America," by Joseph A. Tillinghast. Some interesting facts regarding the origin and purpose of this study are brought out in a brief introduction contributed by Prof. Walter F. Willcox, of Cornell University. The monograph is the work of a Southern white man, the son of a slaveholder, who has pursued his work at Cornell, utilizing for the purpose a library "the nucleus of which in this field is a large antislavery collection." As a first step toward an understanding of negro character, Mr. Tillinghast has attempted this investigation into the hereditary influences, as well as the factor of environment, which have entered into the negro's history both in Africa and in America. The negro problem, as Mr. Tillinghast understands it is, "how to reduce the divergence in character between the white and black populations." In this monograph Mr. Tillinghast has made a helpful contribution to our knowledge of the basic conditions of which this "problem" is an outgrowth.

In "The Leaven in a Great City" (Dodd, Mead & Co.) Mrs. Lillian W. Betts shows how the standard of living is continually rising in New York through the efforts of the crowded population of frugal and industrious poor. Mrs. Betts describes the attempts made by churches, and other altruistic organizations, to help the working people in maintaining these higher standards and in reaching out in many directions for better things. The numerous illustrations made from photographs of familiar New York scenes do much to enforce the lessons of the text.

In the series of "Handbooks of American Government" (Macmillan) Prof. William C. Morey contributes a compact little volume on "The Government of New York: Its History and Administration." Dr. Morey's survey includes the historical growth, the structural features, and the administrative work of the

State government. In the third section,-in his discussion of the government's work,-Dr. Morey endeavors to counteract the prevalent idea that the government is an end in itself, and not simply a means to a higher end. His purpose is to set forth what the government actually does in the administration of justice, by defining and protecting individual rights; in the protec tion of the community, through the exercise of the police power; in the support given to public education; in the supervision of public charities and corrections; in the control of economic interests; and in the management of the public finances.

"School Administration and Municipal Government" is the title of a Columbia University monograph, by Frank Rollins, Ph.D. (Macmillan). Dr. Rollins discusses his subject under the following chapter-heads: "The Interest of the State in the School Administration of Cities;""The School Board, or Board of Education;" "Administration of External or Business Affairs; " "Supervisory Administration;" Administration of Instruction and Discipline;" and "The School and the Community." From his study of the situation, Dr. Rollins concludes that it is the duty of the State to regulate city school administration in the interests of the people; that small boards of education should be appointed by the mayor for long terms, with gradual change, large powers, and fixed responsibility; that the routine of business administration should be placed in the hands of paid experts; and that there should be a high standard of qualification for the supervising and teaching force, ascertained by exacting tests, to be followed by large authority and secure tenure of office.

Mr. Harold W. Bowman has written an account of "The Iowa Board of Control: A Centralized System of Administration for State Institutions" (Ann Arbor, Mich.: Michigan Political Science Association). This is a careful study of a plan for unifying the supervision of charitable, penal, and correctional institutions.


In his book on "The Economic Interpretation of History" (Macmillan), Prof. Edwin R. A. Seligman, of Columbia University, gives a succinct history of the theory that, since the existence of man depends upon his ability to sustain himself, the economic life is the fundamental condition of all life. Professor Seligman explains the genesis and development of this doctrine; studies some of the applications made by recent thinkers; examines objections; and estimates the true import and value of the theory for modern science.

A revised edition of Mr. Horace White's "Money and Banking" (Boston: Ginn & Co.) has recently appeared. The first edition of this valuable work was published seven years ago. In the present revision the author has expunged certain controversial and other matter that had become obsolete, and has practically rewritten the book, adding several new chapters. While the question of the standards is no longer a controverted one, there are many other phases of our monetary and banking systems which require lucid exposition. Perhaps no American writer possesses this gift in fuller measure than does Mr. White.


Unless otherwise specified, all references are to the October numbers of periodicals.
For table of abbreviations, see last page.

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[blocks in formation]

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Great Britain: see also South Africa.

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Industrial Peril, American, C. C. Townsend, Contem.
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Jiujutsu: Japanese Self-Defense Without Weapons, T. P.
Terry, O.

Journalism, Religious, Personal Forces in-II., D. Williamson, LeisH.

Jupiter, The Planet, G. W. Hough, PopA.

Justification, Doctrine of, J. W. Richard, Luth.
Kindergarten: see also Education.

Berlin Froebel Society's Course for Mothers, Gertrude
Pappenheim, KindR.

Civic Growths, Public Kindergarten in, Constance M. Durham, Gunt.

Froebel, Denton J. Snider's Life of, Bertha Johnston, Kind. Kindergarten, The Dearest, in the World, Kind R. Training School, History of Education in the, A. O. Norton, Kind R.

Kipling, Rudyard, Echoes and Growth in, B. A. Heydrick, PL.

Kipling, Rudyard, the Colonial, E. Graham, AngA.
Knights Templars, Financial Relations of the, to the Eng-
lish Crown, Eleanor Ferris, AHR.
Labor Organizations in the United States, C. D. Wright,


Labor, Organized: What It Has Learned, R. M. Easley,

Labor Union Restriction of Industry, M. G. Cunniff, WW.
Lafitte, Jean, True Story of, J. R. Spears, Mun.
Landscape Architecture in America, AI.

Language, An International: A Plea for the Study of
Esperanto, RRL.

Law in the Emblem Writers, J. Williams, ALR.
Law, Mercantile, Codification of, ALR.

Legislation, Political and Municipal, in 1901, R. H. Whitten,
Annals, September.

Leonids, The, W. H. Pickering, PopA.

Leonids of November, 1901, R. B. Taber, PopA.
Library, Public, Scientific Reading in a, A. E. Bostwick,
Library, Traveling, as a Civilizing Force, Jessie M. Good,

Life Insurance Companies: How They Use Their Enormous
Surplus, WW.

"Light Cure" at Copenhagen, J. Moritzen, AMRR.
Light Cures: Old and New, A. E. Bostwick, Ev.
Lighting of Railway Trains in Europe, H. Guérne, Eng.
Lincoln, Abraham, and the Patronage, C. R. Fish, AHR.
Literary World, Events in the, F. J. Mather, Jr., Forum.
Literature: Knickerbocker Era of American Letters, G. E.
Woodberry, Harp.

Lizards of the Desert, Two, D. Coolidge, CLA.
Local Option, A Study of, F. Foxcroft, Atlant.
Log Rafts of the Pacific, A. Inkersley, Over.
London and Londoners, C. M. Depew, PMM.
London, Some of the Clubs of, T. H. S. Escott, Cham.
London Wage-Earners, Among-II., W. A. Wyckoff, Scrib.
Louisiana Purchase, A Spanish Opponent of the,-Chevalier
d'Yrujo, C. H. Hart, Cent.

"Luck": What Is It? P. Latzke, Ev.

Luke, Gospel of, Medical Language in, R. J. Knowling, Bib.
Lutheran General Synod, A. Stump, Luth.

Mahan, Capt. A. T., Theories of, A. Moireau, RDM.,
October 1.

Mahâyâna Doctrine and Art,-II., P. Caru
Majority Rule, Preserving Free Governme through, B. O.
Flower, Arena.
Mankind in the Making-II., The Problem of the Birth-
Supply, H. G. Wells, Cos; Fort.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, J. P. Munroe,

"Matter," Non-Existence of, A. S. Hawkesworth, West.
Mazzei, Florentine Filippo, Story of, Helen Zimmern, NEng.
Meander Belts, Limiting Width of, M. S. W. Jefferson,

Meredith, George (“A Knightly Pen "), Harriet W. Preston, Atlant.

Metals, Precious, Production and Consumption of the, I. A. Hourwich, JPEcon, September.

Methodism, Constitution of, J. J. Tigert, MRN.

Mexico, Modern: The King of All the Cattle Kings, S. G.
Andrus, NatM.

Milton, John: Did He Write "Nova Solyma"? BB.
Mind and Nature, A. E. Taylor, IJE.

Mining at High Altitudes, T. A. Rickard, CasM.
Miracles, Evidential Value of, L. B. Hafer, Luth.

Africa, Central, Awakening in, D. Fraser, MisR. Backward Movements of Our Times, A. T. Pierson, MisR. Greek Students and Religion, Dr. Moxhen, MisR. Hadramaut, Arabia, Appeal for, S. M. Zwemer, MisR. India, Industrial Exhibitions by Christians in, J. T. Gracey, MisR.

India, Missionaries in, Sister Nivedita, West.
Islam, Our Point of View Toward, H. O. Dwight, MisR.
Latin America, Protestant Education in, H. M. Lane, MisR.
Marsovan Mission Station, Work of the, A. S. Hoyt, MisH.
Persia, Outlook in, B. Labaree, MisR.

Tsao Han Kin: A Christian Chinese, J. S. Adams, MisR. Universities' Missions, American, J. H. Ross, MisR. Missouri, Old Steamboat Days on the, G. W. Ogden, Ev. Mithraic Mysteries, Doctrine of the II., F. Cumont, OC. Moffat, David Holliday, F. L. Webster, Cos.

Molière and the People, H. Davignon, RGen, September.
Monetary Position, American, BankL.
Monroe Doctrine, F. Pollock, NineC.

Monroe Doctrine, John Quincy Adams and the-II., W. C.
Ford, AHR.

Monstery, Thomas Hoyer Munster, H. S. Canfield, Ev. Montaigne, Michel Eyquem de, H. D. Sedgwick, Jr., Atlant. Monte Carlo, At, A. Castaigne, Harp.

Monuments, Ancient, Restoration of, P. Verhaegen, RGen, September.

Morley, John, J. McCarthy, Out.

Morocco, the Country of the Future, P. H. Fawcett, PMM.
Motor-Car, Serious Problem of the, A. Harmsworth, NatR.
Mount Vernon, V. M. Herbert, AngA.

Mouth Parts of Insects, V. L. Kellogg, ANat, September.
Municipal Socialism in Great Britain, J. Boyle, CasM.
Municipal Works, Art in, S. Baxter, Cent.
Music, Events in the World of, H. T. Finck, Forum.
Naval Defense Problem, Our, J. C. O'Laughlin, NatM.
Navy, American, Phases of the, W. W. Whitelock, Cass.
Negro Business League, National, B. T. Washington, WW.
Negro, The Hope of the, J. L. Robinson, OC.

Negro Question, Crux of the, H. A. Stimson, BibS.
New York Chamber of Commerce, F. Matthews, WW.
New York City, Story of, G. Kobbé, Pear.

New York Hotels, W. Hutchins, Arch.

New York, Literary Landmarks of IV., C. Hemstreet, Crit. New York Police Force, T. Roosevelt, Cham.

New York Public School, A Day in a, W. McAndrew, WW. New York Subway, Difficult Engineering in the, F. W. Skinner, Cent.

New York's Subway, Building, A. Ruhl, Cent.
Newspaper Woman of To-day, Kate Masterson, Era.
Nietzsche and Guyau, Ethics of, A. Fouillee, IJE.
Nigeria, Northern, Sport in, B. R. M. Glossop, Bad.
Norfolk, Bombardment of, January 1, 1776, AMonM.
Novelist, Moral Hesitations of the, Edith B. Brown, Atlant.
Number as Determining Form of Group, G. Simmel, AJS,


Oaks, Famous, of Britain, C. L. Warner, Cass.

Old-Age Homes, Danish and Russian, Edith Sellers, NineC.
Opera, Russian-II., M. Delines, BU.

Ophir, In the Land of, K. Peters, Deut, September.

Ordnance Engineering as a Mechanical Industry, J. F.
Meigs, Eng.

Oregon Coast, Naturalist on the, W. Hutchinson, Contem.
Organ, First, in America, A. W. Brayley, NEng.
Orleans, The Nine Days of, Mac.

Orizaba, Mount, An Ascent of, A. R. Crook, PopS.

Oxford and Cambridge Universities, Financial Management

of, A. T. S. Goodrick, Black.

Palestine: Ancient "Circuit of Argob," G. L. Robinson, Bib.
Panama Canal, Germany and the, F. Lampe, Deut, Septem-

Parson, The Colonial, H. J. Webster, NEng.

Party Platforms of 1902, Typical: I., The Massachusetts Dem-
ocratic Platform; II., Connecticut Republican Platform,

Pastor in the Pulpit, W. H. Mayhew, NC.

Peary, Robert E., Work of, in 1901-1902, NatGM.

Pecuniary Dependence, Ethics of, Lydia F. Dickinson, NC.
Penn, William, "Holy Experiment" of, E. E. Taylor, Gent.
Pensions, Civil, and Schemes for Reform, G. Cahen, RPP,

Persia and Persian Beluchistan, Trip Through, USM.
Pett, Phineas, Naval Constructor-II., E. W. Williams,

Pheasant, With Regard to the, L. H. DeV. Shaw, Bad.
Philippine Constabulary and Its Chief, J. W. Jenks, AMRR.
Philippines, Commerce and Tariffs in the, C. C. Plehn,
JPEcon, September.

Philippines, Establishment of Civil Government in the, L.
S. Rowe, Annals, September.

Philippines, Political Parties in the, W. H. Taft, Annals,

Philippines, Work of the Friars in the, S. Bonsal, NAR.
Philosophy and Religion, J. Lindsay, BibS.

Philostratus, The Apollonius of, W. B. Wallace, West.

Backgrounds, Practical Points on, WPM, September.
Daguerreotypes, Copying, J. A. Tennant, WPM, Septem-

[blocks in formation]

Ozotype, J. Hadden, CDR.

Photographers' Association of America, WPM, September.
Portraiture and Copying by Lamplight, B. D. Underhill,

Portraiture at Home, W. Ide, CDR.

Postcards, Sensitized, How to Make, E. Luchesi, AA, Sep-

Radiography, Practical, E. Fleischman-Ascheim, FrL.
Scientific and "Freak" Photography, W. N. Brannan,

Telephotography, WPM, September.

"Pilgrim's Progress," The Land of the, J. W. Davies, Bkman.
Pine Trees of New England, Annie O. Huntington, NEng.
Ping-Pong, Game of, H. Essex, NatM.

Piper of Francheville, May Byron, Temp.

Pirrie, Right Hon. W. J., Sketch of, Can.

Planets, Our Sister, L. Irwell, Ros.

Plant Adaptation, Study in, J. W. Toumey, PopS.
Plant Battles, J. J. Ward, Harp.

Playgrounds and Vacation Schools in New York, Bertha
Johnston, Kind.

Playgrounds, Chicago Summer, Grace Fairbank, Kind.
Pleasure Grounds, Our Public, M. O. Stone, AMRR.
Plymouth, Massachusetts: The Tourist and the Native,
Ethel Hobart, NEng.

Poetry and Its Relation to Life, E. Markham, Mind.
Poetry, Canadian, G. J. H. Northcroft, LQ.

Poetry, Modern, Modern Life and, Josephine P. Peabody, PL.
Poetry, Modern, Religious Element in, F. Waters, Cath.
Poets, American, Recollections of, W. Eaton, Cent.
Politics, American, H. L. West, Forum.

Politics and Jurisprudence, Ideal School of, H. Taylor, NAR.
Poor, The Pampered Children of the, Ida M. Metcalf, IJE.
Positivism, Metaphysics of, F. Brunetière, RDM, October 1.
President's Carriage, Questions of Law Suggested by the
Accident to the, S. D. Thompson, ALR.

Primitive Man in the Ice Age, W. Upham, BibS.

Prophets, True and False, in I. Kings, D. A. Walker, Bib.
Protection, The Administration and, Gunt.

Queens of Europe: Queen Olga of Greece, Queen Amelie of
Portugal, Queen Helene of Italy, Queen Wilhelmina of
Holland, Margaret Sherrington, Can.

Railways, English: Do They Earn Their Dividends? H. W.
Wilson, NatR.

Rational, The, A. Roeder, NC.

Relic Market, H. Macfarlane, Long.

Religion, Seat of Authority in, J. H. Leckie, LQ.

Religion, State, Evolution of a, L. J. Markoe, ACQR.

Revivals in American Church History, J. E. McCulloch,

Rhodes Scholarships, The Will Proved; Mr. Parkin's Mis-
sion, RRL.

Rockies, Our Northern, R. H. Chapman, NatGM.

Rocky Mountains, Winter in the, Katharine Sumner, Era.
Roman Catholic Church, Revolt from, Father Taunton and

A. Galton, Fort.

[blocks in formation]

St. Louis, Palatial Residences of, E. S. Hoch, NatM.

St. Louis, Tweed Days in, C. H. Wetmore and L. Steffens,

St. Vincent, An Adventure in, W. L. Clowes, Corn.
Salmon Streams, Canadian, Sport on, A. P. Silver, Bad.
Schopenhauer's Pessimism, Causes of, J. C. Peery, Luth.
Science and Religion-II., W. H. Mallock, Fort.

Science, Applied, H. H. Suplee, Forum.

Science, Recent Advances in, R. Virchow, PopS.
Scotch Alps, Climbing the, A. C. Gordon, Cos.

Scott, Sir Walter, "Old Mortality" and, J. A. S. Barrett,

Seal, Hunting the, from the Outports, N. Duncan, O.
Seaweeds: How to Observe, Use, and Preserve Them, AA,

Setters and Pointers, Training, for Quail Shooting, W. B.
Meares, O.

Sex in Animal Life, Development of, S. L. Schenck, NAR.
Shadow Brook at Lenox, T. Macadam, CLA.
Shakespearian Questions-VII., Concerning Touchstone, W.
J. Rolfe, PL.

Shelley and Keats, Democracy of, J. W. Stimson, Arena.
Shipbuilding, Twentieth-Century Types of, AMRR.
Ships, Liquid Fuel for, J. F. Flannery, CasM.

Siam and the Powers, Fort.

Sierra Nevada, On the Crest of the, M. Roberts, OutW.
Silk Culture in California, Carrie Williams, Over.
Sin, The Coming of, A. Brown, LQ.

Skyscrapers, Limitations to the Production of, B. J. Hen-
drick, Atlant.

Slocum, Captain Joshua, C. Johnson, O.

Social Betterment in England, W. T. Stead, RRL.

Social Conditions and Business Success, R. B. Van Cortlandt,

Social Evolution, Three Primary Laws of, C.W. Macfarlane,
Annals, September.

Social Progress and the Police Power, B. J. Ramage, ALR.
Social Reforms, J. A. Nicklin, West.

Social Service, American Institute of, J. Strong, SocS.
Society, Salvation of-II., W. W. McLane, Hom.

Sociology of 1902, A. Posada, EM, September.

Sociology, Study of-III., F. L. Tolman, AJS, September.
Solar Energy, Source and Maintenance of, J. Morrison, PopA.
South Africa: see also Great Britain.

Boer Generals at Downing Street, E. Dicey, Fort.

French Study of the Boer War, Contem.

Kaffir Manners and Customs, W. S. Fletcher, LeisH.
Lessons of the Boer War, E. H. Brabant, MonR.

South Africa, By Coach Through, J. W. Davies, Lipp.
South America, Our Diplomatic Mistakes in, A. J. Lamou
reux, Out W, September.

South Seas, A Mystery of the, H. V. Barclay, PMM.
South, The, and Her History, D. Y. Thomas, AMRR.
Spain, Religious Crisis in, F. G. Smith, MRN.

Specie, Prices and the International Movement of, J. L.
Laughlin, JPEcon, September.

Spencer, Herbert, Last Words of, S. FitzSimons, ACQR.
Spiritual Phenomena, W. H. Hinkley, NC.

Steamships, Ocean, L. Perry, WW.

Stevenson, Robert Louis, Essays by, F. M. Smith, PL.
Stevenson, Robert Louis: Along the Route of His "Inland

Voyage," J. B. Carrington, BB.

Stone, Ellen M.: Six Months Among Brigands-V., McCl.
Stone, Rev. S. J., Hymns of, J. H. Ross, Hom.

Street Railways and the Public, W. A. Bancroft, NatM.
Success, Conditions of, M. Nordau, Fort.

Suffrage, Equal, in Colorado, Helen M. Wixon, Era.

Suffrage Restriction in the South, H. D. Money, FrL.; C. H.
Poe, NAR.

Suffrage, Universal, U. Guérin, RefS, September.

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