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A Migration from "the States" to the
Canadian Northwest By CY WARMAN
Manufacturing Nitrogen from Air

By T. C. MARTIN. Illustrated

The Farmer's Balance Sheet for 1902


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Rabbi Joseph, A New York Hebrew

By ABRAHAM CAHAN. Illustrated

The Russian Jew in America


Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jurist

By GEORGE P. MORRIS. With Portrait

President Charles Kendall Adams

With Portrait

An Instance of Profit-Sharing


The Bonus System of Rewarding
Labor By H. L. GANTT

The Census of Manufactures


The Fall of the Historic Campanile


THE REVIEW OF REVIEWS CO., 13 Astor Place, New York.

VA XXVI. No. 152.

Entered at N. Y. Post Office as Second-class matter.
Copyright, 1901, by THE REVIEW OF REVIEWS CO.

Price 25c. ($2.50 a Year.)





"Nature Portraits" (Doubleday, Page & Co.) is a portfolio of studies with pen and camera of American wild birds, animals, fishes, and insects. There are fifteen large plates and many smaller illustrations by the most skillful nature photographers, among whom Mr. A. Radclyffe Dugmore and Mr. W. E. Carlin easily rank as experts. The accompanying text is by Professor Bailey, the editor of Country Life in America, and is written in his usually happy vein. The work, as a whole, represents the high-water mark of American achievement in the interpretation and presentation of animal life.

The "American Sportsman's Library," edited by Caspar Whitney (Macmillan), is an unusually attractive series of books, and will interest not only the amateur sportsman, but every American nature-lover, whether he be a devotee of rod and gun, or not. The volume on "The Deer Family," written by President Roosevelt, T. S. Van Dyke, D. G. Elliot, and A. J. Stone, appeals more especially, perhaps, to the dweller in northern latitudes, where the animals described in this volume have their habitat. President Roosevelt describes the various species of North American deer and antelope, with which he has for many years been familiar through his expeditions in the West, especially in the Rocky Mountain region. Mr. Van Dyke contributes sketches of the deer and elk of the Pacific coast. The caribou is described by Dr. Elliot, and the moose by Mr. Stone. In a volume on "Upland Game Birds" there are excellent descriptions of various varieties of quail, partridge, grouse, ptarmigan, turkey, woodcock, plover, and crane, with a special chapter on the quail and grouse of the Pacific coast. These chapters, written by Mr. Edwyn Sandys and Mr. T. S. Van Dyke, not only give accurate descriptions of the birds considered, but add full information regarding the regions to which they are native, and all other matters that the hunter needs to know relating to the birds and their habits. A volume to which the late Dean Sage and Messrs. C. H. Townsend, H. M. Smith, and William C. Harris have contributed is devoted entirely to "Salmon and Trout." The book is full of practical suggestions to anglers about the casting and working of flies, selection of tackle, and all the approved methods of fishing for these "gamest" of American fish.

For a comprehensive account of all the species of fish found in America north of the equator, we take pleasure in referring the reader to the new volume on "Amer ican Food and Game Fishes," by President David Starr Jordan, of Stanford University, and Dr. Barton W. Evermann, of the United States Fish Commission (Doubleday, Page & Co.). While this book is the work of eminent specialists, its aim is to furnish information to the multitude, and it may be truly described as a "popular" work. The book takes for granted on the part of the reader, as the introduction states, "a knowledge of ordinary English as used by Americans of fairly good education, and a willingness to make an honest effort to find out more about the food and game fishes

of our country." The book is technical only so far as is necessary to enable its readers easily and readily to identify any American fish that is used as food or game. Two sizes of type have been used in printing the book, the smaller size for those who would study fishes with specimens in hand, and the larger for those who read about fishes, whether the fishes themselves are present or not. The book also gives an account of the geographic distribution, habits, life-histories, and commercial and food value of fishes, together with many points of interest to the angler. Many photographs of live fishes were taken for this work by Mr. A. Radclyffe Dugmore, and the plates made from these photographs greatly add to the value and attractiveness of the book.

Another book that has special attractions for anglers and naturalists is "The Brook Book," by Mrs. Mary Rogers Miller (Doubleday, Page & Co.). This is an interesting study of the various activities of brook existence throughout the four seasons of the year. It is a presentation not only of the life of the brook itself, but of its manifold accompaniments and of the varied forms of nature with which the brook's rise and progress is associated.

In a little work entitled "Among the Waterfowl" (Doubleday, Page & Co.), Mr. Herbert K. Job gives an account of many of the waterfowl found in the Northern and Central States of the Union, accompanied by numerous photographs from nature, most of which were secured by the author himself. The whole influence of Mr. Job's book is to discourage the shooting of living birds, and to substitute as a pastime the practice of "hunting with a camera." Mr. Job's pictures are remarkably successful, and the enthusiastic amateur will be tempted to make some similar efforts on his own


Mrs. Martha McCulloch-Williams' "Next to the Ground" (McClure, Phillips & Co.) is a delightful series of chronicles of country life, including not a few suggestions of curious and out-of-the-way information, all of which is related in the most entertaining fashion. If we cannot locate precisely the American farm which Mrs. Williams describes, and where all the experiences of her book took place, we are at least assured by the writer that it was a Southern countryside somewhere between the Alleghanies and the Mississippi, nearly midway between the mountains and the river. The things that Mrs. Williams writes about are every-day happenings about the farm, but seldom have they been recounted in so vivacious a record.

There is a further revelation of boy-and-girl life on the farm in a little book entitled "The Travels of a Barnacle," by Mrs. James Edwin Morris (New York: The Abbey Press). The main purpose of the book, however, is to present a series of studies of sea life, for which materials were gathered by Mrs. Morris in the course of observation tours in a glass-bottomed boat in the Bay of Avalon, off the coast of California. Besides these studies of the crab family and their neighbors, there is a chapter on "A Day With the Birds," and one on "Life in a Marsh."

Among the new books that appeal to the amateur gardener, one of the most exhaustive is "The American Horticultural Manual," Part I., by Prof. J. L. Budd, of the Iowa State College of Agriculture, assisted by Prof. N. E. Hansen, of the South Dakota Agricultural College (New York: John Wiley & Sons). This work comprises a full statement of the leading principles and practices connected with the propagation, culture, and improvement of fruits, nuts, ornamental trees, shrubs, and plants. It is illustrated by more than one hundred figures and explanatory designs.

Of English gardening lore there is a full supply in John Lane's numerous publications adapted partioularly to the wants of English country gentlemen, the latest of which is entitled "In My Vicarage Garden and Elsewhere," by the Rev. Henry N. Ellacombe.

"Content in a Garden" is the title of a beautifully printed volume of essays and botanical studies by Candace Wheeler (Houghton, Mifflin & Co.). The marginal decorations of the volume are supplied by Dora Wheeler Keith. In the main the book is a pleasant description of a garden in the Catskill Mountains, where the writer delights to attempt the interpretation of the thoughts and feelings which she fancifully attributes to all her flowers.

Mr. James H. Emerton indulges in the fond hope that his book on "The Common Spiders of the United States" (Ginn & Co.) will help to lessen the popular prejudice against spiders,-and lead the public into some such acquaintance with these insects as is now enjoyed by many students with birds and butterflies. Mr. Emerton states that in the neighborhood of any city in this country there are at least three or four hundred species of spiders, and that thus far there have been very few collections made. Mr. Emerton describes in this book only those species that are well known and have been described before. He omits all rare and doubtful species. The book is illustrated from drawings and photographs made by the author, who has been an enthusiastic collector for many years.

Two excellent school readers, which will do much to encourage nature study in this country have recently come to hand-"Seaside and Wayside," No. 3, by Julia McNair Wright (Boston: D. C. Heath & Co.), and "Trees in Prose and Poetry," by Gertrude L. Stone and M. Grace Fickett (Ginn & Co.).

BOOKS OF TRAVEL AND DESCRIPTION. For a full and up-to-date account of the extension of Russia's influence in northern Asia we are indebted to Prof. George Frederick Wright, of Oberlin College, whose two-volume work on "Asiatic Russia" has just appeared (McClure, Phillips & Co.). An article by Professor Wright, on "The Russian Problem in Manhuria," appeared in the REVIEW OF REVIEWS for July, 11, and formed an important contribution to our knowledge of present-day conditions in the far East


from the American point of view. As Dr. Wright is a geologist, it was natural that in the extended journey which he made through the region described two years ago he should have an eye primarily for the physical conditions of the country. student of people as well as of rocks and water-courses, Dr. Wright is, however, a and his views of the modern development of this wonderful land are extremely interesting to the sociologist. As our readers may have gathered from Dr. Wright's REVIEW article, to which reference has already been made, his predilections toward the Russian administration are favorable rather than otherwise. His grounds for this belief are well set forth in his chapters on social, economic, and political conditions in the present volume. While his account of the various features of the Russian occupation of Siberia is full of information, much of which has never before been accessible to American readers, there are also interesting chapters on the geological history, the climate, and the flora and fauna of the land. Altogether these two volumes sum up the impressions of an exceptionally shrewd observer of political and social conditions as affected by physical environment.

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Highways and Byways in Hertfordshire," by Herbert W. Tompkins (Macmillan), is a volume well packed with minute information about a region of England comparatively little known to the traveler from other lands. Like other books in the same series to which we have made allusion from time to time in these pages, this new volume is a combination of the better class of guide-books, with a condensation of local history of the highest order. We can hardly imagine the time when such books will be written about any portion of the United States; but in a country like England, rich in historical associations, they fill a distinct niche. The illustrations for the present volume were furnished by Mr. Frederick L. Griggs.

"The World's Shrine" is the title chosen by Virginia W. Johnson for her sketch of Lake Como (New York: A. S. Barnes & Co.). In her description of this beautiful Italian lake the writer traces some of its historical associations, especially those connected with the life of the younger Pliny on the shores of Como.

Hilaire Belloc's "The Path to Rome" (Longmans) may perhaps be counted as a book of travel, although the most cursory examination leads one to conclude that that was not the author's primary purpose. There is in the story, however, a suggestion, at least, of actual journeyings, and for lack of any definite basis of classification we may group the book among the travel tales. To those disposed to take the author seriously, -as he himself does not,-we may say that the journeyings began at Toul on the Moselle, and ended at Rome. The tedious portions of the way are enlivened by the writer's inexhaustible fund of song and story, and the individuality of his style so enchains the reader's attention that the work's deficiencies as a guide-book are soon forgotten.


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For table of abbreviations, see last page.

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[blocks in formation]

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Great Britain: see also South Africa.

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F. S. Russell, NineC.

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Society of the British Empire, W. J. Courthope, NatR. South Africa, Peace in, C. de Thierry, USM.

South African Peace, the Coronation, and the British Outlook, W. T. Stead, AMRR.

Trade and the New World, MonR.

Greek in the Twentieth Century, F. Collard, RGen, June.

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