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Coal Strike: Is Ita Conspiracy? G. Gunton, Gunt.
Coach, Old Road, H. H. S. Pearse, O.
Colombia, Situation of, E. A. Morales, NAR.
Colville, William W.J., Sketch of, C. B. Patterson, Mind.
Cummunipaw, New Jersey: The House of the Four Chim-

neys, G. Van Arkel, NĚng.
Composers, Two Modern French: Camille Saint-Saëns and

César Franck, D. G. Mason, Out.
Connecticut Constitutional Convention of 1902, C. H. Clark,

Yale, August.
Constantinople, Harem-Life in, M. B. Falkner, Cham.
Constitution and Religion, S. Mendels, G Bag.
Coöperative Conference at Lewiston, B. 0. Flower, Arena.
Corn, Breeding New Kinds of, W. S. Harwood, WW.
Country Home, Making of a-VII., C. Bragdon, CLA.
Cowpens, Battle of, and Its Hero, Mrs. G. K. Peay, A Mon M.
Cricket Field, With “ Vanity Fair " in the, Cass.
Cricket: The Present Australian Team, H. Gordon, Bad.
Criminal Classes, Adelle W. Wright, Arena.
Crusade, The Children's, J. H. Yoxall, LeisH.
Cuban Reciprocity- A Moral Issue, W. A. White, McCl.
Currency, Credit, Redemption of a, BankNY.
Curtis, Cyrus H. K., Publisher, J. M. Chapple, NatM.
Czar's Simple Life, F. Morris, Cos.
Danish West Indies. Our Duty in the, H. Wisby, Arena.
Davidson, The Late Professor A. B., G. A. Smith, Bib.
Davis, Richard Harding, Localities and Scenes of the

Stories of, J. F.J. Archibala, BB.
Dead Sea, Forgotten Exploration of the, J. R. Spears,

Declaration of Independence, Homes of the Signers of the,

E. Ellen Batchellor, A MonM.
De Kock, Charles Paul, B. Stark, Bkman.
Democracy and Society, Vida D. Scudder, Atlant.
Dickens, Charles, as an Artist, L. W. Lillingston, Str.
Dickens' London, Relics of, C. W. Dickens, Mun.
Dogs: Field Trials of Setters and Pointers, B. Waters, 0.
Dogs: The Irish Terrier in America, J. Watson, CLA.
Domestic Problems, Man's Solution of, Charlotte Teller, Ev.
Dowie and Dowieism, R. Linthicum, Ains.
Dowie, John Alexander, Zion City Built by, G. Townshend,

Drama, Bases of the-III., Marguerite Merington, Bkman.
Drama, Japanese, and the Actor, O. Watanna, Crit.
Düsseldorf, International Holiday-Making at, F. H. Stead,

Eckmuhi, Campaign of, 1809–11., F. L. Huidekoper, JMSI.
Edgewood, Glimpses of, A. R. Kimball, BB.
Education: See also Kindergarten.

Agriculture in Public Schools, Teaching, J. Carter, Kind.
Business Education in England, BankL.
Commercial Education in England, D. Bellet, RPP, Au-

Correspondence, Teaching by, R. Doubleday, WW.
Education and the Social Ideal, 1. W. Howerth, EdR.
Elective System, J. H. Robinson, Int.
English Teacher, Qualifications of the, Frances W. Lewis,

France, Recent Reaction in, Anna T. Smith, Kind.
Geometry: What Is It? A. L. Baker, Ed.
German University, Taking a Degree in a, W. W. White-

lock, Chaut.
Gove, Aaron: My Schools and Schoolmasters, EAR.
London Schools and the Poor, Lucia Stickney, EdR.
Myth and History in the Elementary Schools, May H.

Prentice, Kind.
National Standard in High Education, H. W. Horwill,

Nature Study, Proper Guidance in, F. Waldo, Ed.
Principles of American Education, N. M. Butler, EDR.
Problems in Education, B. T. Washington, Cos.
Professional Training for Teachers, Necessity of, W.B.

Aspen wall, Ed.
Progress, School in the Promotion of, G. McA. Miller,

Prussia, New Curricula in, C. E. Wright, Ed.
Eels and the Eel Question, M. C. Marsh, Pops.
Egypt, Education in, F. Bell, NineC.
Egypt of To-day, J. W. Jenks, Int.
Electric Interurban Railways, High Speed, G. H. Gibson,

Electric Light and Power in Korea, R. A. McLellan, CasM.
Electric Lighting of St. Paul's Cathedral, H. C. Marillier,

Electric Railways in Berlin, F. H. Mason, CasM.
Eliot, George, After Twenty Years, W. A. Sibbald, Mac,
England: see Great Britain.
England of Arthur Young and Cobbett, A. I. Shand, Corn.
English Parish, What Happened to the I., S, and Beatrice

Webb, PSQ
English Romanist Clergy and the Church of Rome, A. Gal-

ton, Fort.
European Peace, Shifting Foundations of, Fort.
Expositions, Management and I'ses of, G. F. Kunz, VAR.
Farmer, American, Improved Conditions in the Life of the,

C. H. Matson, AMRR.

Farmer's Balance Sheet for 1902, W. R. Draper, AMRR.
Fishermen of the Deep Sea, A. J. Kenealy, O.
Fishes, Food of, and How It Is Captured, J. Isabell, Leis H.
Fishing, Salt-Water, Some Hints About, E.T. Keyser, CLA.
Flint, Charles Ranlett, J. H. Bridge, Cos.
Foods, Emergency, H. E. Armstrong, Ains.
Football, Association, R. E. Foster, Bad.
Force, Rule of, A. R. Carman, Gunt.
Forestry Association, American, Summer Meeting of the,

Forestry, Experiment in, M. B. Thrasher, NEng.
Foundry Costs, Recording and Interpreting, P. Longmuir,


Agriculture, Needs of, H. Mazel, Refs, August 16.
Commercial Relations, Foreign, V. Bérard, RPar, August

Elections of 1902, J. Darcy, RDM, August 15.
French Life in Town and Country, P. Farrelly, Cath.
Military Life in France-III., A. Veuglaire, BU.
Ministry, The New, J. Brent, Mun.
Navy in Eastern Waters, J. Lemoine, RPar, August 15.
Paris Elections, P. Lagrange and J. de Nouvion, Roen,

Gael, Language of the, T. McCall, West.
Galvanometer, Development of the, J. Wright, CasM.
Gamblers, Some Famous, H. N. Williams, Cham.
Game, Big, in Wyoming, H. Seton-Karr, PMM.
Garden, Fall Work in the, E. E. Rexford, Lipp.
Gates, John Warne, E. Lefevre, Cos.
Genius Philosophy of, Merwin-Marie Snell, Arena.
Geometry, Foundations of, G. B. Halsted, OC.
German Empire, Judiciary of the, J. W. Garner, PSQ.
German Soldier in the Manœuvres Life of a, C. D. Cross,

Germany: Fürst Hohenlohe as Chancellor, Deut, August.
Glasgow, Mediæval, Queer Laws of, W. E. Johnson, GBag.
Godkin, Edwin L., Recollections of, J. B. Bishop, Cent.
Goethe's Ethical and Religious Views, A. B. Faust, MRNY.
Golf and the New Ball, Black.
Gospel According to the Hebrews, W. R. Schoemaker, Bib.
Gospel Parallels from Pali Texts–VII., OC.
Gray, Horace, F. R. Jones, G Bag.
Great Britain: see also South Africa.

Cables, Defenseless British, P. T. McGrath, Fort.
Colonial Troops, Sermon to the, Bishop Welldon, Ninec.
Company Directors in England, W.R. Lawson, NatR.
Coronation, Military View of the, Black.
Coronation of King Edward, W. Reid, NineC.
Coronation, Sigriticance of the, W.J. Thorold, Can.
Education Bill, Judge Bompas, Fort; A. W. Gattie, Ninec.
Edwards, Former, The Upper Classes Under, H. H. Jebb,

England as Seen by an American Business Man, A. Good-

rich, WW.
Fiscal Problems of Today, G. Byng, Fort.
Free Trade or Protection, F. W. Mueller, West.
French-Canadian in the British Empire, H. Bourassa,

Housing, Rural-- A Lesson from Ireland, G. Slater, Contem.
King of a Crowned Republic, W. H. Fitchett, RRM, July:
Mediterranean Fleet, S. Wilkinson, NatR.
Merchant Vessels, Armed, L. H. Hordern, USM.
Ministry, A Make-Believe Reconstruction of the, NatR.
Ministry, The New, J. Brent, Mun.
Navy, Colonial Contributions to the, N. Young, USM.
Navy, Education in the-II., J.S. Corbett, MonR.
Nonconformists and the Education Bill, Contem.
Officers, Expenses of, R. Dyke, USM.
Order of Merit, New, H. W. Paul, PMM.
Parliamentary Machine, C. B. R. Kent, Long.
Political Situation in England After Salisbury, W. T.

Stead, AMRR.
Schools, Public, and Their Critics, MonR.
Solvency, National, and Banking Credit, E. E. Gellender,

Training-School, An Extinct, H. N. Shore, USM.
Grieg as a National Composer, A. M. Wergeland, NAR.
Grouse Disease and a Possible Prevention, G. Teasdale.

Buckell, Fort.
Haeckel, Ernst, Philosophy of, F. Thilly, Pops.
Hafiz, J. Mew, Ninec,
Hague Court of Arbitration, Opening of the, W. T. Stead,

Hale, Edward Everett: Memories of a Hundred Years-XII.,

Harte, Bret, Biographical and Critical Sketch of, N. Bronks,

Harte, Bret, Reminiscences of : A Symposium, Over.
Harvester, Giant Automobile, at Work, AMRR.
Hawthorne's (Nathaniel) · Foot Prints on the Seashore,

W. Sprange, PhoT.
Healing, Thought and, S. K. Davis, Mind.
Héloïse, 11. 0. Taylor, Int.
Heredity in Royalty, Mental and Moral II., F. A. Woods,


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Hiawatha and the Onondaga Indians, C. L. Henning, OC. Hittite Inscriptions, Decipherment of the, A. H. Sayce,

MonR. Holmes, Oliver Wendell, Jurist, G. P. Morris, AMRR. Holmes, Sherlock, Plots and Strategy of, J. B. Mackenzie,

GBag. Horses : Schooling the Thoroughbred for the Race Track,

W.F. Pond, O. Hotels as Homes ? Lady Grove, Corn. House of Commons: Parliamentary Quotations, Mac. Howard, Newman, A New English Poet, J.B. Gilder, Bkman. Hudson, Literary Associations of the, E. M. Bacon, Crit. Humbert Swindle, E. P. Lyle, Jr., FrL. Humor, American, H. W. Boynton, Atlant. Humorists, Some, Humor of, La T. Hancock, Bkman. Hymns, Ancient and Modern, Earl Nelson, NineC. Idealisms, The Two, G. Santayana, Int. Immortality-III., Emma M. Caillard, Contem. Immortality, Professor Hyslop's Report on Mrs. Piper and

the Doctrine of, W. T. Marvin, Edr. Imperialism, Scientific Basis of, J. A. Hobson, PSQ. India, Jails in, A. T. Sibbald, G Bag. India, Literary Life in, Lida R. McCabe, BB. India, Native States of, w. Lee-Warner, Int. Industrial Betterment, R. T. Ely, Harp. Industrial Syndicates and Their Significance-II., G. Sorel,

RSoc, August. Industrial Unit, Organization of an, E. H. Mullin, CasM. Injunctions, Misuse of, G. Gunton, Gunt. Insects, Mimetic, R. Meldola, PMM. Interstate Commerce Commission, B. H. Meyer, PSQ. Irish, Placate the, R. Stein, AngA, August. Irrigated Community, A Typical, J. Blethen, WW. Irrigation and the American Frontier, E. E. Sparks, Chaut. Irrigation : Property Rights in Water, E. Mead, Int. Isaiah, Light From the Monuments of the Times of, A. H.

Sayce, Hom. Islands, Our Equatorial, J. D. Hague, Cent. Isthmian Canal, Sanitary Problems Connected with the

Construction of the, G. M. Sternberg, NAR. Italy, Glimpses of School Life in, Mary S. Pepper, Chaut. Italy, Public Debt of, M. Ferraris, NAR. Japan, Every-Day, B. Blake, Chaut. Japan, Religious Situation in, R. B. Peery, MisR. Jesus Family, Culture of, C. F. Sitterly, MRNY. Jew, Russian, in America, M. Fish berg, AMRR. Joseph, The Late Rabbi, Hebrew Patriarch of New York, A.

Cahan, AMRR. Journalists, Child, L. Ferriani, Revue, September 1. Judiciary of the German Empire, J. W. Garner, PSQ. Kansas Farms, World-Wide Lessons From, c. H. Matson,

WW. Kansas of Today, C. M. Harger, Atlant. Keller, Helen: The Story of My Life--VI., LHJ. Kindergarten: English Study, Need for, Mary C. May, Kind. International Kindergarten Union, Caroline T. Haven,

KindR. Language, Child's Powers in, Mrs. A. H. Putnam, Kind. Language, Hindrances to Development of, Cecilia Adams,

Kind. National Educational Association Convention, Kinder

garten Department of the, Kind; KindR.
Punishment, Patty S. Hill, KindR.
Purpose, Cultivation of, J. Lee, Kind R.
Kitchen, The Engineer in the, R. P. Bolton, CasM.
Knots, The Way to Tie, A. Banfield, Pear.
Knox, Attorney-General Philander C., L. A.Coolidge, McCl.
Kubelik, Jan, the Wonderful, W. Dry, Cass.
Labor and Capital, Organized, Control of, BankNY, August.
Labor, Bonus System of Rewarding, H. L. Gantt, AMRR.
Labor Congress at Düsseldorf, M. Bellom, RPP, August.
Labor Days of History, D. Story, Mun.
Labor Problem, Humanity's Part in the, G. F. Spinney,

Labor-Unions from the Inside, M. G. Cunniff, WW.

Coast, Summer Sail to the, A. P. Silver, Bad.
Lacrosse in Canada, B. W. Collison and J. K. Munro, Can.
La Follette, Robert M., H. W. Wilbur, Gunt.
Land Values, Urban, Distribution of, R. M. Hurd, Yale,

August. Law: Mistaken Identity, G Bag. League for Social Service, Work of the, SocS. Libraries, Public: What they are Doing for Children, H. C.

Wellman, Atlaift. Lick Observatory and Its Problems, W. W. Campbell, Over. Life, Chemical Basis of-II., N. C. Macnamara, West. Light and Colors, Theory of, I. Newton, Pops. Lightning, F. Street, FrL. Lincoln, Abraham, Monument to, in Edinburgh, G. Thow,

Leis H.
Literary Criticism, Contradictions of, H. C. Howe, NAR.
Literature, Continental, A Year of-II., Dial, September 1.
Literature, English, Engel's History of, S. J. MacKnight,

AngA, August.
Literature, Modern Italian, L. D. Ventura, Over.

Literature: The Higher Hysterics, J.P. Mowbray, Crit.
Locomotive Types, British Tank, J. F. Gairns, CasM.
Lombroso's Teaching, R. Frank, Deut, August.

Betterment of London, H. Ricardo, MonR.
Cabinet Ministers, Town Residences of, W. Sidebotham

Dickens' London, Relics of, C.W. Dickens, Mun.
London in Verse, B. Solomon, Gent.
Night Side of London, J. Corbin, BB.
Slum Overcrowding, West.
Wage-Earners, Among the, W. A. Wyckoff, Scrib.

Workhouse, In the Day-Room of a, Edith Sellers, NineC.
Lowe Observatory, California, E. L. Larkin, Phot.
Luisa de Carvajal, M. P. Heffernan, Cath.
Macaulay's English, T. E. Blakely, Harp.

Maurice, and the Forbidden Play, F.T. Cooper, Bkman. Maeterlinck, Maurice, on “Monna Vanna," F. Lees, PMM. Magnetism, Terrestrial, Uses of the Study of, J. C. A. NipNewspaper Criticisms of Public Men, D. Mowry, Arena.
Nitrogen from the Atmosphere, “Fixing," T. C. Martin,

poldt, Deut, August. Maltese Crisis, E. Fallot, Nou, August 1. Mammal, Story of the Word, T. Gill, Pops. Man, Average, Outlook for the, in a Non-Competitive Soci.

ety, A. Shaw, EdR. Man, Unconscious, A. L. P. Weedon, West. Mankind in the Making, H. G. Wells, Cos; Fort, Manufactures, Census of, S. N. D. North, AMRR. Marine-Engine Shop, Changes in the, E. P. Watson, Eng. " Mark Twain,” Boyhood Home of, H. M. Wharton, Cent. Markets, Our Natural Foreign, O. P. Austin, WW. Marksmanship in America, A. S. Jones, O. Maxim, Sir Hiram Stevens, c. W. Price, Cos. Mediterranean Coast: The “Cote d'Azur," S. de Pierrelée,

Cath. Mexico's Isthmian Railroad, H. Eliot, Ains. Migrations Westward, Early, in the United States, W. Wil.

son, Harp.
Milkweed's Story, H. A. Doty, CLA.
Milky Way as It Appears to Observers, PopA.
Miner as He Is, Economic Study of the, R. Cartright, Cath.
Mines, Organization of, C. Benoist, RDM, August 15.
Mining Region, Life in the, F. Norris, Ev.
Missions :

Bulgarians, Missionaries to the, C. F. More, MisH.
Enterprise, Aggressive, in Missions, A. T. Pierson, MisR.
Friends and Foreign Missions, E. P. Ellyson, MisR.
Gucheng, Story of-III., S. McFarlane, MisR.
Japan, Religious Situation in, R. B. Peery, MisR.
Japan, Taikyo Dendo, or Forward Movement in, T.M. Mc-

Nair, Mis R.
Korea, Golden Opportunity in, H. G. Underwood, Mis R.
Matsuyama, Japan, Christian and a Buddhist Propaganda

in, S. L. Gulick, MisH. Philippine Islands, Religion in the, C. G. Roop, MisR. Thoburn, Isabella, Tribute to, Mrs. N. M. Mansell, MisR. Mitchell, Donald G., Glimpses of the Home of, A. R. Kim.

ball, BB. Mithraic Mysteries, Doctrine of the, F. Cumont, oc. Mongolia, Trip Through, M. Valli, NA, August 1 and 16. Mont Blanc, With a Camera up, A. P. Abraham, Cass. Montenegrin Sketches, R. Wyon, Black. Moon and the Weather, A. K. Bartlett, PopA. Morris, William, Education of, Elizabeth L. Cary, Crit. Moses-An Up-to-date Statesman-II., J. M. Ludlow, Hom. Motor-Car Races, Paris-Vienna, C. R. D'Esterre, Eng. Motor Cycling-A New Pastime, A.J. Wilson, Cass. Music, Church, Reform of, L. M. Gimmestad, Mus. Music Culture for the Untalented Ones, E. F. Beale, Mus. Music, Ethical Aspects of-II., F. Niecks, Mus. Napoleon I. and Josephine, A. Schulte, Deut, August. Napoleon in the Light of Posthumous Testimony and Recent

Historical Works, M. Debrit, Int. National Guard, Military Engineering in the, E. Jadwin,

JMSI. National Prejudices: Can They Be Eradicated ? T. S. Knowl.

son, AngA, August. Nature and Modern Pessimism, H. C. Corrance, Cath. Nature, Music of, C. W. Beebe, Chaut. Nature: The Music of the Marsh, G. Stratton-Porter, 0. Naval Engineer, Doom of the, C. M. Johnson, Eng. Naval Engineer of the Future, W.M. McFarland, Eng. Navy, British, Prospects for a Young Man in the, Corn. Navy on the Pacific Coast, 1845-47, JMSI. Navy, The New, T. Williams, Atlant. Navy's Greatest Need, R. C. Smith, NAR. Negative, Concept of the, W. H. Sheldon, Phil. Negro, The American, C. Smith, FrL. Negroes as Cotton Manufacturers, J. Dowd, Gunt. Negroes: Of the Training of Black Men, W. E. B. Du Bois,

Atlant. New York, Churches and Creeds of, Kathleen E. Barry, Ros. New York, Literary Landmarks of-III., C. Hemstreet, Crit. New Zealand, Conditions of Labor in, T. Mann, Ninec. New Zealand, Problems of, H. D. Lloyd, NatGM. Newport Present and Past, Mary Moss, Era.

Normandy, Ramble in, H. W. Mabie, Out.
Novel : Will It Disappear ? J. L. Allen, W. D. Howells, H.

Garland, H. W. Mabie, and J. K. Bangs, NAR.
Old Testament Criticism, A.J. F. Behrends, MRNY.
Opera in Russia, M. Delines, BU.
Operatic Criticism by Experts, E. Swayne, Mus.
Opinions, Concerning, W.J. Baylis, West.
Oxford and Cambridge, Culture at, H. E. Armstrong, NatR.
Pacific, Problems of the, WJ McGee, NatGM.
Packing on the Trail, W. S. Harwood, O.
Palestine, Those Laymen of, W. Harrison, MRNY.
Panics: Can They Be Prevented ? S. C. Flynn, BankNY,

Paris Revolution of'48, Temp.
Partridge, Potency of the, E. Clavering, Mun.
Patterson, John Henry, G. A. Townsend, Cos.
Paul, Social Teaching of-VIII., S. Mathews, Bib.
Peach-Growing, Essentials in, W. E. Andrews, CLA.
Pelée, A Study of, R. T. Hill, Cent.
Pelée, Mont, in Its Might, A. Heilprin, Fort.
Pelée, the Destroyer, A. F. Jaccaci,

Persian Gulf and International Relations, A. T. Mahan,

Pett, Phineas, Naval Constructor, E. W. Williams, Gent.
Philippine Civil Government Law, H. C. Lodge, NatM;

S. Webster, NAR.
Philippine Islands, Religion in the, C. G. Roop, MisR.
Philippines: Vexed Question of the Friars, A. P. Doyle, Cath.
Phillpotts, Eden, The Devon of, BB.

Acetone as a Developer, J. Bardwell, WPM, August.
Animals, Domestic, Photographing, J. H. McFarland,

WPM, August.
Architectural Photography-IX., H. C. Delery, Phot.
Bird-Nest Photography, J. c. Crowley, Bad.
Masking, Improvement of Negatives by, P. Mathy, WPM,

Mounting and Framing Photographs, A. H. Kingsbor-

ough, WPM, August.
Natural History Photography, E. W. Konnard, WPM,

Negative Density, WPM, August.
Platinotype Process, WPM, August.
Porcelain, Carbons on, W. H. Dunham, PhoT.
Residues, G. W. Webster, WPM, August.
Stains, F. Graves, WPM, August.
Street Photography, J. Bartlett, WPM, August.

Tropics, Plates in the, R. Dellont, WPM, August.
Piano Technics: A Few Suggestions, W. G. Smith, Mus.
Planets, Other: Are They Inhabited ? D. G. Parker, PopA.
Plants, Fossil, and Evolution, A. C. Seward, Contem.
Poetry, Contemporary French, H. Aubert, BU.
Poets, Anglo-Celtic, Anna B. McGill, Cath.
Politics and Business Prosperity, G. Gunton, Gunt.
Polo Match, International, Lessons of the, J. E. Cowdin, O.
Polo, Water, A. H. Broadwell, Str.
Popham, Maine (“The Door-Step of New England”), J. K.

Wilson, NEng.
Porto Rico, Jury System in, E. L. MacRay, G Bag.
Portuguese Contrasts, C. Edwardes, Cham.
Preacher, Debt of the Republic to the, W.A.Quayle, MRNY.
Privacy, Law of, E. L. Adams, NAR.
Privateers of 1812, E. L. Sabin, Chaut.
Production and Industrial Investment, W. D. Ennis, Eng.
Profit-Sharing, Instance of, S. Cabot, AMRR.
Protestantism : Must It Go? J. B. Thomas, Hom.
Psychical and the Physical, Relation Between the, H. H.

Bawden, Phil.
Psychological Analysis in System-Making, Margaret F.

Rivers, Great, Sources of, L. Filliol, Nou, August 1.
Rochelle, At the Time of the Siege of, L. Batiffol, RPar,

September 1.
Rogers, Henry Huddleston, S. E. Moffett, Cos.
Rome: Prix de Rome Students at the Villa Medici, L. E.

Fournier, Scrib.
Rothiemurchus-V., Glen Eunach, H. Macmillan, AJ.
Rubber Plantations, Commercial, J. S. Cannon, Over.
Russia, Law of Illegitimacy in, RRL.
Sailors of Fortune, Yankee, J. R. Spears, Mun.
St. Louis, E. W. Mayo, Ains.
St. Louis in the Revolution, Mary L. Dalton, A MonM.
St. Mark's, Campanile of, A. Conti, RasN, August.
Salisbury, Lord, C. Palcidini, NA, August 16; J. McCarthy,

Salmon-Fishing in Canada, E. T. D. Chambers, CLA.
Santos Dumont, Alberto: How I Became an Aéronaut-II.,

Scotland : In Western Highlands, A. F. L. Bacon, Bad.
Seal, Great, of the United States, GBag.
Sea-Shore, A Reverie at the, S. Hartmann, Harp.
Servant, The Lot of the, Florence Bell, NatR.
Sex, Origin and Determination of, A. Döderlein, Deut, Au-

Sexual Education, Errors of, G. Obici, Revue, August 15.
Shakespeare's Hamlet, L. Campbell, Fort.
Shibuzawa, Baron Yeiichi, the Creator of Industrial Japan,

S. Sams, AMRR.
Shipping Combine, Atlantic, E. Robertson, PMM.
Shovel, Steam, in Mining, A. W. Robinson, CasM.
Sight Under Normal and Abnormal Conditions, A. Biel-

schowsky, Dent, August.
Sigourney, Lydia Huntley, Grace L. Collin, NEng.
Simplon Tunnel, H. C. Fyfe, Pear.
Sinsinawa Mound, Teresa B. O'Hare, Ros.
Socialism, Artistic Ideal of-II., M, A. Leblond, RSoc, Au.

Society as an Organism, H. Wilson, West.
Society, Salvation of, W. W. McLane, Hom.
Solar Observations for 1901 at Alta, Iowa, D. E. Hadden,

Song of Songs, Outline for Studying the, G. L. Robinson, Bib.
South Africa: see also Great Britain.
Boer Generals,-Ex-President Steyn, Lukas Meyer, General

Delary, Louis Botha, and Christian De Wet, W.T. Stead,

British Army, French View of the, W. Verner, Mac.
Cape Constitution, Proposed Suspension of the, A. E. Mil.

ler, Contem.
Devastation in South Africa, J.I. Marin, EM, August.
Guerrilla War in South Africa, C. Favre, BU.
Language of South Africa, A. A. MacCullah, Contem.
Lessons of the South African War, Contem; F. E. Goltz,

Deut, August.
Milner, Lord, Plan of, H. Reade, West.
Rhodes, Cecil, Lord Milner, and the South African Land

Question, E. B. Iwan-Müller, Fort.
Tugela, With the Boers on the North of the, A.von Maltzan,

South America, The United States in, W. Bulfin, WW.
Southborough, Massachusetts, Martha E. D. White, NEng.
Spanish Literature in the Fourteenth Century, A. G. Clava-

rini, RasN, August.
Spanish People, Religious Psychology of the, E. G. Blanco,

EM, August.
Spencer, Herbert, and What to Study, W. T. Harris, EGR.
Sponges, F. Westbury, Str.
Sports, Country, M. Tindal, Pear.
Stage, Children of the, Elizabeth McCracken, Cos.
Stanford University, Ideals of the, D. S. Jordan, Over.
Stars, Transiting, New Method of, M. B. Snyder, PopA.
Statistical Practice, American, H. T. Newcomb, Yale,

Stevenson, Robert Louis, G. Bonet-Maury, RDM, Septem-

Washburn, Phil.
Psychology and Digestion, R. Romme, August 15.
Publishing, An Intimate View of, W. H. Page, WW.
Queens of Europe, Margaret Sherrington, Can.
Racing in India, D. Fraser, Bad.
Railroads, Highest of All, E. C. Rost, WW.
Railway Companies, British, Financial Policy of, C. H. Grin-

ling, BankL.
Railways, Metropolitan-Underground and Overhead, D. T.

Timins, Cass.
Rainsford, Dr. W. S., Addresses by, J. H. Finley, BB.
Real Estate, A New Era in Financing, WW.
Realism, C. G. Brown, West.
Reciprocity, E. Maxey, AngA, August.
Religion, Evolution of, A. L. Cady, Mind.
Religion, Philosoplıy of, F. C. French, Phil.
Religious Fusion, C. H. Toy, Int.
Religious Journalism, Personal Forces in, D. Williamson,

Religious Literature, Recent, J. W. Platner, Atlant.
Renan, Holiday Pilgrimage to the Birthplace of, Alys and

T. E. Macklin, PMM.
Rhinoceros, Hunting, on the Upper Nile, E. S. Grogan, 0.
Richard II., A Pre-Shakespearean, F. S. Boas, Fort.

ber 1.
Stevenson, Robert Louis, In the Country of, W. Sharp, Harp.
Sticklebacks for the Home Aquarium, C. Rutter, CLA.
Stock Exchange, “ Bulls" and "Bears” on the, W. H. Wil-

lianson, Cham.
Stone, Ellen M.: Six Months Among Brigands-IV., McCl.
Stone, Queer Things Found in, C. Brown, Pear.
Stonehenge, Inclosure of, R. Hunter, NineC.
“Stranded," A Clergyman's Study of the, WW.
Strauss, Richard, M. Marnold, Mus.
Structural Materials, Testing of, P. Kreuzpointner, CasM.
Sudermann, Hermann, R. M. Meyer, Int.
Sudermann, Hermann, New Play by, W.s. Lilly, Fort.
Sultan of Turkey, R. S. Baker, Out.
Superstitions, Some Hebridean, Cham.
Swimming: In Peace and in War, K. Blind, Cham.
Switzerland, Referendum and the Right of Initiative in, G.

Renard, RPP, August.
Taine, H. A., Critical Work of, F. Brunetière, RDM, Septem-

ber 1.
Talleyrand: Was He Born at Mount Desert, Maine? Jane

M. Parker, Bkman.

Tariff Revision: "In Desperate Straits." G. Gunton, Gunt.
Telegraphy, Wireless, Possibilities of, C. Bright, MonR.
Tenerife, A Climb Up the Peak of, S. Parkes, LeisH.
Theaters and Concerts. The Proletariat in the World of,
P. Pottier, Revue, September 1.
Theater, The Municipal, C. Charrington, Contem.
Thief, Autobiography of a, FrL.

Thoreau, Henry D., and Isaac Hecker, Correspondence Be-
tween, E. H. Russell, Atlant.

Thoreau, Henry David --II., M. Moret, Revue, September 1.
Toadstools, Soine Autumnal, C. McIlvaine, Era.
Tolstoy, Count Leo, T. Bentzon, RDM, August 15.
Torpedo-Boat Destroyer, A Week on a, II. Jenner-Fust, PMM.
Touring in a Carriage, J. L. Wright, CLA.

Trade Unions: Do They Limit Output? J. Martin, PSQ.
Trains, British and French Express, H. G. Archer, PMM.
Trains, Special, Stories of, C. Hovey, Ains.
Transvaal: see South Africa.

Treasury Department, United States, Work of the Chief
Clerk of the, C. Howard, LHJ.

Trolley, By, from New York to Chicago. A. B. Paine, WW.
Trusts, Early, in Holland, A. E. Sayous, PSQ.
Trusts, New Jersey the Home of, S. McReynolds, WW.
Tupper, Martin, Viscount St. Cyres, Corn.
Turkey, Why Brigands Thrive in, Emma P. Telford, Chaut.
Tyrolean Bishopric, Brixen, and Its Millennial Festival,

Charlotte H. Coursen, Cath.

"Uncle Tom's Cabin," Fifty Years of, F. S. Arnett, Mun.
"Uncle Tom's Cabin" in Kentucky, J. M. Rogers, Era.
University Control, J. J. Stevenson, Pops.
University of California, V. Henderson, Over

Ains. Ainslee's Magazine, N. Y.
ACQR. American Catholic Quarterly
Review, Phila.


American Historical Review,
N. Y.




American Journal of Soci-
ology, Chicago.
American Journal of


ology, Chicago.
American Law Review, St.
AMonM.American Monthly Magazine,
Washington, D. C.
AMRR. American Monthly Review of
Reviews, N. Y.

A Nat. American Naturalist, Boston.
AngA. Anglo-American Magazine,
N. Y.
Annals. Annals of the American Acad-
emy of Pol. and Soc. Science,



Architectural Record, N. Y.
Arena, N. Y.


Art Amateur, N. Y.

AI. Art Interchange, N. Y.
ᎪᎫ . Art Journal, London.
Atlant. Atlantic Monthly, Boston.
Badminton, London.

Abbreviations of Magazine Titles used in the Index.

[All the articles in the leading reviews are indexed, but only the more important articles in the other magazines.]

Dublin Review, Dublin.
Edinburgh Review, London.
Education, Boston.
Educational Review, N. Y.
Engineering Magazine, N. Y.
Era, Philadelphia.
España Moderna, Madrid.
Everybody's Magazine, N. Y.
Fortnightly Review, London.
Forum, N. Y.

National Review, London.
New-Church Review, Boston.
New England Magazine, Bos-
NineC. Nineteenth Century, London.
NAR. North American Review, N.V.
Nou. Nouvelle Revue, Paris.

OutW. Out West, Los Angeles, Cal.

Nuova Antologia, Rome.
Open Court, Chicago.
Outing, N. Y.
Outlook, N. Y.

Frank Leslie's Monthly, N. Y.
Gentleman's Magazine, Lon-

Overland Monthly, San Fran

Green Bag, Boston.

Gunton's Magazine, N. Y.
Harper's Magazine, N. Y.
Hartford Seminary Record,

Hartford, Conn.

Homiletic Review, N. Y.
International Journal

BankL. Bankers' Magazine, London.
BankNY Bankers' Magazine, N. Y.
Bib. Biblical World, Chicago.
Bibs. Bibliotheca Sacra, Oberlin, O.
Bibliothèque Universelle, Lau-

[blocks in formation]













Utilitarianism, Extreme, W. H. Dilworth, Arena.
Varga, Francis, F. G. Moorhead, GBag.
Venice: Ave Venezia atque Vale, E. Hutton, Black.
Volcano, A Night in the Crater of a, Mrs. Alec-Tweedie, Str.
Wagner, Richard, Art of, F. Graves, West.

War, Modern, Offensive Tactics in, F. N. Maude, USM.
War, Transport Service in, C. Hackett, Mun.
War, Transportation Problem in, J. A. Baer, JMSI.
Wasps, O. H. Latter, Corn.

Wasps, The Cities of the, M. Berthelot, RPar, September 1.
Wasps, Wood, and Mud-Daubers, A. R. M. Spaid, CLA.
Water, Growth of Property Rights in, E. Mead, Int.
Watson, William, G. E. Woodberry, Cent.
Weather and Trade, Year of, R. DeC. Ward, PopS.
Wellington's Great Concentration Camp, H. N. Shore,


Whitman, Marcus, True Story of, Belle M. Brain, MisR.
West Indian Eruptions, Phases of the, I. C. Russell, Cent.
Westminster Abbey, Fabric Fund of, Rose M. Bradley,



[blocks in formation]


Ethics, Phila.
International Quarterly, Bur-

lington, Vt.
International Studio, N. Y.
Journal of the Military Serv
ice Institution, Governor's
Island, N. Y. H.
JPEcon. Journal of Political Economy,

Kindergarten Magazine, Chi


Kind R.

Kindergarten Review, Spring-
field, Mass.


Ladies' Home Journal, Phila.
Leisure Hour, London.
Lippincott's Magazine, Phila.
London Quarterly Review,

Longman's Magazine, London.
Lutheran Quarterly, Gettys-
burg, Pa.
McClure's Magazine. N. Y.
Macmillan's Magazine, Lon-

MA. Magazine of Art, London.
MRN. Methodist Review, Nashville.
MRNY. Methodist Review, N. Y.
Mind. Mind, N. Y.

Missionary Herald, Boston.
Missionary Review, N. Y.
Monist, Chicago,


Mon R. Monthly Review, London.
MunA. Municipal Affairs, N. Y.
Mun. Munsey's Magazine, N. Y.
Mus. Music, Chicago.
NatGM. National Geographic Maga-
zine, Washington, D. C.
National Magazine, Boston.


[blocks in formation]



EVEMBER, 1902.

John Edward Redmond, M. P.......... Frontispiece
The Progress of the World-
The President's Great Achievement.

515 A Threatened Public Calamity..

515 The Parties in Interest..

515 Mr. Morgan as deus ex machina..

516 Too Busy in Wall Street for Labor Problems.. 516 Capital Blind and Deaf..

516 Was the Strike Desired ?

517 Trade-Unionism's Death Sentence.

518 Monopoly on One Side

518 -Means Union on the Other Side.

518 The Union's Worthy Record...

518 The Strike of 1900

519 The Situation of the Spring of 1901

519 And That of the Spring of 1902.

519 Mitchell as Strike Leader....

520 President Roosevelt's Intervention.

521 A Final Test in Pennsylvania..

521 The Politicians Aroused...

522 Mr. Morgan's Reversal of the Operators

522 The Final Terms of Settlement..

523 The Tribunal as Arranged...

523 A New Crop of Radicals..

525 Some American Principles.

526 Ignorance in Wall Street.

526 An Exceptional Man..

526 Centralized Power and Human Welfare.

527 The Political Pendulum..

527 The President's Policies.

528 The President's Indisposition..

528 Some Notes of the Campaign..

528 The Trusts and the Parties.

529 The Tariff as a Party Issue.

530 America in Europe. ...

530 Uncle Sam in South America..

530 Domestic Politics in England..

530 The Irish Question

531 English Industrial Questions

531 Uneasiness in South Africa .

The Afrikander Bond...
Affairs in Germany.
Affairs in France.
The Situation in Turkey.

533 A Convention on Labor and Capital.

533 Some University Occasions..

534 The Shorter College Course..

535 With portraits of W. H. Truesdale, F. D. Underwood,

George F. Baer, R. M. Olyphant, T. P. Fowler, E. B.
Thomas, Frank P. Sargent, J. Pierpont Morgan,
John M. Wilson, Thomas H. Watkins, John L.
Spalding, George Gray, Edward W. Parker, Edward
E. Clark, George W. Perkins, Bird S, Coler, John L.
Bates, F. W. Reitz, Woodrow Wilson, Edmund J.
James, and Frank Strong, cartoons, and other illus-

Record of Current Events...

536 With portraits of Jefferson Davis, John F. Hill, D. C.

Heyward, William A. Gaston, John Markle, Thom-
as J. Stewart, J. P. S. Gobin, H. Matzen, Crown
Prince of Siam, William Booth, and the late Queen

Henrietta of Belgium.
Cartoon Comments on the Coal Strike and
Its Settlement

541 Carroll D. Wright: A Character Sketch.. 548

The Settlement of the Coal Strike..

552 By Walter Wellman. John Mitchell: the Labor Leader and the Man...

556 By Frank Julian Warne.

With portraits of President Mitchell.
A Successful Farm Colony in the Irrigation

561 By Albert Shaw.

With illustrations. The Rise of the Nature Writers .

567 By Francis W. Halsey. With portraits of John Burroughs, John James Audu

bon, Frank M. Chapman, Mabel Osgood Wright,
John Muir, Ernest Thompson-Seton, Charles G. D.

Roberts, and James Lane Allen.
Emile Zola..

572 With portrait of the late M. Zola. The Growth of Trust Companies.

574 By Charles A. Conant. Self-Government in Oriental Dependencies. . 580

By Jeremiah W. Jenks.
Shall There Be a Two Years' College

Course ? An Interview with President
Butler, of Columbia University ..

589 Government in the Philippines, 1898-1902... 594

By Arthur Wallace Dunn.
Leading Articles of the Month-.

The End of the Coal Strike-Professor Gunton's

598 How New Zealand would have Settled the Coal Strike. ...

599 Labor Unions : As Viewed by Col. Carroll D. Wright..

601 The Rights of Non-Union Workmen and of Union Men.

603 Anarchism at Close Quarters..

604 The Story of a Russian Reformer..

605 The Bohemian Question in Austria..

606 Cardinal Gotti and the Propaganda..

607 The British and American Educational Situation..

609 Europe versus America.

611 A French View of Captain Mahan's Theories. 613 Shall the Filipinos Keep Their Land ?..

614 Morocco and Its Sultan ..

615 The St. Louis Exposition in 1904

615 Robert Hoe, Captain of Printing Press Makers. 617 England's Greatest Surgeon..

618 Lieutenant Peary's Arctic Work.

619 The Dangers of the Alps .

619 The French Coal Mines..

620 With portraits of George Gunton, Cardinal Gotti, and

Sir Frederick Treves, and other illustrations. The Periodicals Reviewed..

621 The New Books .

631 Index to Periodicals.


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[ocr errors]

By H. T. Newcomb.
With portrait of Colonel Wright.

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